Flipping Websites and Domains as an Online Business

Website and domain flipping is the process of buying, improving and selling websites and domains for a profit. The term flipping originally came from the real estate industry where an investor would by a property, renovate it to add value and then sell it for a profit.

Business owners or individuals purchase flipped websites or domains for the same reason homeowners acquire flipped houses rather than build new ones from the ground up – location, amenities and everything else associated to the property.

Established websites and domains already have history in them, and may even have their own following. Older websites also tend to have better rankings compared to newly-launched ones. Furthermore, when building a new site you would have to go through the tedious process of starting from scratch, hiring a team, beta testing and launching.

Website and domain flipping is a low capital investment. Also, while you are in the process of improving the website or selling the domain, you can earn revenue through various monetization schemes.


Those who want to invest in something but do not have a lot of starting capital are perfect candidates for this type of online business. Also, those who find excitement in hunting for expired domains or looking for old websites and improving how these websites look would do great in this flipping business.

One requirement is to have at least basic coding knowledge. If you do not want to develop the site yourself, at work hand in hand with a site developer or subscribe to a website building tool.


Domains and websites are two different things. Let’s start with domains.

The key to domain flipping is to know how to find expired domains. There are sources for expired domains like wehavethem.com and deleteddomains.com. Some of these sites require an annual membership. Once you are in, scout for domains that you think would be useful in the future or a company may need in the later on.

An example of someone who got lucky is John Schultz who owned ebola.com. Who would have known about the outbreak and how sensational it would be. Schultz made a profit from selling his ebola.com domain.

Flipping websites is a whole different story. Rather than focusing on website trading sites, you need to do a bit more research. You cannot purchase sites on the 1st page of results pages because nobody would sell them. Try to look for sites on latter pages that you think have potential. Look for solo webmasters who are just maintaining their website for fun. When you have found a potential site, check the site’s statistics with Alexa rankings and check its backlink profile as well.

If you have successfully purchased your targeted site, start flipping it by hiring a developer or doing it yourself.

To be more specific with flipping websites and domains, there are different business models that you can check out such as Buying Websites, Expired Domains, Local Business Domains and Premium Domains.


There is a lot of potential to generate revenue in domain and website flipping. It has worked in the real estate industry and for sure it is going to get better in the online community. To learn more about flipping websites and domains, click on the business models mentioned above.

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