Growing your Business by Reaching the Top of Search Results

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is still one of the best ways to grow your online business. Even with a low budget and tight schedule, you can still launch and manage an SEO campaign to increase revenue and traffic.

How does SEO Work?

There are hundreds of articles online about SEO, how it works, and the whole theory on how algorithms work. Let’s start with the basics.

Search engines are like librarians, websites are books and the worldwide web a library. Think of how big a library the internet is and how complicated it is provide the right book to the right person at the least amount of time.

In order to provide the best website for each search query, search engines use a system that collects information on every page in the web. This system is called an algorithm. Google, Bing and Yahoo have never revealed how their algorithms work but it is common knowledge that the most powerful parameters are

  • Content – This is the information that can be found in the website, just like the contents of a book
  • Titles – Just like books, websites have titles that are embedded in the coding.
  • Inbound links – These are links from other websites directed to the main website. More inbound links show how well the website is being referred within the community
  • Words in links – This help define what the link is between two websites
  • Reputation – Being reviewed, liked, shared and posted also means a lot to algorithms

Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs display what the algorithm sees as the best fit websites for the search query based on these items.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means optimizing your website through the parameters mentioned above to get higher rankings in SERPs

Why do you need to Optimize your Website

  • Better search results mean higher volume of traffic
  • Optimized websites provide better user experience which in turn garner promoters
  • Costs are very minimal
  • Consumers search online before buying at a store

Launching your SEO Campaign

Getting at the top of SERPs is a very tough competition. But it is never too late to join the race to the top of SERPs. Because search engines aim to provide the best search results, they often update or tinker with their algorithms which create opportunities for newcomers. Just keep in mind that the aim is to make your website as relevant and useful as possible. Here are some things you need to work on.

SEO Plans – There are various SEO plans that you can model your campaign from. You can start with improving content, creating backlinks, blogging, and guest blogging. There are ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ techniques as well. ‘White Hat’ refers to strategies that play by the rules whereas ‘black hat’ tend to work around the rules.

Private Blog Networks – Backlinks are very important in SEO. In a PBN, all blogs have posts directed toward the main site to make it look like the site is being recommended by a lot of high quality websites.

Outsourcing SEO – SEO can be a daunting task and with too much going on in your business, outsourcing can be the perfect solution. There are a lot of companies specializing in SEO that can potentially help grow your business.

Grow your Business by Getting at the top of Search Results

SEO is one of the most widely used marketing strategies by businesses because it is cost effective, provides real results, and has ensured growth for the past 15 years. To learn more about SEO, check out the blueprints below.

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