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Every online marketer should understand that driving traffic alone to your website is not enough. Yes, getting qualified traffic is a lot of work but generating it is not the end goal. Many marketers fail because they lack the skills to convert traffic into leads. Many understand the need for landing pages but are limited by their technical knowledge. With OptimizePress, you do not need to be a programmer nor web developer to create effective landing and sales pages.

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What is the best way to convert traffic into leads that, at one point or another, will generate income for your business? The answer is landing pages. Landing pages are the focal point of every online marketer's lead generation efforts. This is why optimizing the potential of landing pages is key to effective lead generation.

Creating landing pages though is not as simple as creating write ups or generating content. It almost has the same function as sales copies, these pages should attract visitors to take action or at the very least give out their personal information.

For my business, I employed the help of Optimize Press to created my landing pages.


OptimizePress has been around since 2010 and is one of the first every platform that catered to the creation of landing pages, sales pages and membership websites that are geared to convert visitors into income generating leads.

Aside from creating various landing pages, OptimizePress is also capable of helping you launch different funnel types, blog types, and templates.

OptimizePress has features that cover more than what you need from a landing page creator. You can create websites, blogs, landing pages, various sales pages, funnels and even your very own membership community.

The best feature that OptimizePress offers is letting its customers design pages and blog sites in less than an hour. Its marketing site creation is a complete package that most people find very user-friendly.

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Before we continue, let us get to know the 5 core pillars of Optimize Press to understand where its services are built on.

Core Pillar 1 - Appearance Makes a Difference

With the pre-designed templates, you can design visually stunning and professional looking landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, membership portals, and homepages for your business. All you need is a few clicks to select, customize, add elements, and publish whatever page you are working and you are done in minutes. Start delivering your content, capturing leads and marketing your product with style.

So how is the design part done? With a drag and drop feature, you can control which elements go where, and how each element would look like. Easily customize the templates and view whatever you are doing real-time from the live editor.

Core Pillar 2 - Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile responsiveness is key for every online brand. As of right now, 84-85% of mobile device owners have made an online purchase at least once. Reading emails, web surfing, social media interactions and other online activities are vastly done on mobile devices now. In 2014, mobile device users had already topped desktop users in the online shopping community.

Optimizepress mobile responsive

This brings us to the importance of the mobile responsiveness of landing pages, sales pages, marketing pages and all other aspects of your website. A mobile responsive website is now a necessity and not an option.

Every page you create with OptimizePress is instantly mobile responsive which means you do not need to work on any other details. Whatever page you create, it will scale down to devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones and all other mobile devices in the market.

Your customer is sure to have a seamless experience no matter what device or platform they are on.

Core Pillar 3 - Technology Makes the Difference

If you ask people why they are still not taking advantage of landing pages and other sales pages, they will just give you a vague excuse. Whether they don't need it, or it is not relevant to their business, or they just don't see it fit, all of these are excuses made by people who are technologically challenged.

True enough, it is difficult to showcase or sell your product or service online because making great looking pages is not as easy as drawing a poster. People are not able to achieve success because technology is holding them back. Terms like HTML, CSS, APIs, JavaScript, FTP, PHP - these are all highly technical jargon that even I feel intimidated of.

The makers of OptimizePress understands this that is why they made the platform user-friendly especially for those who have no programming or web development experience. Without the challenges and frustrations of going through difficult web development processes, you can focus on what you need to do for your business.

OptimizePress bridges the technological gap between you and developing your pages by allowing you to execute commands by simply pointing and clicking the mouse. You can create and edit pages through 100% visual editing with the live editor building system.

With a drag and drop feature, your only limitation is your imagination in creating visually stunning designs.

Core Pillar 4 - Authority makes the difference

Authority is how you deliver your products, showcase your services and share your content. Your customers should see you as someone who is professional, reliable and has integrity. This should reflect on each sales panel, landing page, or blog post, you launch or share. This is how your customers should feel about the activities that you conduct in your website.

All web businesses, no matter the size, depend on followers, fans, and evangelists. They are the ones who leave comments, purchase your products, and share their experiences with their own communities.

With OptimizePress you can create a blog to generate more content for your business and convert visitors into customers. Blogs greatly increase the authority of your website. Your content is delivered in an easy to use and professional looking membership portal where your subscribing customers can go to. These membership portals are easy to create and can be done in just a matter of clicks.

Core Pillar 5 - Time to Market Makes a Difference

The growth of your business is proportional to how frequent you send messages to your leads. In the online world, things move at the speed of light, and your business depends on how quick you act.

If you want to capture a certain demographic or market, you need landing pages that can quickly convert. These pages should be able to position your message to your market and show the value of your brand so that they will heed your call to action.

All of this is easy to say, but difficult to execute. And when things are difficult to execute, they get delayed. With OptimizePress, you do not need to worry about delays like this. You can easily use it to customize and design your blogs, sales pages, landing pages and membership sites through the live editor which is full of stunning templates. Never again will you experience delays. With an easy to use platform, you can always act with a sense of urgency.


Optimize Press is anyone owning a WordPress site who needs to create:

  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales & Marketing Pages
  • Free Training & Course Pages
  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Secure Membership Portals
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Authority Blogs
  • Mobile Ready Versions of All Pages - All your pages will be mobile responsive automatically

optimizepress features

If you want to optimize your traffic and generate more leads, get more sales and establish a good image in the online community, then OptimizePress is definitely the platform for you.


LiveEditor System - You can build and edit your pages real time with the live editor and see the changes that you make live. No need to refresh or publish or hit preview. With this feature, you can keep the creative juices flowing without getting distracted.

Fully Mobile Responsive Pages - OptimizePress generates fully mobile responsive pages. You do not have to worry about how your pages will look online. Your landing pages, membership sites, and all other pages will all great in all devices and platforms.

Over 30 Templates to Choose From - With these many templates to choose from, you do not have to worry about starting off and spending hours staring at a blank page. Start immediately by clicking edit on any of the templates then personalize it by adding more elements and tweaking the design a bit. You may not even need to change anything as these templates are expertly made not just by developers but by design experts as well.

Over 40 Custom Elements - Add functionality to your page with the Element Browser system that has over 40 different elements each designed professionally. You can add elements like order boxes, headlines, testimonial blocks, video and audio players, countdown timers and much more.

Beautiful & Secure Membership Portals - Without the need to install plugins, you can create secure and awesome looking membership sites and content portals. Create a community of members which encourages repeat sales, word of mouth marketing and loyal followers.

Your Shopping Cart - Start adding your buyers to your growing list of members by integrating your shopping cart or gateway. OptimizePress supports wide range platforms, and their team is always adding new plugins to ensure that all clients are covered.

Drip Feed Your Content - Deliver content to your members on a schedule. This can also be based on when your member joined your community. With a drip feed, you can make sure that no content gets wasted and your members are reading them one by one.


There are currently three packages that are offered at discounted annual rates. These discounts range from 30% to 40% as you take on more comprehensive packages.

Core Package Publisher Package Pro Package
$97 $197 $297
Usually 139 - Over 30% Off Usually 299 - Over 33% Off Usually 495 - Over 40% Off
Use on 3 Sites (Only sites you OWN and RUN) Use on 10 Sites (Only sites you OWN and RUN) Use on 30 Sites (Only sites you OWN and RUN)
Real-Time Site Building with LiveEditor Real-Time Site Building with LiveEditor Real-Time Site Building with LiveEditor
Includes over 30 Templates Over 30 Templates Included Over 30 Templates Included
Comprehensive Element Library Comprehensive Element Library Comprehensive Element Library
Membership Security Add-on Membership Security Add-on Membership Security Add-on
Complete Site-Building Flexibility Complete Site-Building Flexibility Complete Site-Building Flexibility
1 Year of Support & Core Updates 1 Year of Support & Core Updates 1 Year of Support & Core Updates


  • drag and drop live editor makes it easy to create pages
  • all pages are fully mobile responsive
  • allows you you to create membership portals
  • lots of templates and elements to choose from when creating pages
  • allows you to create authority blogs


  • prices may be a bit steep even for discounted annual rates

If you want to improve your lead generation efforts and are tired of wasted traffic, then creating landing pages, membership websites, sales funnels, sales pages and other conversion-geared pages is something that you need to focus your efforts on. Click here to check out how OptimizePress can help you with your lead generation and sales.

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