niche audienceIn order to write information products that sell – eBooks that people will flock to your web site to buy, you are going to have to go by the wisdom – or wit – of popular radio and television comedian Red Skelton. “Give the people what they want, and they will come.” This sage sentence has been changed by many an eBook writer to go something like this – “If you write it, they won’t necessarily come and buy it.”

Truer words were never spoken! You may think you have got to do a little research and decide on a niche, or target audience. The audience is the group of people who you will be addressing in your eBook. But you somewhat limit yourself by writing only to a target audience. Many eBook writers would question this theory and think it was a rather radical thing to say, but I think that you need to provide information products that do not fit into one single category.

Let’s suppose you decided that your target audience was going to be quilters. You write a smashing eBook about your own easy quilting method and include several original patterns you designed. You place this information product on a web site you created for the express purpose of selling it, and your sales go pretty well; for a while, anyway. Then, it seems like all of your sales potential has dried up and blown away.

Why did you all of a sudden stop selling your eBook at a fairly brisk rate? You’re down to just a few sales a month now!

Your sales have slowed to a crawl for one simple reason. You exhausted the market for quilting. Not everyone is a quilter, or even knows a quilter to buy your eBook as a gift for. Someone who is interested in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, or how to arrange flowers, or how to give a great baby shower, is not going to buy your eBook about quilting!

Or suppose you are just passionate about healthy eating. Everyone has to eat, you reason. And so, you write an eBook extolling the virtues of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, design a web page for it, and sit back and wait for the orders to start rolling in.

You sell 15 or 20 copies before the orders start to slow down, and then grind to a halt. Yes, everyone has to eat, but some people are not going to give up their junk food diets, no matter how persuasive your eBook may be.

So much of the advice available for would-be eBook writers urges them to write about what they love, or what they know best. Sometimes, eBooks like this will do quite well. And sometimes, their authors are very disappointed in their sales.