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Every business needs an email campaign to thrive, especially businesses that are into sales. ToutApp is a sales acceleration solution that you and your team can use to improve overall performance

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Email marketing is still the best way to reach your target customers and it works at its best you’re your correspondence is personalized. Emails that are tailored to customer actions can make communication relevant to their interest. This though is the common challenge for sales representatives and team managers. Whether you have a contact list of 100 or 1000 prospects, maintaining one-on-one personal communication and keeping track of the status of each one in the sales funnel would be a logistical nightmare. ToutApp offers the solution to these concerns.

What is ToutApp?

What is ToutApp

ToutApp is an email management and sales acceleration application that covers sales tracking, email creation through templates and data-driven analytics. Whether you are a sales professional working independently or a sales team manager, this platform can help you:

  • Generate more leads with easy management via the command center and email automation
  • Sales and marketing alignment with sales strategies, masterfully crafted templates, and effective content that you can use at every stage of the sales process
  • Accelerate your sales with consistent messaging and correspondence, automated Salesforce logging, team collaboration and content analytics on a real-time basis.
    • Team Analytics – coach your team based on aggregate and individual reports to improve individual and overall performance
    • Content Analytics – get insightful reports on winning templates and which links and attachments are usually opened so you can continue using and improving the right content
    • Website Tracking – find out who goes to your site, when they went to your site and what device your prospects are using so that you can reach out to your contacts at the right time
    • Individual Analytics – keep an activity record and uncover winning patterns to continuously improve your email templates and adjust your sending schedules

Let’s check out some of ToutApp’s fine features.


Tracking – ToutApp does what you exactly need in an email marketing campaign as it lets you track views, clicks, attachments opened, and replies. The biggest challenge before in communicating with prospects and placing them in the right stage of the sales funnel is pinpointing their behavior right after you’ve clicked the send button. Being able to know directly from your Live Feed who does what, you and your team will have better judgment on who they should call, who to send another email to and what type of email they should be sending. Another useful tracking feature is it tells you what device your prospects used to view your emails.

ToutApp - TrackingTemplates – Sending personalized emails to everyone is an ideal practice. But ideal does not mean feasible. In sales, you also need efficiency, and with that in mind, ToutApp provides you customizable templates for every sales scenario that you can use in every part of your sales process. The question here is the effectiveness of templates. Since you and your team have the ability to track emails and prospect behavior, it’s relatively easy to send the right template to your prospects. Furthermore, with robust template analytics, you can determine which templates are effective in engaging your prospects.

Data Driven Analytics – With insightful data across your sales emails, presentations, and website, you can continuously improve the performance of your sales team. ToutApps suite of data analytics include:

Command Center – Manage everything in one view through your command center. Here you can view your unified task list that covers action items, CRM data, and prospect engagement data. The engagement data tells you which conversations or correspondences need immediate attention so you can close more sales. Knowing who does what, you can send the right email at the right time through a one-click automated drip campaign. For more immediate action, you have click to call and email follow-up functionalities integrated as well.

Calendar – One of the most logistically challenging tasks is managing everyone’s schedule. In the ToutApp calendar, you can coordinate meetings and sync up your Gmail or webmail calendar. Book meetings faster with the data that you get from analytics.

ToutApp-CalendaringLead Prioritization – ToutApp gives you a list of your most engaged prospects so you can prioritize the right leads and book more deals. Get a complete history and context such as contact details, correspondence, tasks and engagement data all on one screen so you can follow up smarter and not blindly contact people based on hunches and guesses.

Email Automation – Schedule your emails, set up reminders on who to follow up and create an automated series of email templates to make your approach look more personal and engage your prospects. Keep in mind that connected emails drive continuous engagement because prospects will get the impression that you did your homework and you are personally reaching out to them.

Sales Beat – This is a collaborative layer in the platform that gives real insights through a real-time feed right into your team’s workflow. It highlights data from ToutApp analytics as well as real advice from sales managers, marketing, and other stakeholders to help your reps make better judgments and make data-driven actions to book more meetings and close more deals.

Email Integration – With email integration, you can access all of the benefits of ToutApp without leaving the comforts of your Gmail account or Outlook.

Salesforce Integration – Maintain using your Salesforce and send emails powered by ToutApp without navigating away. You can automatically log all email activities right into Salesforce, and through the Salesforce Acceleration Dashboard, you get access to high-level customizable and analytical health reports of your sales funnel.

Prospect Builder – This is a free Chrome extension that you can integrate with ToutApp. It allows you to search for prospects right from your browser, and email them directly using ToutApp. This feature lets you build your target audience by simply googling with keywords based on your target contacts.

Who Should use ToutApp

ToutApp was developed to function as an all-in-one Swiss Army knife for people who are in sales such as:

  • sales representatives
  • business development representatives
  • managers
  • sales operations personnel
  • marketing specialists

Whether you are working independently or part of a team, this platform covers everything in your sales process from start to finish.

Benefits of Using ToutApp

All of the features listed above create opportunities for you and your team to efficiently manage your email correspondence, book more meetings and close more deals. Here is a summary of how this application can benefit you:

  • Determine your prospect’s behavior after sending emails
  • Send the right emails at the right time to the right prospects
  • Use templates with the right content to create better opportunities
  • Plot available times to maximize your calendar for bookings
  • Never miss an opportunity to follow-up
  • Prioritize highly engaged leads
  • Engage prospects quickly through timely calls
  • Fine tune your team and work effectively as a manager using the command center
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Share best practices with the whole team

ToutApp is an end to end sales acceleration solution that drives better team performance which maximizes your booking and sales opportunities.

Pricing Point

Start using ToutApp with a free trial for 14 days. After which, you can subscribe to a package that suits your business needs. Whether you are working individually, managing a small team or handling a wholesales company, there is a plan for you. The Premium plan will cost you $49/per user/month, or you can choose the Enterprise plan for custom price tailored to your team.


  • Can be synchronized with CRM
  • Lets you understand customer behavior for lead prioritization
  • Provides insightful data to drive better performance
  • Be on top of everything using the command center
  • Customizable email templates


  • Does not integrate with other CRMs

Checkout ToutApp here if you want to improve your customer engagement and sales opportunities.

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