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There is a lot of hype about freelancing in today's online marketplace. As the landscape of e-commerce continues to evolve, more and more job opportunities await individuals who want to offer their services at the comforts of their own home. Much like the days of artisans during the renaissance period, today's freelancers have equal opportunities in the online free market system.

With more and more entrepreneurs and corporations adapting the business process outsourcing model, the demand for online workers keep on increasing. Almost all structural functions in most corporations can now be found as opportunities online.

Furthermore, the different aspects of online businesses are also available as freelance items online.


Freelancing is performing tasks usually for several employers over the course of projects or specified duration. This is somewhat similar to free agents in sports who sell their skills to the highest bidding team. Freelancers have a choice to work part or full-time and it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get jobs nowadays. It can be considered as an online business since you are working for yourself and you are simply accepting projects as contracts to finish.


Businesses benefit a lot from hiring individuals online rather than in-house through an office primarily due to the cost. Regular employees are entitled to benefits that are costly to maintain especially if the company expands and hires more. Furthermore, employees are protected by contracts, tenure and labor laws. Freelancers do not have employee-employer relations and are only bound to the project they agreed to do.

Another great advantage of hiring freelancers is cost efficiency. In a global perspective, professionals with the highest qualifications can be hired at the lowest cost especially if they are from a third world country.


For those who want to try freelancing, though there is no employee-employer relations, the best perk is time and flexibility. Time after all is the most priceless commodity.

Also, freelancers can take on different projects and thus earn more. No need to travel to go to work, and all other activities outside of work but still related to it. As far as cost cutting goes, it is still most often a win-win situation. Employers who want to cut costs still end up giving an above average compensation to a person living in a third world country. That is how high the salary gap is between economies from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Another advantage of freelancing is the number of options available. In online community is a global community and jobs are available in a massive scale. All that a freelancer needs to put up is a laptop and decent internet connection.


Individuals who usually want to get out of their 9 to 5 resort to freelancing. Since freelancing offers flexibility in time, people who need jobs and at the same time take care of their family find this type of business liberating. Others who want to earn extra while maintaining their regular jobs also try freelancing. And those who are retired but have not much use of their time can use their expertise to earn on the side in a stress free manner.


Freelancing is really easy, as long as you have a skill or several skills to share to the world. In order to find jobs, you can either try Selling on Forums, signup and be a member in freelancing community websites like Upwork or try Selling on Fiverr. A freelancer has many opportunities especially if all models are utilized to his or her advantage. The only capital needed is a desktop or laptop preferably with mid level specs. The next thing of course is reliable internet connection and if possible a backup for both computer and internet connection.


Freelancing is a business similar to a contracting business that offers services. There are a lot of freelancing opportunities available online. All you need to do is find a skill, master what you do best and look for a job related to it. For more details, click on the blueprints about freelancing below.

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