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With reports stating that people spend more time on their mobile devices than sleeping, there’s no doubt and app making business is very lucrative. Everyone is so attached to their mobile device, that banking on this behavior is a sure shot to starting an online business.

With a rate of 30 million downloads every single day, apps are very saleable commodity. Think about it, if you would start selling apps online, you automatically have the entire world to as your market.

A common question tough is how one would even start an app making business if that person does not a coder or developer.


Developer or not, you can start an app making business. All you need is an idea. Sometimes, it’s even better if you are not immersed in coding or development because it means you get to spend more time learning about the market. The best way to sell to consumers is be a consumer yourself. Find out what people want, lean what would tickle everyone’s fancies and understand how fickle minded most consumers are in order to come up with a flexible idea that you can build your app on.

Once you have the idea, you do not need to learn how to write the codes and develop the apps. There are a lot of freelancers or app development agencies out there that you can outsource.

When it comes to selling apps, you need to pay annual subscriptions with Apple iOS and Android. You can also sell on Amazon, but the first two platforms rack up on the most sales. Almost all platforms split the sale 70/30, with 70% going to the app maker.

Some apps make it, others do not. Apps also need to be marketed. There are apps that cost only $2000 to make but have the potential to earn $700,000 in revenue. Not bad for just one app.


If you like to spend a lot of time using your mobile phone, you already have the potential of being a successful app maker. You have to be someone who knows how to identify people’s needs and wants. With little overhead and time needed to be spent on the business itself, someone who needs a part-time job can benefit from an app making business.


To start a successful app making business, you need to understand that apps becomes successful because people either need them, or have fun using them. If you will develop games, then they should be fun, simple to play, and fit for all ages and demographics. If you war designing a business or utility app, it should cater to a need.

With an idea in mind, start researching the market for any similar apps. Sometimes it’s even an advantage if you find something similar because you can improve on what’s available already.

After knowing how you want your app to look like, how it would function and what the structure is, look for a freelancer or an agency that develops apps. When the app gets finished, register with Android and iOS and launch the app.

There are different business models that you can use for your app making business. You can work on Local Business Apps which would cater to businesses in the area or you can work on Game Apps and Information Apps to cater to the general public. Another model that can help you earn fast is Game Reskinning which makes use of source codes from old apps and flipping them into new games.


Mobile devices have no become the number one choice for digital media consumption. In 2014, the number of people using mobile devices has surpassed the number computer users. Banking on this potential can help you start a successful online business. Check out the business models below to learn more about the business of creating apps.

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