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Launching a website is a big decision and finding the right web host for this task can be a bit tedious. There are a lot of things to consider, and with the number of providers out there, things can be a bit confusing. One of the top web hosts in the market right now is SiteGround which offers its own solutions and tailor fit plans to is customers.

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For those who realized it is about time that their business had its own website, good job. At this day and age, if you want to compete head to head in any market, an online presence is a necessity. For first-timers, though, this decision may be a bit overwhelming. And those who already have a website may still feel a bit lost in some aspects.

What I am talking about is finding the right hosting service. There are a lot of web hosting providers in the market, and one may get lost trying to find the best one. I had gone through the same ordeal before I encountered SiteGround.

SiteGround provides carefully tailored plans with free domains, 24/7 live support, and a lot of other features. Especially for those who are relatively new in handling websites for their businesses, the custom made solutions provided by SiteGround makes room for faster, more secured and fully supported services.



I agree with SiteGround with its policy to take ownership of things and to craft its own solutions to provide excellent service as a web host. Here are three things that make it different from other web hosts in the market.


For most web hosts, sites on standard shared servers are prone to security holes and breaches. True enough, this has happened to me before. If one site gets attacked, other sites are in danger of getting compromised as well. To prevent this, SiteGround managed to isolate websites from each other. This is a first in the web hosting business.

Aside from isolation, SiteGround offers other layers of security. Let's say there is a hole in the server software. What most hosts will do is wait for a patch from the developers who could take awhile. During that time, the whole network is in danger of getting attacked. SiteGround does not wait for solutions from developers because it creates its own patches, thus reducing the vulnerability of its clients.

Furthermore, when holes appear on massively used software, SiteGround secures each of its clients on a server level. Most hosts will just let their clients be.


At this day and age, speed is almost everything. Nobody wants slow service, slow loading, and slow response time. Especially now that the average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Yes, there have been studies about this. Time is currency in the online business community.

The key to speed is really good hardware and constant upgrades. SiteGround gives value in investing on these because excellent service means more clients and greater revenue. Aside from the physical aspect, it also has a customized software configuration to maximize the potential of its top of the line hardware.

Proximity is also not an issue. Wherever your site visitor is in the globe, SiteGround's content delivery network provides fast loading time. Geographic location will never be an issue. Also, it employs a super cache which stores a pre-assembled version of your site which reduces loading time.


SiteGround has a team of experts that can resolve a wide array hosting problems. But more than that, the support team also provides support to various web issues. Other hosts do not provide support for non-hosting problems. Only SiteGround provides this type of support.


With its flexible range of services and plans, SiteGround is for everyone who needs to maintain a website but wants to have a hassle free time. Business owners need to focus on their operations and other business tasks; developers need as much time as they can and be free from the most tasks they can be free from to make the most profit and resellers need the best partner for hosting services. SiteGround caters to the newbies as well as experts in web development.



SiteGround offers various web hosting solutions from shared hosting up to reseller hosting. Let's take a closer look at the features and pricing of each hosting solution.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting solutions provided by SiteGround offers an easy start with immediate activation, 1-click account setup, and live setup assistance. With immediate activation, you can immediately start managing your account with no time wasted. Through a unique setup wizard, you can request for migration or even publish a new website in a little over 3 minutes. Business means business and your time is given a lot of value. And if you need help, no need to worry because someone will walk you through the whole setup process if you need to.

An uptime of 99.9% is already something to boast about. Through a unique software, SiteGround has managed to minimize downtime and get an average of 99.999% for its monthly uptime. On a yearly basis, uptime is at 99.996%. This unique software monitor's each server's status and resolves performance issues instantly without the need for human intervention.

Here are the different shared hosting plans that you can choose from.


StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Crafted for a Great Web Start Crafted for Your Web Growth Crafted for Real Web Geeks
60% OFF the regular $9.95/mo. 50% OFF the regular $14.95/mo. 50% OFF the regular $29.95/mo.
SPECIAL PRICE: $3.95/mo. SPECIAL PRICE: $7.95/mo. SPECIAL PRICE: $14.95/mo.
One Website Multiple Websites Multiple Websites
10GB Web Space 20GB Web Space 30GB Web Space
Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
All Essential Features All Essential Features All Essential Features
Premium Features Premium Features
Geeky Advanced Features

Cloud Hosting

If you prefer cloud hosting for better speed, uptime, and security, SiteGround offers a scalable, fast and fully managed solution. You can customize your plan and get 24/7 VIP support. All plans are scalable, and whether you are just starting out or you need to host a high traffic site, all you need to a managed hosting service is here.

Enjoy an ultra fast platform with second to none efficiency and speed through Linux containers with SSD disks. No need to reboot if you need to add more resources to your server in case you are expecting more traffic. You do not have to worry about downtime with the redundancy of 7 offsite backups. Furthermore, enjoy free CDN and multiple locations.

Here are the different cloud hosting plans.

Entry Business Business Plus Enterprise
Price $60.00/mo Price $80.00/mo Price $100.00/mo Price $140.00/mo
1x 3.0GHz CPU 2x 3.0GHz CPU 2x 3.0GHz CPU 4x 3.0GHz CPU
20GB Disk Space 40GB Disk Space 60GB Disk Space 80GB Disk Space
5TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth

Dedicated Hosting

If you want to play it big and your site has premium requirements, SiteGround can match your dedicated hosting needs through its premium managed servers.

Your site will be managed in a top of the line dedicated machine with a highly innovative proprietary software which maximizes the performance of servers. In short, better functionality than most web hosts.

Hardware is very important which is why SiteGround puts emphasis on stable machines housed on the best data center facilities. Enjoy top server management from setup to software updates and physical monitoring of hardware 24/7/365. Furthermore, get VIP support from a team of experts willing to help and resolve your concerns in the least possible turnaround time.

Here are the dedicated hosting plans from SiteGround.

Entry Server Power Server Enterprise Server
Price: $229.00/mo Price: $329.00/mo Price: $429.00/mo
Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU Intel Xeon E3-1270 CPU 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU
3.20Ghz CPU Clock Speed 3.50Ghz CPU Clock Speed 2.00Ghz CPU Clock Speed
4 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 2 x 6 CPU Cores
8 CPU Threads 8 CPU Threads 2 x 12 CPU Threads
8MB CPU Cache 8MB CPU Cache 15MB CPU Cache
5TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth 5TB Bandwidth


Reseller Hosting

If you are a web designer or developer maintaining websites for clients, you can rely on SiteGround for long-term web hosting which will help you increase your revenue. Here you can get volume discount on hosting, special domain name deals, and great profit opportunities by reselling services

WordPress and Joomla Hosting

Most developers and business owners tend to use WordPress Joomla for their sites nowadays because both are easy to use and are flexible. Which is why SiteGround allows and easy launch and hassle free transfer with no charges. Yes, migration is free, and WordPress or Joomla installation is as easy as one click. Some perks include the free domain name for life and free template and installation. Enjoy the same features and pricing plans mentioned above in shared hosting and be worry free about the technical aspects of running your site.


  • Your site is very safe from attacks
  • Offers the highest uptime guarantee
  • Offers the cheapest plans in the market
  • Makes it easy for WordPress and Joomla migration
  • Has fantastic customer support


  • ​No free trial available

Check out SiteGround here if you want an awesome web builder with reliable hosting services and ultra fast solutions!

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