Using Google Adwords to Grow Your Online Business

A lot of businesses opt for paid traffic because it leads to instant leads, gives full control over ad copies, targeting options, and it’s not affected by algorithm changes. Relying on natural results through SEO does not generate instant results and the whole campaign is vulnerable to updates. One of the best paid traffic options to help grow your business is Google AdWords.


AdWords is Google’s advertising service for businesses that want to place their ads on its top search pages and overall network. Businesses pay when people click ads that appear based on keywords. These keywords determine the cost of advertising which is based on the cost per click bid amount. Advertisers who place higher CPC bids will have their ads show at a higher positions on the page.

There are different matching options when choosing keywords.

Broad Match – this option has the widest reach because your ad is shown whenever a keyword is searched for

Phrase Match – your ad is shown when search words used match the exact phrase

Exact Match – your ad is shown when search words used match the exact phrase exclusively

Negative Match – prevents your ad from showing when the search words you specified are used

What’s great about Google AdWords is that signing up is free. It’s up to you how much you want to invest and a budget that you are comfortable with.


Active Advertising –You get to attract more visitors by actively showing your ad rather than relying on organic search results. More online consumers finding your business mean more growth for your business.

Measurable Results – AdWords generates reports showing you how many people see your ads and the percentage that clicks the ad to visit your website. Tracking allows you to see how much sales are generated as a direct result of your ads.

Round the Clock Analytics – You can log in to your account any time and see how your ads are doing.

Test, Pause and Continue – You can test new settings, tweak your adds, change your keywords, pause your campaign and start when you are ready again with no extra charges. All charges are based on your CPC bid and clicks.

Geo Targeting – Target your ads based on location like your hometown or state. You can also set a distance from your business to identify the area that you are targeting.

The Right Customer at the Right Time – Your business can get found exactly by the people looking for it, or something related to it, based on your keyword match settings.

Device Compatibility – No matter what device people are using, your ads will show as long as people type the keywords you bid on. A new feature from Google is device targeting.

Spending Limits – You can set spending limits based on how much you can and are willing to spend. You do not have to worry about overspending or getting billed with ballooned advertising costs.

Ad Extensions – This feature is a new addition to the Adwords platform. Ad Extensions work greatly in favor of local businesses by showing extra business information like an address, phone number, store rating, reviews and more web page links


Google AdWords is widely used by businesses around the globe because it pays to get online visibility. It’s fair enough that you only pay when someone clicks so make sure you make the most out of every opportunity to sell. To learn more about setting up your Google AdWords account, check out the blueprints below.

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