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Producing content is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. But there are a lot of challenges when producing a lot of content at high volumes and at decent costs. Human writers are expensive, and most spinners are ineffective. Today, we will talk about one of the best spinners in the market. I have been using WordAI for more than a year now, and so far, not one article has gone to waste.

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Content is king in today's online marketing. We have heard this over and over again as the marketing landscape has changed dramatically thanks to Google's efforts to make searching easier for users. With the current algorithms and super smart crawlers, black hat marketing has been rendered almost obsolete.

There are a lot of challenges in content creation especially for those who need high volumes in short time frames. Right now, quality is the most important element. The problem that most marketers see with this is productivity. A couple of years back, posting articles in private blog networks as well as submitting them to high authority websites for link building can be done efficiently as long as you have hundreds of spun content.

Article spinning was easy with tons of software available on the market back when Google was not that strict. The same scheme no longer works because these applications often come up with low-quality content. Nowadays, low-quality content is easily identifiable and obviously spun articles do not earn points in Google's rule books.

The next best step is to hire a human writer to do the spinning. But that in itself has its own disadvantages.

Let's take a deeper look at the disadvantages of common article spinning tactics.


Most site owners and marketers employ the services of article spinning software. What most of these applications do is use a syntax to change the words to pass CopyScape. That is the only function of an article spinning software. It works on a word for word manner, using synonyms to create content that passes anti-plagiarism software. It does not take into consideration the quality, readability and the overall sense the spun sentences have. What you end up with is a bunch of documents that are copies of each other. Same word order, different sets of words. When it comes to uniqueness, you rarely end up with good articles. Most, articles produced simply end up in the trash.


To make use of all the senseless articles produced by spinning software, some site owners and marketers hire writers to edit. This usually ends up with longer time consumption. Editing takes time, and in the end, it takes the same number of productive hours to write individual articles. Plus, you cannot ensure the quality as you end up with edited products from poorly spun content.


There are several factors that are usually overlooked with spinning. On the premise that most software ends up with bad content, you need to hire writers to edit the content. Here you are already paying two different services. On the other hand, if you want unique content ready for publication right out of the box, hiring content writers can be a bit costly. Yes, most of the articles you end up with have high quality, but to pay for 100 unique articles written by real persons can cost hundreds of dollars a month. The third option is to hire human article spinners. These spinners use their own syntax, and the downside is most of them are not native speakers. How do we know that? They agree to work for you at very low costs. Hence, you end up hiring editors which again is an added cost.

So let us analyze what you and most site owners and marketers may end up with by hiring human article spinners or using article spinning software:

  • Low quality
  • Higher costs
  • Tons of junk
  • Non-search engine friendly content
  • Inefficient content generation process

Does this mean article spinning is a lost cause? Not necessarily. What if there is an article spinning software that can spin hundreds of articles in no time while having the intelligence of a human mind in creating unique statements? At the right pricing point that would be a good deal. This and a whole lot of other features is what WordAi brings to the table. Let's see how it can help you as it helped me.



WordAi is a highly intelligent article spinning software that allows you to create high-quality content. This software uses artificial intelligence to understand the original content to rewrite it several times and with the same quality as that of a human writer. Unlike most software, it does not just replace words with synonyms, but rather paraphrases whole sentences to create entirely new ones.



New Sentences and Paragraphs Written

Entire Sentences and Paragraphs are rewritten automatically by WordAI, but unlike most spinners, it understands what each word means. Spinners simply view sentences as a list of words that need to be replaced, hence, no paraphrasing is done. But with WordAi's artificial intelligence, it sees and understands how words interact with each other the way humans do and rewrites whole sentences from scratch. The thought gets preserved, and totally new sentences are produced.

Even with Google's newest algorithms, it will not be able to detect that you have spun sentences because WordAi writes new sentences based on the thought of the original sentence. Completely rewritten sentences share nothing in common with your original content except for the original idea.

Concepts and Ideas are Understood

WordAi reads the original article in its entirety before writing new content. The built-in artificial intelligence understands the general thought as well as the specific details in the original content. The spins created are at the paragraph and document level which results in new content that would seem human-written. Other spinners typically rewrite word for word which tends to sacrifice the quality of the article. Sentences lose their meaning this way, and most of the time the thought gets lost because of the incoherence of the content. Think of it this way, while most spinners use synonyms for the words of the original content, WordAi constructs "synonyms" for entire paragraphs.

Word Disambiguation

The coolest thing for me about WordAi is that it understands the diversity of words. It knows that one word may have several meanings. It does not rely on simply replacing words. If you have used a spinner before, chances are, you ended up with content that has words that do not belong to the whole thought. That is because your spinner used the wrong synonym. That does not happen with WordAi. It picks synonyms based on the correct meaning by understanding how the word was used in the sentence, like what a human does when trying to understand context clues.


Online marketers, business owners, marketing agencies and anyone needing to produce a lot of unique content at the shortest possible time need spinners. Manual spinning and hiring writers to do that is costly and inefficient. Using typical spinners is an utter waste of time. WordAi solves the challenges that spinners and human writers have. It has the efficiency of software and intelligence of a human being.



Hiring a battalion of content writers that are at the same time native speakers can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Hiring content writers that can do manual spinning is a cheaper alternative, but since they are cheap, chances are, they are not native speakers. You need an editor if you are going this route. Once again, you end up spending more. The cheapest alternative is to use a spinner. But out of the hundreds of articles that you will harvest, only a few are coherent enough to be used. Plus, there is that danger of getting penalized by Google for using low-quality content that is obviously copies of the original. For a monthly cost of $49.95 and or a discounted annual rate of $347, here is what you will get with WordAi:

  • Automatic Sentence and Paragraph Rewriting
  • Only Uses Synonyms That Make Sense
  • Supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian
  • Automatically Spun Content Looks Human Written
  • See an Example High-Quality Turing Spin that Passed Copyscape

If you are still not convinced, you can sign up for a free three-day trial to get a feel of how WordAi works.


  • Rewrites on a sentence to article level
  • Understands the words have different meanings
  • Produces high quality content that pass CopyScape
  • Produces entirely unique content that Google cannot detect as spun content
  • All articles produced seem human written


  • A little bit more expensive than most spinners but then again, most spinners create junk

There is no risk signing up and with a fairly affordable monthly rate, you get to produce all the articles you need without a single one going to waste. Click here and check out how this product can help you.

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