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Pictures speak a thousand words. Imagine how many words a video can cover since it is made up of pictures anyway. In online marketing, you do not need to limit yourself with strategies that involve only content creation. Although people love to read reviews or look for blog posts, another effective tool in marketing is creating videos.


It is pretty self-explanatory but yes we will still define what it is. Video marketing is the use of 2 to 5 minute videos to promote and provide information about the brand or products. These videos are uploaded to video sharing websites to maximize the reach of the campaign.


This online marketing strategy poses a lot of advantages for your website.

  1. People love videos – It is innate for people to watch videos. According to a survey, a third of consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing the video of the product in an online ad. People want to see what products look like before buying. Yes they want to read about it but seeing the product in a video is more convincing.
  2. Mobile Phone Usage – More and more people turn to their mobile devices to surf the web. Shoppers use their mobile devices to shop. While having available content is good, remember that it is easier to watch videos than read content when using a mobile device.
  3. SEO – Search engines, including Google, index videos so having lots of videos in your website or linked to your website increases your search rankings.
  4. Social Media – People love to share videos in their social media account. This is how videos get viral in the first place. Promoting your videos through social media can make your brand go viral.


Anyone involved in an online business like affiliate marketing, blogging, ecommerce and many other types who wants to grow their business, should try video marketing in order to reach wider scope of audience at a shorter span of time. Videos can be viral and we have seen time and again, a very interesting video can get a million views in just a day. Imagine the potential it has for your business.


When starting a video marketing campaign, you need to consider what you want to achieve with your video, You need to set your goals in order to know what content will be included in your clip. Next, you need to know what to say. Remember that videos need to be interesting and they are subject to the average human attention span of 8 seconds. If your viewer loses interest for more than 8 seconds your video does not serve its goal. Finally, you need to know what your target demographic is. Not all videos are appealing to everyone, unless you will hire a top notch Hollywood star in your video.

Now that you have a plan, here are some video marketing models that are useful in launching a video marketing campaign.

Video Creation – Modern gadgets have made it easy enough to capture moments on video. Supposedly, the hard part is editing. Sometimes, it can even be expensive. But with modern video creation tools, you can do it yourself without hiring an expensive studio.

Video Syndication – You do not just stop with a stunning video. Without promotion and distribution, your video is useless. It needs to reach its target audience if you want it to work.

Youtube Marketing – Youtube is the biggest video sharing website in the world and utilizing it for your video marketing campaign is nothing short of necessary.


A three-minute clip can say so much more than a 1500-word write-up. If you want to grow your business, video marketing is one of the strategies that you need to employ in your online marketing arsenal. Check models below to launch a successful video marketing campaign.

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