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Upon launching an online business, the next question is “what do I do next?” You have products and a website and religiously followed the blue prints in starting an online business. Off course what you want to do next is learn how to grow your online business, which is why you are reading this.

There are different ways to grow an online business and one of which is blogging. With all the hype going on, let’s go back to basics with what blogging is.


By definition, a blog, or weblog is an online personal journal or diary. The blog’s owner can update the blog with posts about anything under the sun. It is a venue for free speech. In essence, a blog is the owner’s personal website that he or she can update anytime, preferably, on a regular basis.

The most popular platform for blogging is WordPress. Anyone can sign up and start his or her own blog for free. Added features like themes and plugins come at a price. These features can be used to personalize the blog and add more functions other than posting entries.

As an online business owner, you can incorporate a blog in your website or create a totally separate blog.


There are a lot of advantages that blogging offers. Here are the most notable ones.

Traffic – Blogs generate traffic. Let’s say you have a website. If you are reading this then chances are your site is not yet a household name. You cannot rely on people who personally know your site’s domain name to grow your business. You need visitors. Blogs help direct traffic to your website through linking. Let’s pretend you have an online store. People looking for products like yours will not just magically encounter your site over the web. People click on what Google shows on the SERP. If you have a blog or blogs, you get to extend y our reach online.

Ranking – Blogging helps on ranking especially if your blog is incorporated in your site. How? It keeps your site updated. You cannot update your content daily. That will be too tedious. With a blog, you only need 30 to 60 minutes a day to create posts. Google sees these daily posts and tags your site as active. Also, it helps with indexing, which in turn helps with organic ranking.

Authority – This only happens though if you have reliable content. Over time, as you grow your blog and people find the information useful, you will tend to develop an authoritative image that commands trust from the visitors and leads. Imagine a blog with hundreds of posts and each post garnering comments and likes and shares.

Long Term Results – If you have just started your blog then you will not feel it yet. But give it a couple of months, with constant entries and updates, your blog will be generating much needed traffic. Adding more and more posts have a compounded effect. Remember, each post functions like a separate page. The more posts you have, the wider the audience that you will reach. A post from last year can still generate traffic. Imagine the potential of constantly posting entries for an entire year.

Lead Conversion – The idea for every post is have a call-to-action part. It’s like giving your visitors an offer they cannot refuse. You can offer discount coupons from other sites not related to yours. In exchange, your visitor needs to provide information like name, email, phone number etc. The most coveted piece of information is the visitor’s email. This in turn helps you build a mailing list for your email marketing campaign.


Any online business owner can actually reap rewards from blogging. It generates traffic, converts leads, helps build an authority and it helps your site rank in Google. Blogging is for everyone who wants to grow their online business.


The most basic way to start blogging is to create a WordPress account. But if you really want to grow your business as soon as possible and you do not want to waste your time, then use blogging tools like Learn to Blog(LINK), Speed Blogging(LINK) and CMS Commander(LINK).


Blogging is an effective tool in growing your business as it helps with traffic, conversion, image and SEO. The tools mentioned above can help with blogging strategies like choosing themes(LINK), content creation(LINK) and guest blog posting(LINK). I suggest you continue reading these strategies to get a better grasp of how to make your blog beneficial to your business.

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