Really Simple Systems: Does It Live Up To Its Name?

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Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) know the struggle of choosing a CRM software that fits their business best. There are so many out there that it gets overwhelming. But choosing one called Really Simple Systems just feels like a great software for any business owner to begin with. But is it really as simple as it lets you believe? Being called the best CRM for small and medium sized businesses seems like a good start to finding out.

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Really Simple Systems

Online entrepreneurs need an efficient way to keep track of their sales, improve their sales, and stay in touch with their customers to build brand loyalty. Not having a CRM to help you achieve that, while possible, can become taxing. The chance that you could slip up and lose track of some things is also greater without a CRM. So while financially committing to a new and unfamiliar product can be daunting, it's much better than the alternative of your business not reaching its true potential. Let us help you by making this process less stressful with a detailed review of one of the most popular CRM software available: Really Simple Systems.

Signing up is simple. You just need to give your email address, and they'll email your credentials. Start accessing your new web-based cloud CRM software from any browser you prefer.

Really Simple System - Hosted CRM System


The main dashboard displays an overview of your pending tasks; sales funnel, opportunity, as well as your forecast summary. You'll find the beginner's guide, contact info, and bulletin on public holidays there as well. The panel looks neat having just the one menu bar on the side. You can access all the main menus and find information for each item organized in a well thought out way. It consists of several themes to choose from to keep things fresh, and it's very easy to use.

Really Simple Systems - Customer Service Desk


At the top right of your workspace, you'll see the three main areas of concern: sales, marketing, and customer care. You will only see sales, but the drop down will reveal the other two and redirect you to its page once you click one. See all of your customers and prospects in a well-kept two-tier data structure. Find the companies and organizations on Accounts and their staff on Contacts. All of the information is in one comprehensive page.

Really Simple Systems - Integrated Email Marketing


RSS will also track all of your deals, those who have potential, and those that you've closed. Your team will be able to see this and help you figure out which ones to prioritize. You can check the Tasks tab for your pending list of to-dos with ease. However, these tasks are viewed in a list instead of a calendar, which would have been better. You also can't add new tasks from the tab.

You can customize the layout and your menus to fit your needs. All of the main menu items like Account, Contact, Activity, Task, and Opportunity can be edited so you can customize a field. If you have some tools that you frequently use in your business like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, KashFlow, and Sage One, you can integrate them with RSS. And you don't have to worry about missing out when you need to step out of the office because the software can be opened in your phone's browser.

The software provides lots of reports to help you get a better insight into your business' performance as well as that of your marketing campaigns. The latter you can do along with integrated mass emailing. You can import and download data, manage documents, manage users, and so many others. Some of those handy options are only given to executives to control.

They have a free plan forever if you only need limited features. But, if have more needs for your business then click here to see their Full Price Plan.

All in all, Really Simple Systems is, indeed, really simple. Simple to use for those with simple needs, at a simple price, offered in a simple plan.


  • It's free forever!
  • User- friendly
  • Clean and easy to understand interface
  • Customizable tools
  • Gets the job done.


  • Needs more integrations

Download the free version of Really Simple Systems and discover how uncomplicated CRM can be.

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