Using PBNs to Boost Your Rankings to the Top of the Results

Private Blog Networks or PBNs has been a widely used by marketers to boost their SEO campaigns for several years now. While search engines have constantly updated their algorithms, the approach to using PBNs has also evolved.

Private Blog Networks and Search Engines

In the past, all you needed was a network that has backlinks to your main site to boost your ranking in the result pages. As search engines updated their algorithms, with Google being the most active one, the relevance of linked websites have been monitored. Aside from that, Google can detect where sites are hosted which means an artificial network can easily be detected. Link placement is another factor that Google detects. If a network suddenly places a lot of links to a single site in a short period of time, Google can easily de-index the site and the entire network can get busted. One more thing that Google monitors is social signals. If a site suddenly gets a lot of inbound links without even being shared, liked or posted, the site and the network can also be penalized.

It seems search engines, primarily Google, now has the capacity to detect and easily penalize a PBN. But don’t worry, there are still effective ways to build a PBN and reap its rewards.

How to set up an Effective PBN

  1. Domains – It’s better to use old domains because they already have an online history. The cheapest ones are expired domains which can be found in auction sites and expired domain vendors. When looking for domains, make sure they are relevant to you main site.
  2. Registration – Use different registrars for your domains so that you won’t leave any traces for Google to pick up. Do not limit yourself with GoDaddy and NameCheap.
  3. Hosting – Have your domains hosted by different providers. You wouldn’t want Google to detect your artificial network.
  4. Sites – When setting up your sites, use different platforms as well. Divide your network among WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and classic Raw HTML.
  5. Content – Google pays a lot of attention to the content of each site. Your network’s content should be relevant to your main site. To generate new content, you can subscribe to content providers and article spinners and post them on your blogs. Another strategy is restore the old website by using WayBack.
  6. Social Signals – Subscribe to web apps like Social Adr to create buzz for your site. When you have generated enough hype, time to link your network.
  7. Link Building – This may take a bit of time, but regulate your link placement. Do not place links from a hundred sites to your main site all in a day. Try not to create a pattern as well. As much as possible, be irregular with your link placement schedule.
  8. Outbound Links – Aside from linking your network to your main site, create outbound links to other sites as well.
  9. Interlink – Never make the mistake of interlinking your sites in your network. The last thing you want is for Google to find out that the sites linked to your main site are part of a PBN.

How a PBN can boost your Rankings

The main objective of having a PBN is to get your main site on top of SERPs. Here are some metrics that PBNs help improve

  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Rank

Building a PBN to Grow your Business

A PBN can drastically improve your rankings on SERPS if done the right way. Otherwise, it could have serious implications to your overall campaign and ultimately your business. To build PBNs the right way, consult the blueprints below.

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