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Building an online business is a financially liberating prospect. It can either be done part or full time and can even replace a 9 to 5 office job. That’s where all the hype comes from. At this modern age where time and information are among the most valuable commodities, those who know how to monetize information at the least amount of time hold the keys to success.

One way to monetize information is through blogging. Let’s get to know more of how an online journal can help change your lifestyle.


From the term Weblog, it is an online journal where the owner can post articles and other types of media to share information to the public. In the beginning, blogs had a more social nature, and served as a venue for people to share their insights or personal thoughts on certain topics.

When the popularity of blogging rose, people saw its potential for business. Hence, different business models came about on how to monetize an online journal. People started writing not just about their thoughts on social and personal issues and topics but started promoting products and services as well.


Always remember that anything that gets online traffic can be monetized. Whether through ads placement, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing or clickbank, you can make money as long as your site generates traffic. How? Businesses need to promote and if you have hits then you have followers. If you have followers, then you are a potential marketing investment for businesses. People will pay you if you will promote their products or advertise their brand on your site. The more traffic you pull towards your blog, the better your financial opportunities become.


Anyone who has the time to put up a blog, has the patience to write about anything they like and has the dedication to promote and market it can financially benefit from blogging. People are social beings. It is in our nature to talk, share and desire to be part of a community. By capitalizing on that nature, anyone willing enough to go through the ropes and learn the ins and outs can make enough, or even more to make ends meet. Whether you have a 9 to 5 or better yet you want to break free from that 9 to 5, as long as you have time to spend on learning the various processes, you can be a successful blogger. Of course there is no assurance of success just like in any other business. But unlike most businesses that require a huge overhead, blogging has minimal operational costs and will not tie you up to a chair in a confined office.


If you know how to create a Facebook account or any social media account for that matter, starting a business blog is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is choose a blogging service. Among the most popular platforms are Hubspot, Blogger and WordPress. It is advisable to get some hosting because leaving your blog on its original domain like would not have much of a promotional impact, let alone authority. Try to explore marketing tools like SEO and email marketing. Also, learn a bit more about different blogging models like Authority Blogs, Personal Blogs and Automated Blogs. Once you have all your tools ready, start writing, promoting and monetizing!


There are a lot of business opportunities online and one of the best ways to earn right now is by starting a blog. Just like any other business, there is no assurance of immediate success but what’s good about blogging is that all you need to become successful at it is available online. Check out the different blogging models mentioned above.

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