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You can make money and earn a living by writing your own eBook. Self-publishing has never been easier because With kindle, you can publish for free, reach a global audience, receive a 35% to 70% royalty on sales, keep the copyrights and post your book alongside big name authors.

Publishing a book through Kindle also means utilizing Amazon’s platform. Millions of people log on to Amazon daily and a chunk of these people go to the Kindle store to get their latest fix on information products.


If you are writer, or you have written content before, you are a good candidate to be a Kindle eBook author. Also, if you are passionate about something, an expert in your field, or you have deep knowledge about a certain topic, writing an eBook as an information product is a good choice for you to earn money.


Your first step is to create an account with kindle. Once you are ready, there is a simplified guide to help you build your book in the right format. Building your book includes the front matter(title, copyright, dedication, etc.), text format, active table of contents, and saving as filtered HTML.

Once you are done building your book, confirm that you have all rights necessary to publish your book and in as easy as clicking “Save and Publish” your book will be submitted to the Kindle Store. After 48 to 72 hours, your book will be available online and searchable under the category that you have chosen!

You may be thinking, all this is way too easy. And your next question may sound like “How can I increase my sales?” Almost all authors in the Kindle bookstore start slow. You need to promote and market your product if you want to rack up on sales.

Amazon has a lending program called KDP Select. Through this program, paying members can borrow books and authors can give away their books for free in a span of 5 days within a 90 day period. To take part of the program, you need to let Amazon exclusively sell your book.

When it’s free, it is most likely to be downloaded. The more download your book gets, the higher it will move up in the charts. Also, when your book gets downloaded, it gets cross promoted. Same thing when you search in Google, there is a list of recommended pages at the bottom. Your book will start appearing in the section that says “People who bought this book also bought…..”

Always remember good reviews raise interests. Positive reviews bring in more people, and more people mean downloads. The cycle goes on in a favorable manner for you. Once your book catches popularity, you can expect increased sales after the promotional period.


The percentage you get for your royalty depends on how much your book costs. Books that cost between $2.99 up to $9.99 will entitle you to get 70% while books between $9.99 up to $200 will entitle you to a 35% royalty. The more books you have, the better your revenue will be. You may earn around $50 a month on one book while others may get you up to $500.


With Kindle Direct Publishing, your goal to become a successful author is more realistic. You can easily publish, earn more and reach a wider audience being an independent author through Kindle. Check out th

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