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As an online marketer, my time is valuable as every second may cause me to gain or lose money. Running campaigns is a tedious task and focusing on small individual aspects that make up the campaign will render me helpless to handle other tasks. SEO resellers like Posirank offer a great deal of help for online marketers like me.

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How many clients are you handling at present? With the demands that their SEO campaigns bring, can you still afford to add more clients? If only there are more than 24 hours in a day and sleep is not a necessity.

If you feel you are maxed out and can no longer add more clients, then your bottom line has reached its limit. Sad to say, this is as far as your business goes. But what if there is a way to buy time and add more business? You would grab this opportunity for sure.

I loathed the necessity of sleep as most marketers do. I loathed looking at my watch as each day counts down to a close and my hands are still full with admin tasks. My profits were limited because I could only do so much.

We cannot add more time. What we can do is find ways to spend less time with tasks that can be outsourced so we can focus more on the business side of things.

The most time consuming of all my marketing tasks were SEO campaigns of my clients. Take note I used "were," meaning, it is in the past. Believe it or not, managing SEO campaigns is now the easiest task in the pool of things that I need to do. One platform solved it all - Posirank.


what is posirank

Posirank is a reseller platform that offers a cost effective solution for your SEO promotions. Basically, you can outsource your SEO campaigns to focus on other tasks in your company or focus on making money by booking more clients.

This is practically a win-win situation for you and your clients. With a team of 400 plus marketing experts, you can be confident that your client is getting their money's worth. At the same time, you are getting the best return of investment.

How? Because being free from admin work gives you more time to handle more clients. More does not mean 3 or 5 more. With Posirank, it is 3 or 5 times more.

Admit it. You hate spending most of your day coordinating with contractors and link builders, tweaking your software and browsing the web for specific solutions. Yes, Posirank acknowledges this and solves your problem by offering an umbrella solution.

This platform has all of the functions that you need which you can execute by a simple point and click action. Seriously, all you need to do is point and click and handle all imaginable SEO tasks in one roof. Set and forget are two words you will always remember when you start using Posirank.

Basically, Posirank sets your SEO on autopilot. With one dashboard you have one point of contact where you can execute commands by just clicking your mouse. Your production volume is unlimited, and there is no limit to how much you can scale.


Centralization - Say goodbye to contractors, back link builders, freelancers, and other people you need to outsource or to work in your team as POSIRANK offers all of these functions ready to be executed from a single interface. It is all you.

Posirank - Centralize

Promotions - Whatever promotion you need, you have it right at your fingertips. Posirank offers all types of promotions, services or link types you need. The platform is highly adaptable to the ever changing algorithms of SEOs especially Google.

Tasks in a Snap - Run campaigns in less than two minutes. Tasks are easily created without requiring you to submit loads of information. While it is optional to submit more information, you do not have to worry with what you provide. When I say tasks are easily created, it means you can run campaigns in less than two minutes by filling out some boxes and executing some commands. It is that easy.

Continuous Promotion - You can set tasks to recur monthly with just one click. No technical mumbo-jumbo nor parameters that only programmers understand. Your concern is to set tasks for your clients and not understand the technical aspects.

Manage orders - With just one click, you can either pause or duplicate existing orders. Why is this important? Order management and repeat orders take time to do manually. Cloning what you have and managing orders through the comprehensive dashboard is truly a time saver.

Reporting - You need to send your clients reports. You cannot show them you hired Posirank. That's not a problem at all. They generates reports, sends them to your clients and makes it look like you were the one who sent it.

Multiple Accounts - You can create sub-users with customized permissions. Posirank can be used by your whole team, and you can limit what each account can do.


Posirank - benefits

You can practically run a whole comprehensive campaign in two minutes. Here are some stuff that you can setup.

Recurring order and publishing of content - Let's say you need articles written and distributed. All you need is fill out the details and set it up to automatically reorder content each month. With new content each month, Posirank has a wide syndication network to publish the content.

Backlink Building - With just a few clicks you can build totally legitimate backlinks to authoritative user-driven sites like Ezine and Squidoo. Like in publishing your content on a monthly basis, just fill out the form, add to cart then order.

Facebook Likes and Social Media Bookmarks - You can even setup how many likes and followers you want to add yo your Facebook account on a daily basis. You can also auto-reorder social media bookmarks every month and specify when you want the order made.


Anyone who needs to outsource their SEO function or service can make Posirank a partner in company growth. I am running an online marketing firm and working with Posirank has allowed me to get more clients and provide better and consistent service.

Individual website owners, enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses can make good use of Posirank for their SEO campaigns.

Whether you are providing services as an online marketer or a business owner who wants better SEO campaigns, Posirank is the right choice with its reliable automation, quality outputs, and honest to goodness reports.


What does the platform do for your business? What makes Posirank rise above the others in terms of SEO campaigns?

Bigger Client Capacity

To earn more revenue, you need to multiply your client capacity. Posirank's "set and forget" function is available across the whole Posirank platform and lets you scale your business faster. Almost every task and function in the platform can be set in autopilot meaning they can be run perpetually until put to a halt.

What does this mean for you? Ongoing maintenance campaigns for your clients can be set with just a few clicks. No more staff, writers and other freelancers to manage and talk to on a daily or monthly basis.

Automated Individual Promotions

You can run promotions in a "set and forget" mode, or you may just need it as a one-time stint. There are no complicated routes nor various commands and codes to execute to toggle between the frequency of promotions. You can easily toggle between "one time" and "recur each month." You can also set what day of the moth the promotion gets re-ordered.

Managed Campaigns

To match all sorts of SEO clients, there is a full range of managed campaigns available. You can choose to form comprehensive campaigns with bundles of services and promotions that you can individually setup and just like mentioned above, in less than two minutes.

We all have a limited amount of time. You cannot juggle everything without the help of an SEO reseller like Posirank if you want to get more clients. Ultimately, you want to make more money.

With Posirank, you have a team of 400 plus expert marketers working for you and limiting your SEO tasks to logging in, pointing and clicking.


Unlike in other platforms where prices are immediately shown, you will have to log and start a project to see how much services cost. Yes, services or orders for that matter are paid with credits and credits are what you purchase. Credits stack up based on the orders that you make whether one time or monthly which means you only pay for what you are using. For example, writing and distribution service costs 159 credits.

At the top of right of the page, you will see your store credits which give you an idea of a number of services that you can purchase. Beside store credit, you can view your cart before paying for your orders for the day.


  • Backlink variety with assured quality strengthens your SEO campaigns
  • Posirank offers quality related products such as content creation and reports
  • Gives you access to the strategy room which is the Posirank forum for support as well as a vast list of tutorial PDFs
  • Easy to use interface with a dashboard that does it all
  • There is a wholesale rewards program for resellers and personal accounts for those maintaining their own websites


  • Clients need to wait for your reports since there is no client dashboard

You cannot add more time. You certainly cannot buy it. What you can do is simplify time consuming processes so you can focus on other important aspects. If this is your goal then check out Posirank here to automate your SEO concerns.

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