Creating Videos for Content Marketing to Grow Your Online Business

According to Cisco, by the year 2017, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be accounted to video. This suggests how useful video is for content marketing and business growth. If a picture can paint a thousand words, then how much more if it’s a video? This is the very reason why YouTube gets more than a billion unique visitors on a monthly basis.


Video content like simple viral videos or short clips aim to market or advertise a company’s product and/or services.

Here are some reasons why video plays a vital role in content marketing.

Emotional Connections – Video is the most effective way to stir someone’s emotions online. Compared to written content, videos allow viewers to feel, hear and see what the content is about. With more senses involved, the more powerful the experience becomes.

Higher Retention – Visitors tend to stay longer when watching videos compared to reading content. Furthermore, a one minute clip can say more than 10 pages worth of content. Viewers remember more by watching videos than by reading content.

Improved SEO – If content is king, and the best type of content is video, then adding video to your website can certainly help increase its ranking on search engine results pages.

Demands Attention – Videos tend to capture the general public more compared to traditional content. Viewers tend to stay longer watching videos than scanning articles.

Increased Conversions – Videos with a ‘calls to action’ tend to convert more buyers. Videos have stronger influence than written content and utilizing this potential could mean a lot for your business

Bottom line is that video content is easier to digest than written content and it can say a whole lot more than hundreds of pages of written content.


If you are going to incorporate video content into your marketing campaign, then make sure your videos are created the right way.

  1. Know what you want – You need to determine what your video content’s goals are. Are you driving more traffic to your products and services for brand awareness or to immediately close sales? Are you aiming for it to become viral?
  2. Audience – Understand how your audience thinks, what their preferences are, and how they would react to your call to action. Your video content needs to address these topics and stay relevant.
  3. Call to Action – Your content is useless if it does not influence your viewers to buy your product, subscribe to your services, click on the link, or submit their information. This is what a call to action is. Sometimes, even with a crappy background, as long as the lead is important, people still find the site useful
  4. Distribution – If you want your , video to get viral, determine how you want to distribute and promote it.
  5. Branding – The most effective videos are those that tell stories. Make sure your video has more than just regular content. It should be enticing, alluring and effective at cracking a story.


Unlike before wherein you would have to rent expensive cameras and hire a studio to create marketing videos for you, nowadays you can do everything yourself. Do not worry about not having expensive tools.

First you need the right tools and equipment. As far as equipment goes, you can use smartphones with 4k video capability or DSLRs. For your tools you can use web based video marketing applications with drag and drop editors. There are a lot of templates to choose from for video editing so you need not worry about post filming production. Nowadays, creating professional looking videos can be done at the comfort of your own computer.


Videos are more effective compared to other types of content in terms of relaying your information. Deliver more useful information to your audience in a shorter span of time. To learn more about video content marketing, click on blueprints below.

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