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Online marketing has many facets. One of which is Facebook marketing through a free fan page. A common concern of most website and business owners is that fan pages are tedious to maintain and entails a lot of productive hours. This is the reason why some business owners back away from the idea. Good thing there are tools like Qilio which is meant to make fan page management easier.

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Despite the benefits that maintaining a Facebook fan page has for online marketing, a lot of marketers have neglected to supplement their ongoing campaigns with it. Why? its because they see it as another time-consuming task. Here are the common challenges of business owners and marketers alike:

  • The time and effort needed in managing several fan pages
  • Determine what is in and what works for your fans
  • Manage the whole process

Indeed, managing one Facebook fan page alone takes a lot of productive hours so imagine needing to manage several. When I faced the same scenario, I looked for a solution that can work better than having an assistant. That is what Qilio is.


Qilio all-in-one


Qilio is a Facebook suite that caters to the concern of time management and many other struggles of managing a Facebook fan page. By automating FB fan page updates, online marketers and website owners alike do not have to spend valuable time managing their FB pages manually. Aside from scheduled posts, Qilio is an all in one solution for managing your FB account with an extensive list of features that would make you feel as if you have a virtual assistant. It is a viable substitute for expensive Facebook ads which saves your business a lot of money while getting the same results.


Your content needs to be engaging if you want to improve your organic reach. Which is why it is important that your Facebook management software can help you find news quickly, post stellar information as often as possible, make posts on a regular basis and keep you updated with what is trending.

Qilio create posts

For content to be engaging, it needs to focus on what the market wants to see or read about. People turn to Facebook for news updates, for the weather report, for showbiz gossip, for movies and for many more topics that require real-time monitoring.

Why do people turn to Facebook? Because it is easy to use and everyone knows that everybody else is using it. This is where people turn to look for content easily. Which is why, with the same case in Google, content is King of Facebook.

Great content means you get more free exposure and fewer expenses. Plus you get to reach a wider audience.


Let us start with who needs an online presence. Businesses need an online presence. The online market is so huge tapping into it the right way can yield highly profitable results. Because of this need, establishing a Facebook fan page therefore is a necessity.

Qilio Users


This means anyone, who is managing a website may it be an online shop, a blog, an online resource, a service portal or any other service or product providing site, needs a Facebook account.

Anyone who uses Facebook for business needs an automation software because we all know how time-consuming it is to manage posts.


Research tools that help you create engaging content - Qilio allows you to use a wide range of research tools to post quality content. With built-in libraries, you can generate instant content that improves site engagement.

Automation - Plan ahead and save yourself the trouble of posting everyday. You can schedule a week or even up to a month's worth of quality content for your pages. With an easy to use interface, scheduling is fun and easy.

Post Analytics - By knowing which posts perform and which do not, you can boost your fan page's reach. If your ad campaigns fail, let them fail quickly and move on with what can be more profitable.

Qilio Analytics


All in One Place - You can build, automate and even scale up. With Qilio, making fan pages is quick and easy. Imagine how difficult it is without automation.

Holiday Calendar Popup - Running out of topics to post? With the Holiday Pop-up calendar, you have a list of ideas from every popular international and national holiday. Keep your fan page relevant and post what everyone can relate to. Take advantage of holidays as these are days that people spend a lot of time on Facebook.

Post To Multiple Fan Pages - You can post to multiple or even all of your pages at the same time. Qilio understands that there are people who manage a whole lot of pages and with this feature, you can save countless hours going through each page to post your content.

Home Page Dashboard - The user interface is designed for easy navigation. In online marketing, time is of the essence, and the easier a software is to use, the more valuable it is to the user. Compared to other related software, the user interface of Qilio can be used by anyone who knows how to surf or send emails.

Built-in RSS Feed Reader To Group Feeds - The built in RSS feeder provides unique content for each and every fan page that you are managing.

Post Templates - Use any of the twenty-plus pre-made posts that include a catchy call-to-actions that are geared to promote your brand, product or services.

Top Fifteen Trending Google Topics - You get feeds of trending topics, so you always get a scoop of what's hot and what people want to talk about. The key to a successful fan page is the relevance of content.

Smileys And Special Objects Library - Facebook is one of the most exciting, colorful and object filled platforms. You can never be boring with your page if you want it to be successful. With a huge library of smileys and special objects, you can spruce up your posts without effort.

Image Background Library - It is all about design. With access to attention-grabbing and catchy backgrounds for quotes, coupons, memes and calls to action, Your post will never be boring and will always be original.

Image Editor Module - Create custom image posts with this powerful module. You can crop, rotate, add various filter effects, blur, and pretty much use the same effects that Photoshop has.

Video Posts Module - Videos carry a lot more information compared to written content. With this module, you can create video posts by selecting from online channels video feeds or search using keywords. You even have the option to include your own YouTube channels.



You can get Qilio for $37.


  • Find sources of content easily
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Schedule video posts from the video module
  • Create and edit engaging images easily
  • Review your page's performance through the analytics module


  • customer support turn around time is a bit slow

A Facebook fan page is one of the most useful platforms in online marketing. Most online marketers would agree that when used properly, it can generate significant profit. If you are interested, click here to find out more of what Qilio has to offer.

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