OptimizePress Review: Still Relevant in 2020 and Beyond?

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In this review of OptimizePress, we’ll go deeper into the product and identify the pros and cons of this landing page builder product. We’ll discover if their tools to for sales and landing pages actually do help you to thrive. We’ll also talk about some of their features such as using their templates to create LPs. This review is for anyone who is interested in a membership of this service and looking to use it as a landing page builder tool. With that said, let’s dive right into this review of this product.

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Before we get into the specifics of using Optimizepress and our review, it goes without saying that every online marketer should understand the notion that driving traffic alone to your website is not enough. Yes, getting qualified traffic is a lot of work but generating it is not the end goal of the plan. Many marketers fail because they lack the skills to get converting traffic into prospects and ultimately sales. And although many understand the need for landing pages, some end up limited by their technical knowledge or their knowledge of how to ‘work smarter, not harder’ with relevant tools. At times, it’s not always the one who puts in the work, but the one who does most with that time, which may involve important decisions such as looking at different ways on how to optimize one’s time and resources to select tools that can work to that benefit. With OptimizePress, you do not need to be a programmer nor find a web developer to gain access to effective landing and sales pages.

The biggest question once you have a consistent stream of traffic then is, what is the best way to convert traffic into prospects that, at one point or another, will generate income for your business? One answer to that is focusing on creating good landing pages. Landing pages are the focal point of many successful online marketer’s lead generation efforts. This is why optimizing the potential of landing pages is key to effective lead generation.

Creating landing pages though is not as simple as creating write ups or generating content. It almost has the same function as sales copies, these pages should attract visitors to take action or at the very least have them opt in so you can follow up with those leads via email marketing later on. There are a lot of questions to consider when creating a landing page such as:

  • Will you be looking to convert a service/product
  • Will you be using an opt in to capture a name and an email
  • How will you present your offer to the visitor to make sure they stay interested

And this is where optimizepress comes into play. Optimizepress wants to help you have your landing page thrive and have your visitors want to take the action you are looking to convert whether it before conversion of a product or an email for a future email campaign. Optimizepress gives you the support needed for a small team to develop a landing page without needing to hire or spend additional resources looking for landing page builders or a website builder. 


OptimizePress is going on it’s 10th year as a service since releasing in 2010, and was one of the first ever platforms that catered to the creation of scaling LPs, sales pages and membership websites quickly and effectively that help to convert visitors into leads and sales. There are hundreds of success stories out there of internet marketer’s using Optimizepress to increase their lead gen and conversions with their page templates and other valuable features. And there are still many more who are reviewing if they want to use it too, such as yourself, so let’s continue to see if it is a fit for you.

Aside from creating various LPs, OptimizePress is also capable of helping you launch different funnel types, blog types, and templates. That’s right, aside from offering page templates, assistance on landing page creation, users will want to use this product for their funnel builder. 

OptimizePress has features that cover more than what you need from a landing page builder you can create websites via page templates (wordpress theme available), blogs, landing pages, a funnel and even your very own membership community as a potential membership site. 

The main reason the industry uses OptimizePress offers is the effectiveness and efficiency done to design pages and blog sites in less than an hour. Its marketing site creation is a complete package that most people find very user-friendly. Design and add a landing page to your site in less than an hour with a click or two with OptimizePress.

Optimizepress Users


In this section, we’ll get familiar with the Five Pillars of OptimizePress to help gain an understanding of what its services are built on and what makes it different from what you find with other page builder services:

OptimizePress’s Core Pillar 1 – Appearance Makes a Difference

With the pre-designed page templates, you can add a visually stunning and professional looking landing page, squeeze page, sales page, membership portal, and homepage for your business (not to mention, WordPress theme friendly) with practically a click of a button. You in effect become that team of ‘page builders’ needed as all you need is a few clicks to select, customize, add elements, and publish whatever page you are working and you are done in minutes using the page templates. Create a page with a click here and a click there, to start delivering your content, capturing leads and marketing your product with an effective landing page in less than an hour with OptimizePress.

So how is the design part done with their page builder? Is it really that simple to create pages? With OptimizePress’s drag and drop feature, you can click control which elements go where, and how each element would look like for your page. Easily customize the templates and view whatever you are doing real-time from the live editor with OptimizePress. Being the editor to build a page couldn’t be any easier and is as simple as a click or two. 

OptimizePress’s Core Pillar 2 – Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile responsiveness is key for every online brand and you’re going to want that. Look, as of right now, 84-85% of mobile device owners have made an online purchase at least once. In your plan, included must consider mobile responsiveness to your website. Reading emails, web surfing, social media interactions and other online activities are vastly done on mobile devices now. In 2014, mobile device users had already topped desktop users in the online shopping community.

Optimizepress mobile responsive

This brings us to the importance of the mobile responsiveness of landing pages, product/sales pages, marketing pages and all other aspects of your website. A mobile responsive website is now a necessity and not an option. Users want to use their phones to shop and research and you will want your website to be the site they go to when they do so. 

As the page builder, every page you create with OptimizePress is instantly mobile responsive which means you do not need to work to figure out all of the small details that would slow you and your marketing plan down otherwise. With whatever page you make, it will scale down to consider devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones and all other mobile devices in the market included in the building pages process.

Your customer is sure to have a seamless experience no matter what device or platform they are on. As each year comes along, it’s apparent we’ll see that mobile responsiveness websites will become more successful than those that didn’t include that in their marketing plan to thrive in digital marketing. With Optimizepress, look no further to get your page up to the times.

OptimizePress’s Core Pillar 3 – Technology Makes the Difference

If you ask people why they are still not taking advantage of landing pages and other sales pages, they could give you a myriad of reasons or excuses. Whether they don’t need it, or it is not relevant to their business, or they just don’t see it fit, all of these are excuses made by people who might be distracted by all of the elements involved in creating a page such as this or are unaware that software such as this is available. You probably would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think a landing page is just as important as capturing an email for email marketing. And in order to keep up with the fast moving times, having a builder (especially those with limited resources and time) will help get you to stay competitive. Not just having a page builder but to select one that has all of the features available needed for your business is equally important when you make that decision.

True enough, it may prove difficult to showcase or sell your product or service online because making great looking pages doesn’t usually happen overnight, especially those who are trying to do it all on their own. Between developing content, creating a funnel, acting as their support team, there is a lot involved in having a successful website. Some people are not able to achieve success because they see it as technology holding them back. Terms like HTML, CSS, APIs, JavaScript, FTP, PHP – these are all highly technical jargon that would make anyone feel intimidated and could stop them from being able to see past that to find a page builder that uses a template. A template that fits their landing page vision and is customizable enough and easy enough that with a click here and they can be on their way to add that landing page or that funnel.

The makers of OptimizePress understand this and are why they made the platform user-friendly especially for those who have no programming or web development experience. Without the challenges and frustrations of going through difficult web development processes, you can focus on what you need to do for your business. Being able to use this builder with help you build a new template whenever you wish without looking to external support or having to select a web developer. OptimizePress includes all of the good and great tools you need to create new pages.

OptimizePress bridges the technological gap between you and developing your pages by allowing you to execute commands by simply pointing and clicking the mouse. With a click here and a click there, you can create and edit pages through 100% visual editing with the live editor building system. With OptimizePress, select a theme or template and use their editor to create good landing pages.

With the click-easy drag and drop feature, your only limitation is your imagination in creating visually stunning designs.


OptimizePress’s Core Pillar 4 – Authority makes the difference

Authority is how you deliver your products, showcase your services and share your content. Your customers should see you and your page as one that is professional, reliable and has a trust factor. This should reflect on each sales panel, landing page, or blog post, you launch or share no matter if built from a template, wordpress theme or from scratch.

Your visitors and customers to your sites are the ones who leave comments, purchase your products, and share their experiences with their own communities and thus it goes without saying that creating a page (especially one of it is a membership site or new), is very important to make sure you are making it user friendly for each click they make. In addition to the user friendliness of a site, content is also very important to build that trust and relevancy to the visitor.

With OptimizePress you can create a blog to generate more content for you site and convert visitors into customers. A blog page with great content may greatly increase the authority of your web page. With Optimizepress, your content is delivered in an easy to use and professional looking membership portal where your new and subscribing customers can go to. It is easy to create a new membership portal and can be done in just a matter of a click or two.

OptimizePress’s Core Pillar 5 – Time to Market Makes a Difference

The growth of your business is proportional to how frequent you send messages to your prospects. In the online world, things move at the speed of light, and your success depends on how quick you act. 

If you want to capture a certain demographic or market, you first need to build a new page to capture prospects and on top of that need good landing pages that can quickly convert. These should be in a great position to convey your message to your market and show the value of your brand so that they will heed your call to action. If you are not having visitors opt in you are missing out on potential new opportunities every time you get a visitor that made a click to get to your page. And no matter how you build that landing page, via template, theme, development, it’s the time to market that is most important. You could have the best plan in the world but if you don’t have a quick going to market strategy or the like, your competitors will be one step ahead of you.

All of this is easy to say, but difficult to execute. And when things are difficult to execute, they get delayed. With OptimizePress, you do not have to worry about delays like this. You can easily use it to customize and design your blogs, sales pages, landing pages and membership sites through the live editor which is full of stunning templates. Never again will you experience delays. With an easy to use platform like Optimizepress, you can always act with a sense of urgency, whether it’s building a membership site or a landing page. Using a template or a theme to your advantage is working smarter. 


Optimize Press is anyone owning a WordPress site who needs to create:

  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales & Marketing Pages
  • Free Training & Course Pages
  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Secure Membership Portals
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Authority Blogs
  • Mobile Ready Versions of All Pages – All your pages will be mobile responsive automatically

optimizepress features

If you want to optimize your traffic and generate more prospects, get more sales and establish a good image in the online community, then OptimizePress is definitely the platform for you to get started to create landing pages.


LiveEditor System – With OptimizePress you can build, select, and edit your pages real time with the live editor and see the changes that you make live with a simple click here and there. With this feature, you can keep the creative juices flowing without getting distracted. Be your own editor.

Fully Mobile Responsives – OptimizePress generates fully mobile responsive pages. You do not have to worry about how your pages will look online. 

Over 250+ Templates to Choose From – With this many templates to choose from with OptimizePress, you do not have to worry about starting off and spending hours staring at a blank page. Start immediately by clicking edit on a template then personalize it by adding more elements and tweaking the design a bit. Any theme your site is going for, you’ll find a template for it, all with just a click of a button. Just as they say, ‘Location, Location, Location,’ ‘Templates, Templates, Templates’ is the way to go to speed up your marketing strategy plan.

Over 40 Custom Elements – Add functionality to your page with the Element Browser system that has over 40 different elements each designed professionally with Optimizepress. You can add elements like order boxes, headlines, testimonial blocks, video and audio players, countdown timers and much more with OptimizePress and it’s editor.

Beautiful & Secure Membership Portals – Without the need to install plugins, you can create secure and awesome looking membership sites and content portals with OptimizePress. Create a community of members which encourages repeat sales, word of mouth marketing and loyal followers with OptimizePress.

Your Shopping Cart – With OptimizePress, start adding your buyers to your growing list of members by integrating your shopping cart or gateway. OptimizePress supports wide range platforms, and their team is always adding new plugins to ensure that all clients are covered.

Drip Feed Your Content – Using Optimizepress, deliver content to your members on a schedule. This can also be based on when your member joined your community. With a drip feed, you can make sure that no content gets wasted and your members are reading them one by one using OptimizePress.


There are currently three packages for OptimizePress

Optimize Press Essential Plan Optimize Press Business Plan Optimize Press Suite Plan
$99/year $149/year $199/year

Each plan includes the option to build with the OptimizeBuilder Page Building Platform and to build unlimited pages and are one time charge for the year. Each plan also comes with over 250+ templates. The features included in the Business plan not in the Essential is the OptimizeUrgency option which features scarcity alerts to your pages. With the OptimizePress Suite, you also receive OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeLeads as well as Easy Split Testing. Which plan you should use depends on with features you would like to add and pricing. But with 3 plans to offer, there should be one that includes exactly what you are looking for to select and use. OptimizePress also have Agency License Plans available.


  • With OptimizePress, drag and drop live editor makes it easy to create pages
  • Fully mobile responsive with OptimizePress
  • OptimizePress allows you to create membership portals
  • Lots of templates and design elements to use
  • Allows you to create authority blogs
  • They continually provide product updates
  • Lots of support via support team and community support


  • Prices may be a bit steep even for discounted annual rates

When investing on a product like OptimizePress, you’ll want to be sure you will use it and not wish you selected a different product. Sure there might be other good products out there to select, but you want the one in the market that is helping people thrive and has a lot of social proof to back the great work in their service.

If you want to improve your lead generation efforts and are tired of wasted traffic, then to create landing pages, membership sites and sales funnels is something that you need to focus your efforts on. With over 250+ templates and a user friendly editor dashboard, Click here to check out how OptimizePress can help you with your lead generation and sales. Visit their site for an offer of a free demo to watch.

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