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Search engines are still the best source of traffic. Which is why SEO is as relevant as it has ever been to online marketing. Especially with the constant changes in algorithms and preferences being implemented by top search engines like Google, businesses and marketers alike should always pay close attention to the changing dynamics of the SEO landscape. Good thing there are tools to help SEO marketers like Serped.Net.

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Search engine optimization can be a bit overwhelming. Newbies may find it too broad to initially comprehend and master while experts may have a difficult time keeping pace with the constant changes.

That's what we are going to talk about today. A solution that caters to the overwhelming demands of an SEO campaign. I am highly recommending Serped.Net as it has served as my SEO command center for several months now.


In a few short words, Serped.Net is an SEO tools suite that can turn any newbie into an SEO expert and every SEO expert into a top notch professional that can dominate the search engines. Of course these are just mere words right now so let us talk about Serped.Net in detail.

Serped.Net is an all in one suite that employs all of the expensive tools that you need to launch a successful SEO campaign. Let's get to know these tools and their features.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects in organic ranking and monetizing campaigns. Manual keyword research is tedious, time-consuming and inefficient. There are a lot of keyword research tools in the market and yes I have tried a lot of them. Some are cheap and an utter waste of time while some are effective but will drain your finances. Serped.Net created its tools that let you run searches on keywords and get their monthly search volumes, CPCs, traffic values, the number of Google results and competition level. You will also get access to trend graphs. Other tools will not give all of these details and will force you to work more which means more hours lost for you.

There are tools that you can use to search for long tail keywords, and calculate corresponding revenue by calculating the expected visitors every month, the sales revenues and even Google Adsense revenues. Here is what you can do with Serped.Net's keyword research tools

  • Find which keywords you and your competitors rank for in less than a minute
  • Run analytics on your competitors and determine how to outrank them
  • Find out thousands of untapped keywords that you can use to your advantage


Domain Research Tools

It's time to build a powerful private blog network to add juice to your rankings. The key to a powerful blog network is acquiring the strongest aged domains. If finding expired domains is easy, analyzing the potential of each one is not and is utterly time-consuming. And if not done right, it could be a case of a bad business decision to acquire something of low value.

In just a few minutes you can find high quality expired and aged domains that have a lot of link juice to power-up your blog network. These links are invaluable, and with the Aged Domain Finder, they are all yours in a matter of minutes.

All of the expiring aged domains available for sale will be accessible before they are even opened in the market. All of the best metrics on expiring domains within a 72-hour time frame is scanned and made available for you in advance. These aged domains provide high-quality backlinks that can boost your organic search rankings.

Aside from powering up your private blog network, you can find domains with high metrics to build a new niche site. Remember, domains are like wine, and it takes years of proper care and aging to build their quality.

You can utilize other tools like Expired Scraper, Auction Master, and Site Explorer. Expired scraper allows you to choose from expired high-quality domains that have backlinks with the most trusted sites on the web. Auction master, on the other hand, gives you access to high-quality domains and websites that are available on top auction sites and marketplaces. And Site Explorer is a great tool to analyze any domain in just a few seconds. With this tool, you can analyze your sites, your competitors', your clients' and expired domains. Also, it gets you on top of things with an overview of robust analytics.

Site Management Tools

When I said that Serped.Net is an all in one suite, I meant it. With the site management tools that come with it, you have an end to end solution to manage all of your sites, including those of your clients. Who needs an assistant if you can keep track of your posts, pages, and links in an easy to use interface?. Setup tasks with email reminders, check the status of your backlinks whether they are indexed in Google or not and write notes for your benefit. Check your internal link profile and determine which keywords are being used and where pages are linked to. Also, you can check your external backlink profile to see if it is clean with high-quality links.

Get the best SEO CMS and track and manage your backlinks using SEO metrics, track your sites without Google Analytics, and receive real-time notification when your sites are down with robust reporting.

This article would be too long if I were to mention all of the site management tools that Serped.Net provides. A quick rundown of other tools are

  • finance management of projects
  • site backup
  • goals, events, and campaigns tracking
  • WordPress themes and plugins regular updates
  • content development from pros
  • generate site reports for your clients

Rank Tracking Tools

Through the Rank Tracking module, you can track rankings at the local level. There is also a manual checking tool that you can use to get the rankings of any site almost instantly. With Rank Tracker you can review detailed tables and graphs to see how each of your sites or pages rank in every website. What's more is it lets you track your competitors just the same. With the right data and information at hand, you have a cutting edge in tweaking your campaigns.

Aside from tracking your rankings in traditional search engines, you can also track the rankings of your YouTube videos. And same with other tools, you can track the videos of your competitors which mean a lot in your quest to outrank them. This may come as a surprise, but there is also an Amazon Tracker that allows you to track your Amazon rankings.

Other Tools

Other useful tools that are worth mentioning here are client acquisition tools and team up tools. Serped.Net comes with Site Auditor Pro which lets you create audit forms to provide users SEO reports which in turn works as a client lead magnet. Customize your reports with your logo and contact details for instant marketing. Social Exchanger, on the other hand, lets you work together with other Serped.Net members by exchanging social actions such as product reviews, comments, questions, and bookmarks. Perform tasks that other members created to earn credits and post tasks that you want others to perform for you to use these credits. Imagine a community mutually working together to achieve common goals.


SEO is essential for every online marketing campaign and for everyone maintaining or managing a website that needs to rank. Every individual marketer, small business owner, or medium enterprise employee working on ranking a website organically will benefit from this all in one SEO and website management suite.


Serped.Net indeed has a lot of tools and features to offer as an all in one SEO suite. With all of the incorporated features, you get to save time and money and let your business run smoothly. Watch it grow fast through your SEO command center. You can no longer say that SEO is a tedious task and the pitfalls that once were there are no longer going to hinder your progress.

Get floods of organic traffic through success driven processes and maintain low operational costs since you do not have to splurge on expensive SEO tools anymore. Through an intuitive easy to use the suite, you do not have to use tools that you do not need. Let's admit it; there are a lot of useless tools available online and most of the time, you end up overpaying for them. Be a part of a thriving community by using a single, highly effective SEO ninja suite.


If have decided that Serped.Net is for you, you may be surprised to see the note stating that the product is most of the time closed to new members to ensure the best performance for existing members. For those who want to be new members, you will need to signup to get a notification as to when Serped.Net will be open again to new members. Yes, it is an exclusive membership

Anyway, here are the two plans for would be members.

Though it may not be open to new members right now, you may click here to be part of the list that will get a notification once Serped.Net is available again to new members. Just remember to act fast once you get that notification because this product is hot. Tools Premium Plan Ultimate Plan
Keyword Research Tools
Ultimate Keyword Research 100 300
What Ranks Where 80 200
Competition Analyzer 200 500
Long Tail Keywords 70 200
Domain Research Tools
Aged Domain Finder 500 Unlimited
Top Expiring Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Expired Scraper 20 120
Domain Marketplace Unlimited Unlimited
Site Explorer 200 500
Domain Hacker 100 300
Exact Match Domains 20 50
Bulk URL Analyzer 50 150
Backlinks Explorer n/a 200
Site Management
Site Manager 25 in total 100 in total
Web Analytics 25 in total 100 in total
Uptime Monitor 25 in total 100 in total
Cashflow Manager Unlimited Unlimited
Site Backups 1024MB 5120MB
Goal Tracking Unlimited Unlimited
WordPress Manager Any WordPress site in Site Manager Any WordPress site in Site Manager
Pro Monthly Content Unlimited Unlimited
PDF Site Reports Unlimited Unlimited
Rank Tracking
Cities/Countries 2500 7000
Quick Check 1000 5000
YouTube Tracker 100 500
Amazon Tracker 100 500
Client Acquisition
Site Auditor Pro Up to 500 leads Up to 5,000 leads
Citation Scanner 25 250
Mobile Prospector 15 150
Review Badges 20 250


  • Keyword research tool has more features than what other similar apps offer
  • Awesome support team ready to cater to your needs Site management tools keep you in command Allows you to earn more through client acquisition tools
  • Encourages members to work with each other


  • Offered for a limited time only

Though it may not be open to new members right now, you may click here to be part of the list that will get a notification once Serped.Net is available again to new members. Just remember to act fast once you get that notification because this product is hot.

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