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As someone from sales, the best mode of communication between you and your prospective clients is still via email. What every sales person wants to do is know when their emails are opened and who among their clients are clicking on the links. Having this knowledge would let you close deals faster with timely and appropriate follow-ups because you wouldn’t be relying on blind guesses and hit or miss emails. That’s what Yesware is all about.

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Yesware is an email productivity service that covers real-time email tracking, presentation and tracking analytics, customizable templates for email creation, and CRM integration to help salespeople communicate more efficiently with their clients. It allows users to see whether their emails are opened and which customers click the links. It works as a browser extension or plugin for Chrome and Mozilla and functions under your existing email client.

Currently, Yesware supports 700,000 clients, and some noteworthy names are IBM, Zendesk, Groupon, eBay, AdRoll and New Relic.

How does Yesware Work?

Similar to other email newsletter services, Yesware uses a tracking pixel embedded in the message. It is designed this way so that salespeople can focus on one-on-one communication because it lets them know the exact moment when people are opening their messages. As a user, you will get notifications or popups showing if someone opened your email and what device they are using.

Prescriptive Analytics for Better Decisions


Yesware provides you data that shows what happened and what you should do next through prescriptive analytics. With a data-driven approach, you can determine who among your prospects are highly engaged and most likely to close.

Through Yesware’s activity and engagement report, you can see who among your prospects are still engaged so that you can keep pursuing them. In short, you won’t be wasting time on prospects that are unlikely to buy.

As a manager of a sales team, you get one-on-one reports on your rep’s email, phone and meeting activities in a month to date basis. It gives way to proper coaching and corrective measures to improve everyone’s performance.

Through the user activity dashboards, you can see how each rep is performing and pinpoint what drives their success to setup a system of best practices for everyone’s benefit.

Who should use Yesware?

A huge part of every salesperson’s day to day tasks is sending emails, and mostly, these emails are never read nor acted upon. Yesware is the perfect tool for all types of salespeople such as sales representatives, sales partners, account executives, sales managers, business development officers, managers, directors, VPs or even independent salespersons. Most tools can be used on either a personal or team level and helps users in making data-driven decisions to greatly improve sales.

Yesware Features

  1. Email Tracking – This is the main feature of Yesware which lets you know what happens to your emails after sending them. You can track open, and reply rates, link clicks, presentation views, and attachment opens. With valuable information at hand, you can send the best possible message at every point in your sales cycle.


  1. CRM Integration – You can keep track of your outbound messages by syncing them to your CRM. Here are the major CRMs that you can integrate with Yesware
    1. Salesforce
    2. Base
    3. Batchbook
    4. SugarCRM
    5. Pipedrive
    6. Highrise
    7. Relenta
    8. Capsule
    9. Nutshell
    10. Zoho
    11. Nimble
    12. Netsuite
  2. Salesforce Gmail Integration – Yesware works best with Salesforce in terms of integrating functionalities. Salesforce directly syncs with the Custom and Enterprise packages, all activity data on every sales email gets automatically logged in real-time which allows you to track email performance. All your Google Calendar events also directly sync with Salesforce and vice versa which means less manual data entry for appointment setting and other activities.
  3. Click to Call – This is a softphone feature available in Enterprise accounts that let you place a call right from your inbox. All of the discussion notes automatically sync with Salesforce. Yesware also matches phone numbers from Salesforce to the contact’s email address.


  1. Yesware Mail Merge – You can setup email drip campaigns to keep your salable prospects engaged and maximize follow-ups without missing a single opportunity. This feature merges templates with information customized to each recipient such as contact names, company names, dates, etc., showing that you have done your homework and you are not playing a hit or miss game with them. Tracked emails to different recipients are sent through your Gmail account allowing you to reply directly from your email.
  2. Easy to use Reporting – All reports are built on a personal and team level giving you a clear insight on your sales process as well as the individual performance of your reps. The reporting suite of tools include:
    1. Tracking report –Shows details on your outbound prospecting performance with graphs that indicate sent emails, tracked emails, and open/reply/click statistics. You can filter your tracking history on a personal or team level to see a full history of communications with each prospect.
    2. Activity Report –This gives you an overview of all of your activities summarized in a simple graph to help you understand where you are focusing your efforts. The personal version shows the number of emails that you have sent for the past 30 days, a number of templates that you have used, and how many you have logged directly to your CRM. The team version, on the other hand, shows a summary of data across your team.
    3. Template Reply Report – Shows how much your prospects are engaged with each of your templates. The personal version lists all of your templates individually and shows how many times you have used each as well as the reply that you have received and your reply and open rates. With this information, you can check which templates are effective in getting your prospects engaged. The team version includes all the same data, and as a sales manager, you can easily identify which among your templates contribute to your team’s overall success.

Benefits of using Yesware

Based on all of the features mentioned, here is a summary of how you will benefit from using Yesware

  • Maximize your time and create the right message at each stage of your sales cycle
  • Monitor your personal and overall team performance to continuously improve your sales funnel via a suite of reporting tools
  • Conduct A/B testing with your templates to continuously improve your personal or team performance
  • Identify levels of targeting prospects from general, to semi-personalized, to personalized, etc.
  • Integrate emails, contacts, and activities to your CRM
  • Measure how your emails are performing across aggregated data
  • Get in touch with prospects at the right time and not rely on constantly sending blind follow-ups
  • Call your contacts directly from Salesforce for quicker follow-ups
  • Yesware works in the background of the client mail that you are already using so you or your team will not have to learn new software and focus instead on selling.

Pricing and Plans

Whether you are an individual or someone managing a sales team, there are various pricing plans that can match your business needs.

Pro Team Enterprise Premier
billed annually (see monthly rate) billed annually billed annually for Gmail only
An email productivity toolkit for busy professionals Shared email insights and collaboration for data-driven teams Salesforce integration and sales automation for inside sales teams A prescriptive sales platform for growing sales organizations
Real-time email tracking Includes Pro features and… Includes Team features and… Includes Enterprise features and…
Presentation tracking & analytics Team template sharing & reporting Salesforce Sidebar Yesware Touchpoints
Personal templates & reports Role-based permissions Yesware reports in Salesforce Custom Touch Plans
Send later & Reminders Centralized billing Click-to-Call (up to 240 min/user) Prescriptive analytics
iPhone mobile app Multi-stage Mail Merge Phone Support Manager Dashboard

If you are managing a huge team with more than 100 users and you need an enterprise grade Salesforce integration with demanding customizations, you can contact their sales representatives for custom plans. In case you are working as an individual, you can try a free Yesware Enterprise trial.


  • Monitor your personal and team performance with data driven reports
  • Lets you track the progress of each email that you sent
  • You can get in contact with prospects at the right time with real-time notifications
  • Easily create emails with expertly crafted templates
  • Call your prospects directly from an integrated softphone


  • ​Not compatible for integration with other CRMs

Yesware is an all in one tool that can help you with your email marketing campaign. It covers a wide range of functionalities which focuses on data that can help you make better decisions. If you want to try Yesware, click here for a free trial period.

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