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There is no other social media channel that can let your business reach over a billion people. You have a lot of opportunities to target exactly the demographic you need for your business. Furthermore, it lets you have direct communication with your customers. This is why any business, whether big or small, should advertise on Facebook. The main challenge though for business owners is the amount of time needed to successfully run an ad campaign. That's what Qwaya is for.

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Needless to say, Facebook is the largest social network in the globe, and it is growing at an astounding rate every day. Most of your customers are checking their Facebook accounts at least once a day which makes the platform a suitable medium for digital marketing. Facebook ads can be highly profitable if done the right way.

Just like any other advertising campaign, there are pitfalls that you may encounter. If you want to seamlessly run your ad campaign and be free from the burdens of legwork, better rely on a system like Qwaya.

What is Qwaya?

Qwaya is a powerful tool for business owners and marketers who want to save time while increasing productivity and performance when working with Facebook ad campaigns.

This tool can help you create, publish, track, optimize and organize any Facebook ad types with more usability and sophistication than what Facebook provides with its in-house tools.

Learn the basics up to the best practices of Facebook advertising. With Qwaya, you will get educated on creating and designing ads that will greatly attract clicks. You will also learn how to make your ads perform better through optimization and segmentation.

Aside from the basics and certain strategies, you will also learn the costs of advertising on Facebook so that you have proper expectations on how much you should be spending. Be effective with social media advertising while keeping everything within your budget.

Furthermore, you can learn what other small businesses did to successfully market themselves on Facebook. With Qwaya, you can help streamline your social marketing campaigns for more profitability.

Features of Qwaya

Ads A/B-testing – Find out the best performing combinations of image and text for your ads by testing all variations in one go. Qwaya will let you test various ad types and placements like NewsFeed Ads and Mobile App Ads.

Qwaya - Audience A/B Testing


Audience A/B-testing – Aside from testing your ads, you can also find out which among your audiences are effective for your ads. Learn more about your audience and get side by side granular comparisons.

Automatic creation of campaign – Keep things organized with this feature as each ad is automatically placed into a campaign and ad set folder upon publishing.

Scheduling – You can schedule your campaigns on certain days of the week or time of the day. With the scheduling feature, you can increase your ROI by running ads exactly during times that your target customers are willing to buy.

Rules and Parameters – Set rules based on parameters that are met, like pausing the whole campaign if CPC is more than $10.

Ad Rotation – Give your audience something fresh to see. Rotate your ads in an ad set so that you can expect maximum exposure for each.

URL Builder – Add tracking URLs automatically to your ads every time you publish. You have the option to add tracking URLs based on Google Analytics, or you can create custom tracking URLs

Qwaya - Google Analytics Integration


Google Analytics Integration – With this feature, you can see the number of goals each ad campaign reaches and simply put, you can track and analyze the results of your ad campaigns. It makes it easier to get a picture of your actual performance and where you need to make improvements.

Bulk Ad Creation – This feature lets you put in various titles, body texts, and images and combines them in different ways to create unique ads in bulk. It is somewhat similar to article spinning.

Folders and Organization – Get a structured view of things by placing ads and templates on dedicated folders to stay organized and save time. You can create, save your work and use it for later without having the need to put the ads directly on Facebook. Save ads as well as target audiences so that you have something to reuse and edit in future campaigns.

Graphical Reports – Get an overview of how your campaign is doing and spot trends to optimize your ROI. With graphical reports, you can easily drill down from campaign to ad level graphs helping you identify successful and failing strategies.

Qwaya - Graphical Reporting


Exporting – Export graphs and other campaign data to Excel for custom reporting. You can choose between xlsx or CSV formats.

Multi User – No more sharing of account log-ins and passwords. Create multi users by adding co-workers to collaborate with and share assets.

Training – All plans include free webinar training that will show you the ropes from start to finish. To get started, there is a complete guide that covers:

  • Getting started
  • Ad creation process
  • Managing campaigns and ads
  • Automation features
  • Conversion tracking
  • Reporting

But who benefits the most from Facebook marketing?

Almost all business types are now using Facebook for marketing purposes but those who benefit from this social media giant the most are small, traditional retailers.

Small businesses benefit the most because they offer unique products and services to smaller niches which are what Facebook is perfect for. By providing a venue for personal communication, it lets small business owners target the exact audience they need.

Another reason why Facebook marketing works best for small businesses is it doesn’t need a whole IT department or marketing department to run. It puts your business on the same playing field as the large corporations while not demanding tons of resources from you. This tool is perfect for small and mid-sized business with a tight advertising budget.

Using Qwaya for Business Advertising

Facebook lets businesses find the exact target audience for their product. When you know who your customers are, it is easier to communicate and provide the right product to the right audience.

Qwaya is a powerful tool that you can use in business marketing on Facebook. With it you can drive traffic to your website or advertise your fan page. Ads are easy to create with a user-friendly interface. You can have a clear idea of what your costs are and get reports of your advertising results. Setting up Facebook campaigns is easy with a complete user guide and live-chat service.

  • Powerful, user-friendly, and affordable tool for making the most out of Facebook ads
  • Quick and easy registration in less than one minute
  • Get news, updates, and tips on successful marketing campaigns through a dedicated blog maintained by the Qwaya team
  • Ad Scheduling allows you to pause and activate ads automatically which saves you time and lets you focus more on other marketing activities
  • Support is provided via multiple channels – email, skype, live chat and form filling
  • Get expert advice on how to bring out the best from your social marketing campaigns and how you can use Qwaya tools to reach your business goals
  • Plain, simple and clean site navigation
  • Ads are easy to organize, store and reuse with folders
  • Maximize your campaign’s performance with split testing
  • Plug and play interaction with Google Analytics
  • Free training sessions with webinars

Pricing Point

Before trying out any of the available plans, you can start with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. After which, you can choose from any of the three packages which would suit your business needs.

Premium Business Agency
$149 per month $249 per month $349 per month
1 user 5 user 10 user
Unlimited ads Unlimited ads Unlimited ads
Unlimited Facebook users Unlimited Facebook users Unlimited Facebook users


  • Easy ad creation
  • Create ads in bulk
  • Easy organization of ads in folders
  • A/B Split testing drives better performance
  • Bulk ad creation saves a lot of time


  • The price for the premium package would be better if it was lower especially for small business maintaining a lot of other online subcsriptions

If you want to make effective ads, drive traffic to your website and continuously improve your ad campaign, then click here to start your free trial with Qwaya.

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