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A community focusing on business and marketing, Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and has trained, educated and enabled entrepreneurs to kick-start their online business and earn millions from home. Its main focus is to get you started in affiliate marketing by helping you build your own website to promote products from various merchants in the online marketplace.

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If you are expecting to learn how to make tons of cash overnight after reading this, stop what you are doing. Wealthy Affiliate is an avenue to build your own online business via a tried and tested system that thrives on training and education and is not a “quick cash” scheme. The program provides entrepreneurs with support, coaching and all the essential tools needed to build their websites. With 4 simple steps, I am now running my own business and so can you. All you need to begin is choose what interests you the most, build a website with the help of the program, learn how to attract visitors with traffic generation techniques, and start earning money by joining affiliate programs.

You may be wondering how you will earn money and what traffic has to do with it. With thousands of real-time discussions, online classes, 24/7 support, and personal coaching from experts, you will definitely learn how to generate significant traffic to your website. Once your website gets noticed in the online community, you can start promoting virtually any product or service with the affiliate program. You will then earn money by sending your traffic to the company websites of these products to get commission payouts from the purchases made by your visitors.

Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

I started off in affiliate marketing with a lot of challenges, and other courses provided minimal help. When I came across Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to overcome all of those challenges. I ventured into affiliate marketing because I wanted the benefits of working from the comforts of my home. Program can also benefit

  • stay at home parents who have free time to spend on the computer
  • business owners seeking more visibility online
  • individuals wanting to make money on top of their regular salary
  • students that want to start earning right from the comfort of their dorm rooms
  • retirees that are interested supplement their pension
  • anyone else who is fed up with the daily tedium of a 9 to 5 job

wealthy affiliate successful people

In a nutshell, anyone who has time and the willingness to listen, learn and share knowledge with the community can benefit from Wealthy Aaffiliate. Yes, it is not just a training program but more of a community that exchanges best practices.

What Sets Wealthy Affiliate Apart

Unlike most websites, Wealthy Affiliate will not just tell you what to do, but rather guide you throughout the process of setting up and eventually establishing your business. From choosing your niche to building your website and eventually learning how to make money out of it, you will get much-needed training, support, coaching and pretty much all the tools to equip you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Training – Whatever questions you may have will be gladly answered with the interactive education that WA provides. A dedicated member’s area provides training on internet marketing and successful entrepreneurship. Various modes of training include virtual classrooms, real-time video classes, chat support, text and video self-help education, certification courses and thousands of forums exchanging ideas, reviews, and best practices. Whatever time zone you are in and no matter what time of day you want to spend online, the resources are available at your disposal.

wealthy affiliate training

Support and Coaching – You are not alone. Unlike other online business programs, WA does not stop at self-help tools. Online success depends a lot on the accessibility of help and support. In the study of information science, providing the right information, at the right time with the right resource is key to effective information dissemination. Help and coaching are available at classrooms, chat rooms, modules, and forums. You will have the opportunity to chat with even the most experienced experts in the online business world because of the community’s pay-it-forward mentality.

wealthy affiliate community

Essential Tools – Who would have thought that a website can be built in just a matter of seconds? WA does that for you. With its “instant” website setup through WordPress, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects. Also, managing web content campaigns is made easier with Rapid Writer. With this exclusive authoring tool, saving, organizing, and uploading your content is as easy as clicking a button. Furthermore, with the keyword and market research tool, entrepreneurs have access to easy to rank keywords that are often difficult to find.

Services – As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to all-inclusive services such as 24/7 website and hosting support, an exclusive affiliate program that averages $100 per commission, and premium cloud-based web hosting.

How Much Will I Need to Invest?

Everyone starting a business asks this question from the get go. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can get started for free. Without spending a dime, the free starter program includes:

  • Get live support for your first 7 days
  • Build 2 free websites
  • Phase 1 of Affiliate Boot Camp Training
  • 30 keyword searches
  • Access to 2 training classrooms
  • 1 on 1 coaching for 7 days
  • Earn from the affiliate program

Those who are ready to earn and are a bit more familiar with the program can go premium. At $49 per month, premium members can:

  • Get unlimited live support
  • Unlimited private messaging
  • Build 50 websites
  • Attend all phases of the Boot Camp Training
  • Take live video classes
  • Have unlimited keyword searches
  • Access 12 classrooms
  • Get twice higher payouts from the affiliate program
  • Experience Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching

For both types of programs, members also get video walk-throughs and attend the Beginner Training Course.


  • Sign up and be a member for free for an unlimited period
  • Members get help and support from an online community
  • Quality and up to date training and education with live videos, chat rooms, certification classes and virtual classrooms
  • Free website development and web content building
  • Personal 1 on 1 support and coaching from owners Kyle and Carson


  • The online community is very much interactive and just like any other social media platform, members tend to spend more time interacting with other members rather than building their business
  • Too much information, if not taken into perspective, may tend to overwhelm
  • Advertising and selling within the WA community is prohibited

If you have free time and are willing to learn from the best, then this is for you. If you have a “pay-it-forward” mentality and are willing to help others succeed, then be a member and click here. Wealthy Affiliate offers you opportunities that you would not otherwise get from other online business programs. Without spending a dime, you can build your website and start a successful business.

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