SocialAdr: Why Spend Tons Of Time In Social Media Marketing?

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Social media promotion is more tasking than ever as you need to hit high volumes of shares, likes, tweets and such. I have been using SocialAdr for a couple of months and it has been a big help in this aspect. Let us get to know this online application a bit more.

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Throughout the many changes in the online marketing landscape, social media marketing has become one of the most essential strategies for every online marketer and business owner implementing an online marketing campaign. Social media platforms are easy to use and at the same time powerful enough to help businesses grow through exposure and referrals.

Social media promotion though is a very tedious and time-consuming task. Which is why we will talk about SocialAdr today. It is an automated platform that I have been using for a while now. But before we talk about that, let us first establish why social media promotion is indeed a necessity.


Let us take a look at some of the advantages that social media promotion bring to the table.

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SEO - Google's changes in its algorithms has caused the rise and fall of various websites across the globe. As each algorithm get's implemented, Google's quest to make searching easier and more accurate for people has led to the integration of more social media elements. Social media elements add more value to organic ranking which makes social promotion ever so relevant.

Traffic - More and more people are spending their time on Facebook and other social media platforms. In the U.S. alone, people spend an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook. Let's face it, the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Through social media networks, your site get's promoted via electronic word of mouth which is why social networks work best for site referrals. SEO is not just the sole driving force in generating traffic to websites anymore.

Online Brand - Each social media page can be as unique as it can which is why it is the best avenue other than a dedicated site to give brands a more identifiable personality. Having an impact on social networks may even be more useful than driving traffic directly to your website. Knowing that people spend most of their time online on social networks mean that you get more branding exposure through these networks.

Interaction and Engagement - Gone are the days when marketing and advertising mean watching TV commercials, looking at billboards and reading through flyers. Nowadays, interaction is king. Consumers have become smarter and a business's reputation relies a lot on how it interacts with its clients and leads. Social networks provide the best avenue for free interaction. With a social brand, a business can take a more personal character which people will appreciate more.

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Mobile - Most social media activities are now done on mobile devices because more and more people prefer them for their social media experience. Thus, social media marketing provides more mobile mileage for businesses. Going back to the premise that everyone is on a mobile device nowadays means that businesses gain more traffic, leads and reach through social media promotion.


Promoting socially can be really tasking. To achieve true viral exposure, your content needs hundreds of likes, votes, upvotes, +s, tweets and other similar actions in other platforms everyday. Imagine how much time it would take for you to do that whether you are a marketer or a business owner.

To achieve this manually, you would almost have to peddle your brand. Yes, it may be doable, but this is not your only task as a business owner let alone a marketer. It would take more than 8 hours a day which in reality is counterproductive. This is where SocialAdr comes in.


SocialAdr is a fully automated platform for social media promotion. It works using a very simple concept. Through an army of real people online, you can get tons of social media promotion with the least time and effort.

It is very simple to use, and you do not need to pay attention to any complex settings and options. It builds the social reputation faster than you could ever do manually. Let's take a look at the features of SocialAdr.

Includes all top Social Sites - To get the biggest impact online, the most bookmarks, and widest promotion, SocialAdr works with all the top social sites and gets your website promoted.

Web-Based Application - No need to install any software and be limited to a single device. SocialAdr can be accessed using any internet connected PC or mobile device. It works across all devices, and yes it is 100% mobile responsive. What does this mean? No updates, compatibility issues, software conflicts and errors to worry about. Updates are done automatically, and user experience is always prioritized.

Automated Social Submissions - Having a sense of urgency is an invaluable business practice. Which is why focusing on your business and using automated applications like SocialAdr is invaluable. All you need to do is click one button, and your page is sent out to 30 different social media accounts. The only other thing you need to do is add details to the URL that you are promoting which is a one-time thing. Afterward, everything is fully automated.

Reporting - The best marketers know how to keep track of their campaigns which SocialAdr allows you to do. Completely transparent reports about submissions are available, and links are built just for you. You can download and view data and analytics anytime, anywhere, and use any device.

Robust API - With an API that allows developers to integrate with 3rd party apps, the full potential of SocialAdr can be unleashed. For non-developers, this simply means tools like WordPress plugins can help maximize the SocialAdr potential and user experience.

Steady Drip Promotions - Likes, Tweets, +1s, and other similar actions can be setup in drip format wherein they come in trickles over a period of time. This allows you to plan, budget and be flexible with your promotion strategy and credits.

Target Specific Sites - You can target which sites you want to focus on may it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever site you feel works best for you.

Live Help and Support - Though it is easy enough to use, training is still provided. Help pages provide immediate self-help, and for any other questions that need to be answered, there is a real live support team that is at your disposal.


Upon signing up to SocialAdr, you need to use a social media profile and this could either be an existing or old one. You can also let SocialAdr create if for you at $11.00, but why spend when it is so easy to create one. With a pool of social media profiles, bookmarks are shared, and thus actions are kept natural. For your own bookmarks to be shared, you need to buy credits or earn them by sharing the bookmarks that other members have posted.


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Anyone who is involved in online marketing can benefit from SocialAdr. We have already established the necessity of social media marketing in any online marketing campaign. SocialAdr helps boost the social media aspect of an online marketing strategy. Businesses, freelance marketers, website owners and marketing agencies alike can benefit a lot from this platform


Large Pool of Members - SocialAdr has over 73,000 members which are a testament to how effective it is. Furthermore, more people means greater social reach for your site. Imagine hundreds and even thousands of people liking, tweeting, voting, and sharing your content. Through this reach, you get word of mouth marketing and plus points in organic ranking.

Real People - No black hat marketing here. Your content is promoted by and to real people, with real accounts. You get real reach and real marketing reach.

Tons of Social Buzz - Without exerting any effort, you can get thousands of shares or mentions every month. There are options as well to set the pace a bit slower as promotions can get really fast. And this has happened a few years back

Easy to Use - In just four easy steps, you can watch your brand create a bigger impact online. All you need to do is signup, hook up your social account, enter your URLS, and wait for an army of people to promote your brand. It is that simple.

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Google Friendly - Since SocialAdr is natural, it is Google friendly. Social bookmarking is natural, it is a real type of promotion, and it is not a scheme to beat the algorithms. SocialAdr is a tool to automate an otherwise slow, time-consuming and highly tedious task.


SocialAdr has flexible prices for all sorts of users. All packages include:

  • Spin Rewriter integrated (saves a ton of time)
  • Premium Channels:
  • Twitter Twitter
  • Google +1 Google +1
  • Facebook Facebook
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn
  • Pinterest Pinterest

Here are the packages that you can choose from.

$14.95 $44.95 $109.95
400 Social Media Credits per month 1500 Social Media Credits per month 6000 Social Media Credits per month
(3.7 cents per credit) (2.9 cents per credit) (1.8 cents per credit)
10 Active URLs 30 Active URLs 150 Active URLs


  • Your site gets real promotion from real people
  • 100% Google Friendly
  • User friendly and no need to go through tedious training
  • Flexible and affordable prices
  • Get results in no time


  • No money back guarantee

I have been using SocialAdr for months now and I suggest you try it out as well. Plans are on a month to month basis and you are not locked into a specific period of time. Click here and learn more about SocialAdr.

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