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To boost your rankings and supplement your SEO campaign, you can try working on your own blog network. With hundreds of blogs whose posts are backlinked to your site, you are sure to get better rankings in SERPS. But running our own network can be complicated and needs a lot of attention. Which is why using an automated blogging software like RankWyz might be good a business decision for you.

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A blog network when properly handled and setup can be a powerful tool for your niche site. With a private blog network, you can direct high authority backlinks to your site, control the content around backlinks, have the ability to control the anchor text and conduct tests with ease.

But imagine all the work that you need to accomplish if you are going to manage multiple blogs on top of your niche site. Logistically, 24 hours a day wouldn't be enough if you want to maintain quality blogs. Hiring people may not be cost efficient.

When I first heard about blog networks, my first question was how I would be able to manage everything while keeping my blogs legit?

This question was answered by RankWyz.


RankWyz was created by Pavel Kovalev in Canada back in March 2012. The web-based software was designed to help bloggers, online marketers, and webmasters with a lot of blogs or backlinking strategies. It is an SEO automation tool that lets you manage a network of blogs, web 2.0 sites, and social accounts. The software's main function is to create a massive network for tier 1 and 2 linking purposes.

It is the quickest and most affordable way to build your own network. With the ability to post to 100+ different blogs like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger, you can create numerous backlinks to your niche site to increase its ranking in Google and other search engines.

Upon subscribing, you can start buying blog accounts for as low as thirty cents each. After that, you can start posting your regular articles and use the RankWyz to automatically post to these blogs. If you need help writing articles, RankWyz integrates with ArticleBuilder.net.

Rankwyz lets you reach millions of readers, improve your search engine ranking, recover from penalties, automatically post to 100+ sites, and schedule your submissions.



RankWyz takes a lot of load off your shoulders in terms of managing your network of blogs, social accounts, and web 2.0 sites. Here are its main features

Site Monitoring

Through the account dashboard, you can see your overall performance for your projects, posting stats and account usage metrics. You can stay on top of all things happening such as SEO metrics updates, site downtime, traffic alerts, major updates, competitor performance and more.

What you see in the dashboard is not just basic stats but a comprehensive site summary. You can immediately check out if any monitored data has changed or view historical stats. You can even add your competitor to let RankWyz monitor their metrics so you can compare your progress.

Some other things you can do in the dashboard are

  • monitor backlinks
  • monitor uptime
  • view aggregated SEO metrics
  • advanced monitoring of SEO profile

PBN Manager

The PBN dashboard has centralized information from your networks such as updates, alerts, comments, views and posts. You do not have to log in to each blog to manage them. With the dashboard, you can manage all of your blogs in a central location.

Another benefit is the ease of staying up to date with remote plugins and themes. You can click ignore or remote update for each of your blog as listed on the dashboard.

Maintaining a whole network of blogs, your main priority is to secure your data. You do not have to worry about data loss and security as your whole network is backed up daily automatically and stored in a secured server. You can download your backup, delete it, restore your pages all in just one click.

And one more management issue that you would surely love to resolve is to review both your comments and your posts. With RankWyz, you can do all of this from the PBN manager and be free from the hassle of going from blog to blog.

Content Syndication

For content syndication, there is an integrated content server responsible for building and extracting articles for your network. Aside from creating the content, you can automatically translate your post to over 35 languages.

You also have the option to integrate with the leading spinner services such as TheBestSpinner, WordAI, ChimpWriter and SpinWriter at no additional cost.

If you are writing your own material, but you feel like improving it, you can use the RankWyz Rewriter to handpick synonyms and do other functions that you feel would make your content better. Through KontentMachine, you can download hundreds of ready to use articles

Posting Management

With Posting Management, you can configure your schedule of posts to your blogs, web 2 sites, and social accounts. By scheduling your posts, you can spread your backlinks out over a period of time. Through drip feeding across your network, you are raising the ranking of your niche site while evading the Google spider which hunts for unnatural links.

Through the RankWyzWP Plugin, you can send the URLs of your new posts in your WordPress blogs to your RankWyz account and start a multi-tier drip fed syndication of these links to your blogs across your network.

Rank Tracking

Whatever the number of blogs you have, you can easily add hundreds of relevant keywords and track ranking positions in bulk to increase the authority of your blogs.

With Rank tracking, you can view and track the progress of your SEO experiments and even compare the changes over time to check for progress. You can also view individual positions for every blog in your network and all ranking keywords.


There are a lot of functions that you can configure to run automatically for easier network management. Here are some of them

  • Network Auto-Maintenance - configure your network for auto-cleanup and auto-healing
  • Integrated Bulk Indexing - send link URLs to link vault for long-term storage and checking
  • Support Custom Proxies - you can use your own proxies for posting
  • Dynamic Blog Groups - set up posting to your group for authority building activities
  • Backlinks Boosting - automatically send newly configured backlinks to your RankWyz account.



Through RankWyz, you can properly utilize your blog network to make your niche site rank higher without spending most of your time managing your network. Your network, after all, is just one of many SEO campaigns that you need to run. Anyone who is maintaining a website, or group of websites and wants to greatly improve their rankings should consider using a blog network and have it managed by RankWyz.


With this automated blogging software, you can manage an unlimited number of blogs and social accounts to increase your niche site's rankings. With a niche site supported by a network of backlinks, you are sure to reach high rankings. Here is a list of some of the benefits of RankWyz:

  • easily post on all of your blogs through automated functions
  • buy and build blogs and web 2.0 sites
  • easily fill your blogs with content and media
  • create contextual links
  • schedule posts for drip feeding
  • track your rankings


You can try the service for free but with a limited service. Click here to see the comprehensive list of the current plans and prices of RankWyz.


  • free trial for 30 days
  • unlimited blogs and bookmarking accounts with all price plans
  • extra free blogs
  • 100+ integrated blogging sites for all price plans 100+ integrated social bookmarking sites for all price plans


  • limited instructions and tutorials for self-learning

If you are looking to boost your SEO campaign and increase your ranking in Google and other search engines, then try RankWyz for free for 30 days and see what a blog network can do for you.

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