Creating Marketing Videos to Grow your Business

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the globe, next to Google. This says a lot about the general public’s rate of video consumption. People like watching videos because they are entertaining, trendy, inspiring, and they create emotional connections. Most would rather get information from videos rather than written content because videos are easier to digest. But creating marketing videos is easier said than done based on what most people think.

Are Marketing Videos Really Difficult to Create?

So why do people claim that creating marketing videos is next to impossible? Creating viral videos, about us videos and professional videos can really be daunting. But video marketing is not just about the use industrial light and magic. Viral videos on YouTube are usually made with smartphones, DSLRs or webcams.

Filming videos for marketing can be as simple as the video counterparts of selfies. Even simple low risk videos can boost your marketing campaign.

We will not talk about professional video creation here. What’s more important is to get your video marketing going. So let’s start with something that you can do later today – a low risk video of yourself discussing a very basic topic for an intended audience.

Tips in Creating Marketing Videos

  1. Determine your audience – You need to know who you are making the videos for. Are you trying to communicate with new visitors or existing leads? Are you trying to attract a certain demographic? Your content would depend on who your audience is.
  2. Keep it short and simple – You are not doing a documentary or an indie film. You are doing a low risk video that’s easy on the eyes with easy to digest useful content.
  3. Simple yet useful content – Make sure your content is relevant and your viewers can find value in it. Keep in mind that content is better than production quality.
  4. Build on existing content – Build your video around content that you already have and that you are familiar with.

How to Create Low-Risk Marketing Videos

  1. Equipment – You can use your iPhone, smartphone, DSLR or webcam. No need for industrial quality video cameras
  2. Editing Software – No need for high quality computers with sophisticated editing software that require graphics engine hardware. You can use web apps like Easy Web Video Generator and vooPlayer for post video editing.
  3. Script – Your script should be simple, personal and not too lengthy. Make it as informative as possible but do not cram it with information. Maintain your focus and if you want to talk about other topics, you can make other videos for them. Don’t mess up your first one with unnecessary fluff.
  4. Include visuals during post editing – Visuals make your videos easier to digest. But do not caption your whole script because lengthy subtitles can be distracting. You can flash important words, use effects to show them, split the screen and show bullet point or use animation. Most web apps already have templates for this so just try to enjoy the creation process.
  5. Filming – Practice the script, record yourself, and watch out for portions that you may need to edit out and replace. Re-record until you are satisfied. No need to re-record the entire script, just the parts that you think needs to be improved. You can cut and paste scenes later on.
  6. Just get started – Don’t be afraid to mess up. That’s why you are starting with a low risk video. Record, edit, watch and learn from audience reactions and interaction.

Once you have created your video, integrate it into your online marketing efforts. Add videos to email campaigns to increase engagement, syndicate film testimonials to show what people think about your product, start a YouTube channel and link it to your main website.

Creating Videos to Boost your Marketing Efforts

Videos deliver more information and are more entertaining compared to typical content formats. Even a two minute video of you reading a script with visual aids popping on the side may prove to be even more effective than a blog post with 1600 words. To learn more about better video creation, click on the blueprints below.

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