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Running an SEO campaign to grow a business is no longer a choice, but rather a requirement. Websites need to be tailor fit to the algorithms used by top search engines in order to rank well. The main challenge is how to keep your SEO plan adaptive to the algorithm changes that top search engines implement.

Why do Search Engines change their Algorithms?

Each search engine algorithm is a set of rules that search engines us to find the best answer to every search query. These sets of rules are used to rank the most relevant sites to match the keywords of the user. Algorithms use information from indexed data of all websites throughout the web to deliver significant and informational results pages. Search engines keep their algorithms closely guarded in order to prevent site owners from manipulating search results.

As a business owner or marketer, your SEO plan should focus on algorithm preferences that are common among search engines rather than dwell on old tactics or speculate on how you can manipulate an unknown system.

Components your SEO Plan Should Focus on

Keywords – Find out what keywords customers would likely use to discover your business. List them down and consult Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find out which among these keywords have low competition. Longer keywords usually have lower competition in comparison to more common shorter keywords. Incorporate low competition keywords in your page content, title, and page meta description

Meta Tags – These are snippets that describe your site’s content which appear on its coding. These tags are used by search engines to accurately index each site. Your meta tags just like your keywords should be descriptive of your content and at the same time related to what consumers would use to search.

Alt Tags – They function like meta tags but are used to describe an image or graphic.

Content – You need to focus on quality content not just to get good rankings but to create great customer experience as well. Search engines can differentiate quality from poor content.

Broken Links – This is a big NO because search engines penalize sites for 404 errors. Make sure you don’t have any broken links because aside from getting penalized, you are also creating a negative experience on your site.

Backlinks – Backlinking is no longer about just about quantity, but quality as well. In the past, webmasters create artificial backlinks to show high levels of recommendation but search engines can now detect this tactic. A better practice is to send out regular press releases to get reputable companies to post content linking back to your site. Aside from that, you can contact blogs to post reviews about your brand or products. Another useful strategy is to create a battalion of promoters that will post your links or share your page on their social media account.

Social Media – Search engines can also detect social signals such as likes, shares and re-posts which is why social media is an essential component of your campaign.

Images and Graphics – These are important because search engines like Google, has an image search function. Optimize your images with adequate meta-description.

Using SEO Components to Grow Your Business

Every search engine has its own unique landscape that your business should keep up with. There are a lot of strategies online but the best ones are those that enhance customer experience. To learn more about executing your SEO plan, read the blueprints below.

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