Syndicating your Infographic for more Web Traffic and Business Growth

Infographics are easier to digest compared to written content which gives it more potential to be viral. But you can’t stop after creating the infographic because you need to distribute it effectively if you want to get positive results for your business.

What is an Infographic?

Plainly put, an Infographic is visual representation of data which minimizes the text content and maximizes visuals to provide useful information. They can be used to tell stories, show processes, enumerate steps, compare and many more.

Keep in mind that infographics is not just about the visual design, but more on the value of the content itself. Being easy to share and view, infographics can help your online marketing campaign for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of using infographics

  • Highly appealing
  • Budget friendly to create
  • A lot of distribution opportunities
  • Have high return of investment
  • Viral in nature
  • High SEO value

Tips on distributing Infographics

A lot of marketers have already joined the infographic bandwagon. We have already stated the benefits above and clearly, this relatively new way to create content has a lot of potential. But manyt have channeled significant effort in creating infographics, there are those who failed in properly promoting it. Here are some pointers that you should consider in syndicating your content.

  1. Work with credible sources – Your sources of information should have authority on the topic. Coordinate with them if possible and encourage them to promote your content once it is ready for distribution.
  2. Post it – Your first step after creating your infographic is to make a blog post about it because you need a host site for your content.
  3. Dissect the Infographic – While your full infographic is hosted on your blog, take screen shots or segment it and post these tidbits on various hosting sites. For images, share them on Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram and Picassa. You create a document format or a slideshow format of it and share it on document hosting services like SlideShare and Scribd.
  4. Tweet about it – Just like dissecting the infographic into smaller data items, schedule tweets about segmented topics linking back to the site hosting the infographic to add to your regular viewers.
  5. Post it on Facebook – It’s the biggest social media site so post the infographic on your business page to utilize your existing network.
  6. Press Release – Secure editorial placements with media websites by using services like Newswire and PRNewswire.
  7. Cross promote – Since you have other promotional tactics like a newsletter, promote your infographic via a news release.
  8. Video marketing – Make a reel out of the screenshots with a voice over explanation of the infographic and promote it on YouTube.
  9. Submit to Infographic sites – Submit your content to top infographic sites like, Reddit, Nerd Graph, Infographics Showcase and Slide Share for a wider reach

Use infographic Distribution Services

Going full blast in syndicating your infographic with distribution services can help maximize your return of investment and ensure faster and more effective distribution. Furthermore, these services provide placement data so you can monitor how well your infographic is being syndicated. Examples of these services are Infographic Plaza, Brandpoint, Infographics Only, and State Point Media.

Syndicating your Infographics for Better Business Reports

Although it sounds like a lot of work, map out your entire distribution plan before getting your feet wet. It pays to plan each step for better results. Read more about Infographics syndication by clicking on the blueprints below.

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