Growing your business with Social Media Marketing

There has been a lot of hype about social media turning everyone into narcissistic zombies addicted to posting their latest selfies and craving for attention through the public approval system of Likes and Shares. No matter what people say, when it comes to online marketing, if it has the potential to generate lots of traffic, then it’s good for growing your business. Our current addiction to social media made it into a very effective marketing medium.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of generating traffic to your websites via the popularity of social media platforms. There’s no doubt about the marketing potential of social media. This year, Facebook has hit 1.5 billion users. Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest users combined goes up to a billion. The list goes on with different social media sites and every day, millions of content get shared, liked, and re-posted.

Aside from content being shared on a tremendous scale, social media also help build links which has positive effects in SEO.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Here are the top benefits of Social Media marketing

High Conversion Rates – People like to do business with other people. By participating in social media, businesses are humanized and have the freedom to interact like normal people which leads to better conversion rates.

Brand Recognition – Social media sites are very conducive for content syndication. Content has the potential to get shared at an exponential rate. Let’s say 10 people shared your content, each 10 would have an average of 400 friends, and among these friends more will share your content.

Brand Authority – Customers love it when you regularly interact with them. Removing the corporate image and focusing on human interaction will let you gain more respect and authority over your social media followers

Better Customer Experience – Direct communication is quicker between customers and businesses through social media.

Low Marketing Costs – Social media marketing is relatively cheaper compared to other online marketing platforms and advertisement. Paid advertising with Twitter and Facebook is cheap yet still offer highly specific targeting parameters

Better Search Engine Results – Google and other search engines now include social media presence as a significant factor in search rankings

Launching your Social Media Marketing Campaign

  1. Start with your Goal – Set what your goals are for your social media campaign and identify what the success indicators are and how you will measure your success.
  2. Know your Audience – Conduct necessary market research to identify what your audience wants. This is important in building relationships and maintaining the relevance of your campaign.
  3. Choose the right Platforms –While the major platforms are Facebook and Twitter, it depends on your brand which other platforms will work best for you. Learn about other social media platforms and what their purpose is. Make sure to know what the promotional rules are for each platform.
  4. Consider Web Apps – There are web apps like SocialAdr and OneSoci that can make your overall campaign management easy. As much as possible, you want to minimize the required productive hours to run your campaign while maintaining its effectivity.
  5. Post Updates Regularly – Maintain regular posts that are relevant and has value. It pays to be ahead of the news.
  6. Social SEO – Social media platforms are search engines as well so make use of tactics to increase your organic search rankings in each of the platforms that you are campaigning on.
  7. Build Relationships – Communicate with your community of followers. Respond to queries as quickly as possible. Use comment sections and message boards to communicate on a personal level.
  8. Rewards – People love rewards in any form. Provide links for coupons, launch online contests and raffles, and reward your most active followers.
  9. Use Cross-Promotional Tactics – Support your social media campaign with ads, email campaigns, landing-pages, and other cross promotional tactics.

Social Media Campaigns can help grow your Business

Whether your company is a startup, mid-level or an enterprise, social media campaigns are great supplements to your overall marketing strategy. Mind though that these campaigns aren’t built overnight and it is always better to be patient and vigilant with results. Check out the blueprints below and launch your Social Media campaign soon.

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