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Entrepreneurs that have moved and created an online presence for their businesses are familiar and aware of how crucial keyword research and SEO is. An online marketing campaign must be equipped with the appropriate keywords in order to rank high, attract traffic, and be successful. Many have downloaded SEO plugins and all sorts of software to help them in that venture. If you've been struggling with the same issues, you might like SECockpit.

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Keyword research is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. This is why businesses invest in tools and plugins that are specifically designed to do just that. It's because keyword research isn't an easy task. Finding the right words to associate with your site for it to show up when someone does a search requires strategy and a whole lot of work. So when you search for SEO tools, you will find tons of them available at your fingertips. One crowd favorite is SECockpit.

Why SECockpit?

No installation needed. SECockpit is a web-based keyword research tools so no matter what operating system or browser you use, you can bet that the program will work.

It's fast. The platform runs in the cloud. This means that it can process information quickly; returning up to 200 processed and analyzed keywords per minute. SwissMadeMarketing, the company that created SECockpit, claims that this is due to the fact that it runs independently of your processor and internet speed.

You don't need other accounts. Say goodbye to Google AdWords, Moz, and other similar tools. You can do that and more here.

It doesn't just analyze what consumers want. They will give you a report and recommendations on the type of keywords you can use for better rankings. But they also tell you which ones can cause a problem and which ones aren't generating enough traffic and should be dropped.

Find AdWords. This is a great feature that tells you which ones have the greatest earning potential and have less competition. You also get an analysis of 10 sites that are currently leading when it comes to a particular keyword.

Work on the go. You can download their app on the AppStore and never miss a beat.

Get guidance. If you end up feeling a little lost in the overwhelming world of search engine optimization, find your way back easily because SECockpit helps you keep track of your activities and even provide you with a to-do list.

Receive comprehensive reports. SECockpit will give you a full analysis of your competition for all your included keywords.

Detailed training materials. Figure your way around the program with helpful tutorial videos and training manuals.


Getting Started

There are three steps for you to get the software:

Step 1: Choose your plan.

Select between their monthly and yearly payment plans. The latter will help you save up to 40%. Figure out which one works best for you from the table below.

Personal Pro Agency
$40 per month / $339 per year $80 per month / 599 per year $120 per month / $899 per year
10 keyword searches per day 50 keyword searches per day Unlimited keyword searches per day
800 results per search 10, 000 results per search 10, 000 results per search
20 Step by Step SEO Task Projects Unlimited Step by Step SEO Task Projects
Special Bonus: RankTracker Special Bonus: RankTracker
50 Daily Tracked Keywords 100 Daily Tracked Keywords


All these plans include Keyword Ideas via Google AdWords and a 30-day money back guarantee. The Pro and Agency Plans share the following:

  • Keyword Ideas via Google Suggest and Google Related Searches
  • Keyword Ideas via Amazon and YouTube suggest
  • Ranking for desktop and mobile
  • Ranking for all countries and languages


Step 2: Fill Out Billing Info

SECockpit lets you pay via credit card and PayPal. Once you've chosen a plan, enter the required information and make your purchase. Consider the Pro and Agency plans to get RankTracker, worth $99, for free.

Step 3: Receive Email Confirmation

Congratulations! You've just begun your journey towards a better business. Many SEO managers and consultants have praised this program for its speed, easy of use, and features. It's a solid tool for keyword research and is well- received by many who are serious about this industry.

SECockpit offers you a free keyword report and free training on their website. You will also see customer reviews and case studies that you can check. It's a little pricey, but it performs well enough for you to be able to say that it's worth it.


  • No installation.
  • Fast processing.
  • Keeps track of campaigns and backlinks.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Provides low competition words.


  • Costly

SECockpit has great reviews. It's been recommended, given 5 stars, and called a must try in several different review sites. Try it out for yourself.

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