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Taking your business to the next level is a challenge that some people are ready to take by the horns. But most are hold the red cloth and shut their eyes hoping for the best. Don't be the latter and find out what you can do to better your business and if what you're doing is succeeding. Get all the answers by getting ClickMagick.

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There are many entrepreneurs that have succeeded because they decided to do and figure things out on their own. That's an admirable trait to have, for sure. So having to track things, test things, and have software or people tell you how you're doing and what you should might leave a bad taste in your mouth. But trust me, it's something you should very well pursue.

Some tracking software tends to be incredibly complex, and if you're the type of person I mentioned above, then you could get even more discouraged. But it doesn't have to be. ClickMagick is just as powerful and packed with features minus the headache of trying to figure out how to use and understand the results of what you've done.

You need it because you need to know whether or not your current marketing methods are working. ClickMagick can help you answer that as well as identify which particular method works best. This, in turn, tracks your sales and helps you move things around; replace and retarget your efforts to increase sales. You can also customize your offers to target people based on their geo- locations.


Automatic Split- Test Winner

ClickMagick - Split Test Winner Alerts


This feature is an absolute lifesaver. I used to read about and do split tests while still feeling a little lost because, well, how do you know when to stop? Having ClickMagick figure it out and do it for you is amazing.

Money Layer Technology: The MagickPop

ClickMagick - The MagickPop


You get five different types of pop ups to fulfill all of your pop up needs. You can do exit pops, redirects, delayed on any site you want. Earn more by promoting your product, service, offer, event, discount, and others.

Money Layer Technology: Countdowns

How panic- ey do you feel when you're being counted down? Use that human reaction to increase your conversion rates. You can use it for affiliate promotions, I've been told it bodes well for affiliates.

Money Layer Technology: The MagickBar

ClickMagick - MagickBar


Add your custom notification bar to any website that you want. Your content could be a countdown timer, mixing it up with item #3, or opt-in forms, or any other thing you want.

Advanced Retargeting

It does what it says on the name. ClickMagick finds the areas that will give you better exposure and drastically improve your conversions.

Dynamic Affiliate Links

Go away with affiliate sales pages that are absolutely generic. Do affiliate marketing your way and send your visitors to wherever you want while still earning a commission.

Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis

ClickMagick has Traffic Quality Score which is assigned to all of your tracking links. This will help you identify which links are working and which ones are a waste.

Content Locking

You're basically creating gated content to encourage people on your list to subscribe or complete a certain action.

24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring

This is one of the simplest ways you can assure that you're not wasting the money that you spent to advertise what it is you're advertising. Have ClickMagick monitor your links and send you messages whenever a site goes down, or something's awry.

Automatic Bot Filtering

ClickMagick isn't some easy, scammy thing that deludes you into thinking you can get rich quick with its software. And it stays true to what it is by filtering out bot clicks that can mess with the integrity and accuracy of your stats.

Geo and Mobile Targeting

Optimize your traffic for higher conversions by assigning different pages and sending visitors there depending on where they're surfing from. The "from" includes both country and device being used to browse your site.

FB and Google Analytics Compatible

ClickMagick integrates with both of them seamlessly. It's important for your business to build its audience and figure out it's standing.

Simplicity, Ease- Of- Use, Reliability & Speed

The software is 100% web- based. This means no installations, no delays, no money wasted on extra tools to help you work better. This makes processing incredibly fast.

ClickMagick also offers many tools to help you boost your sales and understand your business better. With 14-day tracking and extensive reports, you're sure to make better and more- informed decisions. Sure you can use analytics with Google Analytics too, but you won't get reports as detailed nor as easy to understand and use as ClickMagick.

You can start their 14-day free trial, which is available for all of their accounts. There are monthly options but, you save up to 30% on a yearly plan. The latter offers their Starter Plan at $12 per month paid annually. It includes Basic Level 1 support, up to 10,000 clicks per month, two customer tracking domains, 6-month data retention and more. Their next and the most popular plan is the Standard Plan for $33; same terms. Get Standard Level 2 support, 100,000 clicks per month, ten custom tracking domains, and 1-year data retention. For $66 per month billed annually, their Pro Plan will get you Unlimited Level 3 support, 1,000,000 clicks per month, unlimited customer domains, and 2-year data retention.


  • User friendly
  • Automatically traffics quality analysis score.
  • Feature- rich
  • Gets the job done


  • Need constant internet connection to work

If you feel like your business is in dire need of getting busted into shape, give ClickMagick a try. It's easy to understand, feature rich, and their 14 day free trial is an incredible help in assisting you with your choices.

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