A Beginner's Guide To Easy Website CreationWe live in a digital age in which every business worth its snuff needs a website. However, unless you have a team dedicated to the tech side of the business, or have the budget to hire someone to make a website for you, then you may be wondering how you can build your own website without pulling your hair out.

The following is a short and sweet guide for beginners looking to create their own website.

Learn The Basics Of HTML And CSS, Even If You’re Buying A Template

There are many great cheap and free website templates out there for you to download. You may think that thing is going to install itself. Wrong! It’s up to you to pull out the coding and put it into your HTML editor. This is why it’s still imperative for you to learn the basics of HTML and CSS before diving in. Odds are you will need to edit your code. Learning just the basics will make this part of the process so much easier for you to deal with. Who knows, maybe you will become advanced enough you can start tinkering with your own layout code further down the line!

Install Social Media And Other Relevant Widgets

Most social media sites and website templates have integration, meaning you can link widgets onto your website layout to make it easier for visitors to connect with you. If you’re running a business online, you’re going to need some social media skills anyway, so get on it! If you don’t have room for a whole widget on your website, then make sure the layout has stylish, eye-catching graphic links that take your visitors to your social media accounts. Do not bury them inside text or within other busy images.

Make Your Color And Image Schemes Easy On The Eyes

Most layouts are customizable, meaning you can change the colors, fonts, and images with a click of the button. This is great, until you accidentally make a website that makes your visitors go blind! This is where practical color theory really comes in handy. The best advice is to make sure that your text is dark on top of a light background. This may mean black text on a white background, or any variation of that. Do not create layouts made out of garish colors such as bright yellow or neon green. Adversely, make sure your layouts aren’t too dark to see. Visitors will have different monitors that show your colors in different shades.

Maintain A Professional Presence

All of these elements together will create and air of professionalism, which will in turn endear you to readers. There are some services or entertainment acts that do not necessarily need professionalism to attract a customer base, but odds are yours does. Refrain from using coarse language in your text, and keep nudity to a minimum. Check with your web server to see what is and is not allowed.

Creating a website is very easy these days. Now that you know some of the basics, get out there and upload! Here are some other useful  articles to help you create a compelling website.