Starting an Online Business Creating and Selling Information Products

Information products are such medium online including but not limited to eBooks, digital video recordings, audio recordings, and digital courses. Basically, a digital product is content made for selling online. The consumption of digital products has increased over the years especially with mobile device penetration. Now that more and more people are using mobile devices, the need for information has also increased.


If you are a professional, an entrepreneur, or a consultant and you are an expert in whatever field you are in, you can store your knowledge in an information product and sell it online. Even with your own business or job, you can only earn so much. But with information products that you can sell online to any person at any time zone, you can start earning even while you are sleeping.


There are some basic ways to create information products to sell online. The easiest or most common is via an eBook which is usually on an Adobe PDF format. You may not even need to create entire books. Some even sell legal templates online – legal, business, educational, etc.

Another popular platform for eBooks is Kindle which is one of the pioneers in this line of business. A lot of authors prefer publishing Kindle eBooks because it is easier to market them and traditional publishing is a lot of work.

Video and audio recordings also work – webinars, online courses, tutorials and how-to modules all sell like pancakes online. You may have noticed how online marketers share their secrets online. This is because they earn more by selling what they know rather than using it for their own business.

A popular platform or marketplace for online learning is Udemy so creating information products for this website is also profitable.

Membership sites on the other hand require subscription fees to get regular supply or doses of information products that you are selling. Examples are online journals, magazines and databases.

You need a website to sell your information products. Building one is easy as there are website builders like Wix, Shopify and Weebly that offer their own hosting services or work with well-known hosting providers. If you want to hire a freelancer to develop your own website, you can subscribe to BlueHost or Hostgator for your hosting.

Others simply use WordPress and use tools like WPEngine to manage their website. An essential item for your website is the shopping cart linked to your merchant account so that you can get paid online.

Building your website is one thing and marketing it is another story. You can subscribe to SEO and other online marketing tools like Social Media, Video and Email marketing.

Another way to market your information products is via affiliate marketing. Entice people to sell your products for you by giving them a commission every time they bring in a referral.


Information is a valuable commodity nowadays. Selling information products would be a good business venture for you as long as your products have integrity and remain relevant. Check out the business models mentioned above to learn more on how to start your information products business.

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