Starting an Online Business with your Personal Blog

A lot of people have turned to online businesses because they want to be free from the hassles of a 9 to 5 or they already have a 9 to 5 and they want to earn more without spending extra hours at work. Yes blogging can be financially liberating with all of the different ways to monetize it. For some though these modes seem like a lot of work. But what if you can start an online business while enjoying what you are doing? This is possible if you will start your Personal Blog.


Actually, blogs are meant as personal sites, or online journals. So in essence, a Personal Blog is basically a blog. It’s just that with the ever changing dynamics of the online community, blogs have evolved from online journals, to social sites and now as a platform for various online businesses.

A Personal Blog can be anything you want it to be, with whatever you want to talk about may it be health, fashion, technology, life lessons, hobbies or any interest for that matter. A blog can be anything you are interested and passionate about.

Can a Personal Blog be a business as well? It most certainly can. If you are writing about things that you are passionate about and you want to share it to the world, then you are fishing for traffic. And as long as you get traffic, yor uou can monetize it.

Once piece of advice if you are starting a Personal Blog, do not pretend to be someone you are not. Tap into what you really like, and what you are passionate about. Blogs need to be interesting to people and should be well written. How can you write about games if you are not a gamer by heart? If you will do this then might as well get an office job that you do not like.

A personal blog needs to stand out and be focused. If you want people to read your blog, you have to set it apart from the rest because the internet is already flooded with a lot of useless blogs.


Personal Blogs reflect what’s on the mind of the owner. You should start a personal blog if you want to write and post content about things that you like or issues you want to comment on. Since a personal blog can be literally about anything, the only requirement for people who want to venture into it is that they have to choose a niche that they are at home with.


Before starting with anything, you need to first determine what niche you want to write about. Once you are sure with the topic that you are getting into, find a blogging platform like WordPress, HubSpot or BlogSpot. Free domains are not advisable because it would be more difficult to rank. It’s much better to invest on hosted domains which are affordable anyway. Write your content and make sure you post new stuff regularly. Aesthetics is important and to do that you need to customize how your page looks through plug-ins. Once your site is up and running, it’s time to share it to the world with online marketing campaigns. And when the traffic becomes regular, monetize it through advertisements.


You may have read about it online, there are Personal Bloggers who earn by the thousands each month. It is possible as long as your blog generates enough traffic. Don’t expect your blog to catch up on traffic immediately. It may take months to get steady traffic. Primarily because you need to rack up on content first and build a following. But it is all worth the wait if you diligently do your homework when it comes to marketing your site.


If you can do something that you are passionate about and earn money from it, then what’s stopping you? A Personal Blog is one of the best business opportunities that you can try out. To learn more please read the blue prints below.

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