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There are a lot of video player solutions online that claim to be very effective for video marketing. But video marketing is not just about editing videos and posting them online. While most video players offer limited features, vooPlayer offers the most number of features that any video player has.

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Videos have the capacity to transmit significantly large amounts of information at a shorter span of time compared to print media. It can convey both objective and emotional information as it relays through the visual and auditory senses. This is the reason why integrating video marketing is a good strategy to boost your marketing campaign.

Gone are the days where making videos for your marketing campaigns remain expensive. You no longer need industrial light and magic to create visually stunning videos. Modern video players have opened an avenue for common business owners to create and improve videos that will fit their marketing campaigns without the need for costly post-production editing.

By far, the best video player that I have ever used for my video marketing campaign is vooPlayer. It includes a wide array of features that my previous video player did not have. Once I started using it, I got positive results with increased traffic, leads and sales.


VooPlayer 3.0 is the most updated version of this video player and all the updates literally let you do anything you want inside any video. Let's discuss what these exciting features are.

Automated Streaming Display

VooPlayer's Smart-Date Technology lets you play videos on auto-pilot mode. This means you can setup videos to play following dates and times that you have scheduled. With the Live Streaming Schedule function, you can select the date, time zone, the number of days to be played, the exact time and number of times played in each day. It's like having your own TV network and playing re-runs of TV shows.

Hybrid Video Cloud Hosting

Stream videos directly from the Dropbox server. This means free service using Dropbox's free account. How cool is that? Yes, you can always use Youtube, Amazon, Vimeo, and other free video hosting platforms but why limit yourself to their terms and conditions of service? Your Dropbox account is yours; you can upload any video you want and do whatever you like with these videos.

With Hybrid Video Cloud Hosting you do not have to rely on free platforms nor pay any recurring fees for video hosting providers.

Watch and Win Contests

What is the best way to make viewers watch your videos from start to finish? The answer is incentives. With incentives, you can make your videos viral which in turn will help grow your business.

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Watch and Win contests will keep your viewers engaged and through the viral share feature you can get them to share your video which will basically make it viral and will bring a flood of viewers.

SMS Gate

Short messages or text messages have eight times the response rate of email. This is why you need to utilize and include it in your overall marketing campaigns. With the SMS Gate feature, you can get your viewers to give out their phone number to finish watching your video; which, in turn, lets you get more leads.

Do not worry about false numbers as your viewers are required to verify the phone numbers that they gave through unique verification codes. Without this, they cannot continue watching your videos.

Remarketing Intelligence

The Remarketing Intelligence feature is a smart way of dropping the cookie to viewers who did not buy from you. You can set it up to identify which viewers watched up to a certain point of your video and then left without making a purchase. These viewers have the potential to be hyper-responsive and have higher tendencies to buy from you in the future.

By being able to identify who these viewers are, you can retarget them to recover your lost sales.

A/B Split Testing for Facebook

Split Testing with vooPlayer is as easy as it can be because all you need to do is give the two videos you are comparing a single link, paste it straight into your page or group and let your viewers watch. VooPlayer automatically sets it so that half of your viewers can see one video and half can see the other. Here, you can test for opt-ins, play-rate, engagement and other responses. You will get a detailed report afterward and identify which video creates more impact.


Aside from the main features mentioned above here are some more features that you can benefit from

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Timed Opt-in boxes - add opt-in overlays at any point in the video to capture emails

Opt-in Gate for Leads - encourage viewers to enter their emails to finish watching the video

Timed Buttons and CTAs - get more visitors to go to your offer page by adding clickable BUY buttons

Share Gates for Traffic - get viewers to share your video first before letting them watch it

Tap to Call - insert Tap to Call button in the middle of the video to show the phone number that you want your viewers to call

Smart Play - do not let your viewers miss any part of your video with an auto-pause function that pauses the video whenever it is not visible in the browser

Video Conversion - upload your video and let vooPlayer automatically convert it into web and mobile friendly formats

Intelligent Playback - set auto play on first-time visits only and even resume playing at the point where your viewer left


Videos create more impact than other forms of media marketing. It can convey both ideas and emotions more effectively. Consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Video Marketing is mainly for business owners who want to give their brand more impact online. Videos help generate more traffic and leads, help convert and increase sales, and help you grow your business. But video marketing is not exclusive to business owners. All in all, here is a list of people who should utilize video marketing:

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  • small business owners
  • internet marketers
  • bloggers
  • affiliate marketers
  • website owners
  • online shop owners
  • product creators
  • authors/life coaches
  • social media experts


In hindsight, vooPlayer has a lot of features that other video players do not have. Moreover, the tools and features do not just focus on making videos, it also helps you to gain more leads. Here are the main benefits of using VooPlayer:

  • In-video options like buttons and opt-in boxes help you generate leads and make more offers to buy
  • A/B split testing lets you test which videos are working and helps you make improvements for more effective videos
  • Contests entice your viewers to share your videos, watch them and make them viral
  • Remarketing allows you to go after viewers that have a high potential of buying from you allowing you to focus your efforts on more worthwhile leads
  • You can play your videos on autopilot which is great for webinars, presentations, and announcements


You can try out vooPlayer for $1. This is for their 14-day trial. After the trial, the service will cost you $197 per year.


  • timed opt-in boxes, forms, buttons and more
  • A/B video split testing
  • remarketing intelligence
  • schdeduled streaming
  • hybrid video cloud-hosting with Dropbox


  • email-only support, no chat or phone support team available

Check out VooPlayer 3.0 here if you want to use an effective tool for your video marketing campaign. Through VooPlayer, you can increase your leads, conversion, and sales with all of the features that other video players do not have.

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