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Many businesses that have just recently launched sell a digital product. Why? Because it is a pain to think about the logistics of getting the product to your customers. Well, guess what, selling services online aren't that easy neither. Growing that type of business is difficult and laden with so many different obstacles. But glorious minds have come together to create something to take a load off your shoulders; and it's name is ServiceProviderPRO.

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Running a busy agency, particularly an SEO agency, means that having hang-ups and trouble with managing the services that you offer clients eats up a lot of time that you could have used to work on building your business and getting customers. And choosing the right provider to help you out in accomplishing your SEO needs better, that alone can take up a surprising amount of time. But once I, and many others, heard about ServiceProviderPRO (SPP), there was no need to look anywhere else. Get a fast application that is easy to use and provides many of the features that any service- based business would need.

Order Forms

SPP calls theirs "beautiful." And yes, it is. But while people think that it's because of great design, I think it's beautiful because of how easily you can make them and how much you can do with them. Their form builder provides many service options and add-ons. You can add field types and choose from options like depending on information on the project, the payment method, and promotions like coupon codes.

Stop worrying about payments as they all go into your account automatically. There are also numerous payment methods offered such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Payza, and a few others.


Client Panel

They have a great area for clients and staff alike to see data that they need. Each one gets this intuitive members area once they create their own account. Your customers get to see everything they've ever ordered, reports that are downloadable, special offers and promotions, and an area for them to send messages. They also get to access content that exclusive to members, keep funds that they intend to use for future purchases, invoices that they can download, and an opportunity to earn through commissions from your affiliate program.

Your team, on the other hand, gets to see the pending and new orders they need to work on. SPP provides you the option to use their system to automatically assign tasks to your members or just have the orders laid out for your staff to choose for themselves. You can also activate notifications so that they see new orders easily. You get everything in one easy-on-the-eyes area; so say goodbye to making manual and tedious copies of your orders to an excel sheet.



When you handle so many clients and projects, checking your messages from several platforms, it gets confusing. But SPP puts all of your messages on the message board for your team members to see as well. From within their platform, you can send messages with files attached inside and reply to customers, even those who emailed you their queries. You can also post order notes, messages, and announcements that are only visible to your team.

Other Benefits

One great thing about SPP, which other platforms don't deliver on, is that they support recurring billing. For other services, getting a new order means you have to create a new project and setting up the client's files and looping in your team members, as well as the client. A totally avoidable process on ServiceProviderPRO.

Their order forms, client panel, message board and a few others are all customizable. Alter them to improve SPP's fit with your agency. And if you want to do more than what is being given, and you have the knowledge, you can make changes to the code, too.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, you're not going to get some copied and clueless response. SPP values feedback and their clients. You will get quick responses from the same people who developed the platform. It's professional help from the experts. For free. You can bet those replies are going to be exactly what you need. Aside from that, you get videos and other learning materials to help you understand how to use ServiceProviderPRO better to grow your business.



Choose from three different plans and two different payment schemes: monthly and annually. You can get their Starter package at $39 per month annually. This gives you unlimited clients, 1 staff account, and 5GB of storage. For $59 per month annually, you can purchase their most popular plan available: Basic. Get unlimited clients, 5 staff accounts, and 15GB of storage. The Pro Plan costs $99 per month annually and gets you unlimited clients, unlimited staff, and 30GB of storage. You can opt to use the monthly payment scheme, but they all cost at least $10 more compare to the annual plan.

Not sure yet? Start their 14-day free trial. No credit card required.


  • Easy to use
  • Caters to recurring services
  • Automatically creates customer accounts
  • Powerful and well- organized dashboard
  • SSL encryption
  • Great customer support


  • Cannot do custom quotes

If your agency has been having trouble with being able to deliver, give ServiceProviderPRO a try. They're fast, responsive, and have a free trial. What have you got to lose?

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