8 Tips On How To Create A Compelling WebsiteWhether you are new to this or have many websites, whether your website is to promote your online or offline business, you need to know how to create a compelling website so your visitors will stay on the page and not click away after a few seconds.

Here are some tips on how to create a compelling website easily:

1.  Simple Design and Color Choices

The design and color choices of the website will do a lot to keep the visitor happy.  Keep it simple and don’t make it too busy.

2.  White Background Color

Make sure your background color is white. If you have white writing on a black background, for example, this could be really irritating and your visitors simply won’t even stay around to read more than a couple of sentences.

3.  Simple and Single Color Wallpaper

The same applies to the wallpaper (the background on the sides of your content). Some people use wallpaper that has symbols and other busy themes. They all detract from your content. Reds, for example often irritate. So stay simple and use one color – neutral is better.

4.  Themes

WordPress.org offers free themes and they are easy to setup. Many successful businesses use WordPress, including The New York Times, CNN, Sony and UPS, just to name a few. If they can, you certainly can make use of their different platforms. They also have themes you can pay for but their free ones are usually very adequate and functional. You can add your own graphics and pictures if you want to and customize it as you wish.

5.  Enticing Opt-In

Using an opt-in to get your visitors to become regular subscribers – this means you have to make your opt-in enticing. You can find various forms and plugins to help you here. The opt-in should mention something about protecting people’s emails and that you hate spam, etc. If you check out a few websites with opt-in forms, you will easily get the idea. This way you have their name and email address and can send out emails to them advising them of any new developments to get them to return to your website. You should also offer them emails that are not of a marketing nature but give them tips and advice and so build up trust. You can also offer them a monthly newspaper, for example. This is a very powerful strategy and can increase your conversion rate. Many people say: The money is in the (email) list.

6.  Create Engaging Content

Create good engaging content for your website. If you feel unable to create content yourself, there are many services you can find on the internet where you can hire writers to do this for you. It is better to spend $10 on a writer than trying to write for hours yourself and not being satisfied.

7.  The Use of Videos

Use video when you can as everyone enjoys them. This will increase the amount of time visitors stay on your site.

Get it done. Don’t spend hours on being perfect. Make sure your website is pleasing to the eye and has good content and encourages the visitor to return. That’s it!

Hopefully these tips will help you in your endeavor how to create a compelling website. Visit our Website Creation Category Page for more informative articles.