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Videos are a huge part of our lives. Every time we see something worth sharing, we film and share it with our friends. Businesses use videos to tell people more about their products and services. Because of this, so many video editing software have become available to us. We all know the big names like Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony. But let's take a look at something that's been getting a lot of notice on the online editing market: WeVideo.

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WeVideo is a browser- based Flash application. You can edit your videos on any browser and any phone with their iOS and Android applications. You can edit on your own, or collaborate with friends or colleagues. It's easy to understand and just as easy to use.



Uploading Videos

Unlike traditional video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you're going to need to upload all your raw footage before you can start working. Sometimes, your upload speed isn't as fast as your download speed, and that could pose a huge disadvantage. Luckily, WeVideo seamlessly integrates with other cloud-based storage services like Dropbox; and with people automatically syncing their files there, it makes it less of an issue.



WeVideo makes creating videos effortless with their simple drag and drop interface. They have the standard three-window configuration: content and effects library on the upper left, preview on the right, and timeline at the bottom. Drag clips into your timeline and trim them by dragging edges inward and outward. You can also add transitions and effects with a simple click of a button. On the top left, you'll find buttons where you can add more videos, still images, and audio. This is also where you will find transitions and graphics.


One big selling point for WeVideo is the ability to invite your friends or colleagues to collaborate on a project. They can upload videos and make edits on the same footage. Each member gets their custom version of the timeline for them to edit to avoid overwriting.


WeVideo includes over 30 effects, color correction, video transparency, borders, drop shadows, text bubbles, and more. You also get tons of background music tracks and sound effects to choose from. There are over 50 transitions available for clips and rubber band controls for volume. A number of tools available to improve your project came as a pleasant surprise.



When you upload raw footage, all of it is set up at 1080p. But once you're ready to export, you use the maximum parameters supported by your WeVideo plan. There are for- fee options for higher resolution you can consider. You can export it to your WeVideo account and download from there or directly to an FTP site. You can also easily share your video on your social media sites by selecting them from a list found on the same window. This eliminates the process of downloading our video and uploading it again to YouTube or your other social networks.


You can use WeVideo for free. You get 1GB of online storage, export 5 minutes of output each month, and a 720p watermarked video. Their Flex Plan, worth $29.99, is good for 12 months and lets you publish 20 mins of videos total. Save 50% with annual billing for their Power and Unlimited Plans. Power costs $4.99 per month, billed annually, and lets you publish 30 minutes per month in 720p HD resolution. Unlimited costs $7.99 per month, billed annually and let you publish unlimited videos in 1080p HD resolution. They have three for- fee plans offering high-resolution videos, more storage space, and more export minutes that you can choose from if you've opted for a free or lower plan and needed a bit more.


  • Simple interface
  • Packed with a selection of effects and transitions
  • Easy exporting
  • Work on any device without missing a beat
  • Collaboration


  • No common work area when collaborating
  • Limitations in video effects

If you're looking for a simple online editor that makes video creation fun and easy, give WeVideo a try. They let you tell your story your way for free.

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