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In custom developed solutions, you are basically selling services to develop software that your clients will use for certain business functions. You can either have backbone applications that you will customize based on customer needs or build applications from the ground up.

Developing customized SaaS solutions profit from long term partnership with clients. If you will venture into this business model, you have to put high premium on customer service and technical support. You also need to have a keen eye on what your clients need and how their requirements can be met.


The current drive of the market is the purchase of SaaS solutions rather than licensed products that need to be physically installed to desktops or the thin client server. This brings about the need for custom SaaS solutions. Businesses and companies will always need applications for their business functions and would want cheaper solutions that require less physical management.

Even if you are not a developer, as long as you know how to identify client needs and how to provide solutions to them, you can start your own custom developed SaaS solutions business. Just hire a team of programmers and lead them into what SaaS solution or application to develop.


You need a website to begin with. Your website can include a request form with a cost estimator or a simple contact form for inquiries. It does not need not be as complex as the SaaS applications that you will develop because your website only serves as a point of contact between you and your client.

If you are not a developer, you need to have a team of programmers to develop your applications. You also need to hire a team for customer and technical support. This has been a defining factor for most SaaS businesses.

Aside from your team of developers, you should have reliable cloud hosting partners. Your cloud hosting partner should be affordable, reliable, scalable, redundant, and offer a historical uptime of at least 99%.

The key to building a successful SaaS business is communication. Understand what your clients want and need in order to develop customized solutions that will be beneficial for them.


Though it may take a month or even more to build a solution from the ground up, you are looking into earning from businesses that pay for contracted subscriptions aside from the software development itself. The drawback is it takes a lot of work to customize applications especially if your client is a bit tedious with the features but if you are looking for huge profit margins, this is the right way to go.


Businesses will always have the need to purchase software solutions for certain functions. This is where you come in if you will build your own SaaS business focusing on custom developed solutions. Check out the blueprints below to learn more.

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