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Having a 9 to 5 takes at least 8 hours from your daily life. With an average of 262 work days a year, the majority of us spend at least 57% of our lives trying to make ends meet so that we can live and have fun for the remaining 43%. Let’s face it, not everyone has the ideal dream job.

Time, the most valuable commodity, is why an increasing number of people are venturing into online business. An online business allows more freedom since you can work globally and anywhere there's an internet connect.
One very lucrative online business model that a lot of people are trying out these days is affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is the business of earning commission by promoting products. You earn a piece of the profit that the company makes for each sale referral.


Using your blog or website, you can promote products and entice potential buyers to click on an affiliate link or ad directing to the company’s website or product page. Web cookies are used to keep a record of your referrals. When a visitor goes to your website and clicks on an affiliate link, a tracking cookie identifies you, the company, and the commission account. The company then keeps a tally of all your sales for your commission.


Office workers, students, retirees, unemployed people, single parents, and basically everyone who wants to earn extra should try this type of business. As long as you know how to navigate the web, read emails and use basic applications, you can be an affiliate marketer.


There are four simple steps to start your affiliate marketing website. First you need to find a niche or product that you like. It would be difficult to promote something you do not like in the first place. Then go ahead an look for an affiliate program with the niche that you have chosen. Once you have signed an agreement, promote the products to your site.

Here are some models on building your affiliate marketing site.

Launch Jacking – This works for products that are about to be launched.

Review Sites – People usually visit review sites to get information on a product that they are about to buy.

Coupon Sites– Attract buyers and visitors by offering coupons.

Amazon Affiliate Stores– Amazon basically has every product you can think of so its a good idea to start an affiliate store with them.

CPA Marketing – Cost Per Action Marketing is also known as pay per action wherein advertisers pay for actions they have specified such as impressions, form submissions and clicks.

Email Promotions – Email promotions rely on continued communication with leads.

Bonus Offers – Bonuses attract buyers.


You will not get rich overnight with affiliate marketing. Just like any other business, it needs to grow in order to generate profit. The advantage is it does not require much of your time. There are a lot of success stories in affiliate marketing, but there are failures as well. Check out the the models below to learn more on how to be a great affiliate marketer.

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Review Sites

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