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Raven Tools is an SEO toolbox that lets users research, track, analyze and optimize their SEO campaigns. A completely web-based compilation of tools, any user can log in, use and work anytime and anywhere. The biggest hassle with using other SEO tools is the multiple user interfaces that you have to work with in order to get the data that you need to increase the performance of your campaign. Raven Tools has changed all that.

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Do you want an SEO platform that has all the tools you need to launch and manage your marketing campaigns? Most certainly. It is very time-consuming to work with several tools and platforms just to optimize each campaign and make sure your clients always have the edge over their competitors. Raven Tools works perfectly for small business owners and beginners in the field.

The first thing I noticed and fully appreciated with Raven Tool is the user dashboard that is so user-friendly, slick and easy to use. Most beneficial for newbies, there is a short description of what the tools are all about in each tool interface. As an online marketer working with more than 10 clients, I enjoy being able to track up to 20 projects at a time.


The Raven team, just like most online marketing agencies, started out as subscribers of the same tools that you and your team may be using right now and the same tools that I used before I subscribed to Raven Tools. With tons of spreadsheets, countless tabs on tools from different providers, and slumped in long hours of work just to create reports or my clients, I had to look for an all in one platform. The team behind the tools realized the same thing, but they are the ones who started making a difference. With enough skilled online marketers and developers, they created solutions to these problems and shared it to the word. Which is why you are here, reading this article.

What does Raven Tools bring?

You know you are delivering work with a "job well done" seal if you are using Raven Tools. Top-Quality reports done in the shortest possible time is something you would appreciate right off the bat. This platform is all about giving value to one of the most expensive commodities in online marketing - time. You will feel that the platform itself shows a sense of urgency to help you finish your work not just on time, but at the shortest time possible.

The Raven team's goal of creating tools that are simple and easy to use with powerful reporting capabilities will help you gain higher productivity. Furthermore, you know that you are producing and relaying the most insightful and robust reports to your clientele.

The way I see it, these tools have been built based on common online marketing needs and struggles. What the Raven team did that most service providers failed to do is to listen to customer feedback over the years.


Online Marketing

Reports Comprehensive Online Marketing Reports - Impress your clients with robust marketing reports that show what they need to succeed. Raven Tools' Reporting Engine helps you create reports with a combination of SEO, AdWords PPC, and social media data in just a matter of minutes. How? Through a drag and drop feature that makes you feel it's playtime.

Create Online Marketing Reports on the Go - At any point in time, you can check the status of your campaigns and check which is moving up or heading on a downward spiral. Prevention is better than cure, and it pays to know. If you want to relay the good news to your clients while you are on the go, all it takes is a mobile data connection and a few clicks to share the HTML link or PDF attachment.

Generate Leads and Amaze Prospects - How can you amaze your clients? By being able to show them how they are performing side by side with their competitors. Your clients hired you to tell them how they can maintain a competitive edge against other businesses. The information that you can provide will look like you spend countless productive hours just to show them what they need to know.

Get Reports Automatically and on the Dot - Are you tired of churning monthly reports? Raven Tools resolves that with scheduled regular reports that you can setup in just a matter of a few clicks. Customize your schedule and get daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the dot without you exerting any further effort.


SEO Tools

Dive Deep into SEO Campaigns - Through integrated software, you can easily set baseline goals and design a roadmap or strategy. Run crawls to check how your website fares compared to competitors. With an interactive to-do list, Raven Tools' SEO software provides an interactive to-do list that helps you achieve what you need to do with precision and pin point accuracy.

Search Engines Reports at Your Hand - If your clients are expecting rankings, then giving them authorized data is as easy as a couple of clicks. Raven Tools' SEO software gives you access to organic keyword ranking data right out of top search engines Bing and Google. With access to impressions and click through rates, you have the capability to target high-value keywords for a sure bet on your SEO campaign. Benchmark your data and show your clients how they progress over time as you run your campaign with the best keyword choices.

Link Building Tools that Give you All - Research Central is Raven Tools' heavy duty link builder that helps you find quality websites for the most effective connections. Furthermore, you can uncover robust backlink data in minutes to determine why your competitors rank better than you. Again, you have everything you need for link building.

SEO Website Auditor

Fix SEO Issues and Track Your Progress - Site Auditor helps you understand all of the issues that you are facing without going over codes and all the technical stuff that only developers know. Learn which issues to fix based on comprehensive audit reports and set regular crawls to keep track of your progress if there is any.

Summary Report - Right out off the bat, you will see the overall SEO health of your websites in the Site Auditor summary. Site Auditor is a big help because it shows specific details about which part needs your focus and why like nofollow links, broken links, missing Google Analytics codes and many more. Also, you can check the technical issues of other websites to learn from their mistakes as well as best practices.

Social Media Reporting Tools

Create Social Campaign Reports in Minutes - Gone are the days when you still have to send hours creating social campaign reports. As I said earlier, the Raven team values our time. You can schedule and automate your social media reports in no time. Unlike before when you need to spend countless hours, with Raven Tools, you can easily dive deep into a network's data and overall progress in just minutes.

Track Multiple Social Accounts - If you are managing several social networks, then it means you are used to spending long hours tracking them. That is a thing of the past. With Raven Tools, you can consolidate, organize, and track data from various networks without the danger of mixing things up because everything can be automated.

Report Metrics that Matter - Make sure that your reports are filled only with data that matter. Make sure that your clients or manager understands which are relevant and which are not.


Anyone who is running SEO campaigns hands on can benefit from Raven Tools. Whether you are a working for an agency, running your own agency or part of an SEO team, Raven Tools helps you get the job done. If time is valuable to you and you want to increase productivity over time, then this all in one platform is the answer to your concerns. Gone are the days when you have to toggle between tools and compile reports from different providers.


With all of the features that we have talked about, here are the main benefits that I enjoy from Raven Tools.

Excellent Keyword Research - Pulling robust data from several reliable sources such as Adwords, OpenCalais' Alchemy, and SEOmoz, you can expect reliable results that you can use for your content.

Comprehensive Dashboard - Having all of the tools that you need in one comprehensive dashboard saves you a lot of time and effort.

Competitive Analysis - Know where you stand compared to your competitors with the Raven Tools Research tab. Look at competing sites and focus on their structure, keyword targets, and overall quality of their SEO campaign.

Easy Reports - Raven Tools offer convenient dashboards that let you compile data and automate reports. Maximize your time and easily create reports for more productive workdays.

Help and Support - Enjoy quality customer service and top of the line technical support from a highly trained team of specialists. Also, get the information that you need from blogs and FAQs that are readily accessible online.


There are two pricing points that you can choose from depending on the workload that you need. Whether you are part of a team or running an agency, you can get the right features at the right price.

Pro Agency
$99/mo $249/mo
Perfect for marketing consultants and small agencies. If you have outgrown free tools and need to automate tedious tasks like reports, this plan is for you. Perfect for midsize agencies and larger teams. If you manage many clients already — and want better business development reports — this is the plan for you.
4 users Unlimited users
Unlimited marketing campaigns Unlimited marketing campaigns
Unlimited website audits, up to 10,000 pages per day Unlimited website audits, up to 10,000 pages per day
Unlimited automated, branded reports Unlimited automated, branded reports
Free email-based help and training Free email-based help and training


  • Lets you create reports in no time
  • Keyword research tool that helps you stay competitive
  • Grab competitor data to know where you stand and how they are performing
  • Top notch help and support ready to assist you anytime
  • Comprehensive dashboard that has all of the tools that you need to use


  • There are no annual discounts as you pay month to month

If you value time and productivity and are fed up with compiling reports daily, then Raven Tools is the best all in one SEO platform for you. Try it now.

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