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Running an online business needs a lot of expertise that most entrepreneurs do not have. Hence the need to hire developers. However, looking at the costs and associated risks, it is sometimes not worth the time and finances. What can business owners do at this point? Instead of hiring someone, using all-in-one solution like Ontraport helps owners to build their site and run their online businesses by themselves.

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I am in the business of selling furniture flipped from what basically is junk. I knew my idea was awesome, but the moment I opened my local shop I realized I could make so much more if I could sell my stuff online.

So I paid a freelancer to develop a website for me. He designed a WordPress site, and I was happy with how it looked at first. The business minded person that he is, the developer neglected to tell me that I needed plugins like shopping carts and membership forms. He did not even tell me to blog about my site. I knew squat about these things and every time I learned something new that I had to add to my site, I would go to him and get the upgrade and pay the professional fee.

Then something came up. My website crashed, and there was no backup. There was little that I knew about web hosting that time and all I understood was that the service provider was a small company and their servers crashed.

Having spent thousands of dollars, all my hopes went down. After six months in the making, my physical shop was literally earning more than my site before it crashed. I decided to focus on my local shop instead and called it quits with the online business community.

I was browsing for junk online when I saw this awesome website. Each page was neatly done and loading time did not take long at all. I read the company profile, and I did not see a team. It was a one-man show. This surprised me because my previous website looked like I was the one selling junk. His site was so much better.

The contact us number was basically the owner's so I decided to give him a call. After asking about some of his stuff online, I told him about my business and how my website crashed. I also gave him a ballpark of how much I spent.

He said "that's coz you're doin' it, wrong son. I'm sixty-five and hell I ain't got no skills with programming and what-not. My kid just told me to use Ontraport. It does everything for me and if I have a question a nice gal always answers my calls."

This guy who was older than my dad has a website that is totally better than mine and he did not even hire a developer. I was in shock. So I immediately looked for Ontraport online, signed up, and the rest is history.


Ontraport is an all in one solution for your online business. It includes WordPress hosting for your online shop, a powerful CRM for your client list, affiliate marketing to grow your business, payment processing for your sales, email delivery for your subscriber list, direct mail printing and business automation to let your business run on autopilot. Let's take a look at the features to get to know Ontraport a bit more and find out how easy it is to conduct business online.


Ontraport's CRM allows you to keep every record of every transaction and interaction you have with every client and prospect in a customizable interface. You can customize your views for your CRM such as purchases, custom data, contact history and a whole lot more data.

You can easily manage tasks through Task Management automation and send alerts to yourself or your team if you have tasks like sending out personalized emails. You can track the outcomes of these tasks as well in this easy and convenient automated process. Other features of the Ontraport CRM are lead scoring, customizable web forms, and the new mobile CRM application.



Before setting new marketing goals, you need to get a good view of what vital stats are of your business. With a completely customizable drag and drop dashboard, you can get a good view of your metrics and analytics keeping you on your toes with what is happening.
Another awesome marketing tool of Ontraport is Ontramail which lets you design emails with rich media. You do not have to know HTML or any coding language to make great looking emails and with lots of templates available all you have to do is enhance and edit lead capture, content delivery, follow up and many other types of emails.

Not all people like filling out web forms. You can reach a wider market with Facebook as Ontraport lets your prospects connect with you with just a click.
Another unique feature of Ontraport is that it lets you send personalized physical post cards to your contacts. Whether these are thank you cards, event invites or appointment reminders; you will surely beat spam folders and full inboxes with physically delivered mail.


In every business, you need to have a payment method. Online, it can be really tricky with third party payment method plugins. Ontraport solved this for you with a built-in payment method. You can build your own unique and masterfully crafted order forms which accept major credit cards and PayPal.
Enhance your marketing efforts further by setting up your coupon codes. Send personal codes or group codes to drive in not just traffic but qualified buyers to your site. You can even choose how your coupon codes are delivered. Your payment schemes can go as far as recurring billing and payment plans with Ontraport. You can also automate collections and expiring card updates to be free of the burden of chasing down customers.


Who said only big companies could have affiliate programs? While it would be a lot of work to hire a developer to setup a fully functional affiliate program, Ontraport includes this as one of the features. Run your own partner program through a powerful partner management system and watch as your sales grow even further


Create your own sophisticated rules through Ontraport's if/then system to put your business on autopilot. Who wouldn't want a self-sustaining and income generating business that you do not have to monitor 8 hours a day?You can focus your attention elsewhere and let your site run itself.


Without any coding or programming skills, you can create your own WordPress site, add forms, membership access and landing pages by simply dragging and dropping. You do not have to rely on expensive developers because you can design your own site the way you imagined it to be.

ONTRApages has a drag and drops function that lets you instantly create your landing pages and with A/B split testing you can check which landing pages are most successful.
Do it like the big players by designing your own membership sites where you can deliver your products and training. Set your own membership levels and let them pay for access. As far as your need for more WordPress sites, Ontraport will host as many as you deem necessary.


Ontraport provides the best client support system through chat, mail, and phone. You can always get a hold of their friendly and knowledgeable support team. They even offer concierge services if you want anything or everything to be handled for you from setting up sales funnels to creating landing pages and even sending out emails.


Why choose to go with Ontraport? Because anyone who wants to run a business like a well-oiled machine with the least amount of expenses and the best features and support should go with Ontraport. You do not need to purchase any other tools or platforms because Ontraport is a one-stop solution for your online business.


If you want to run a successful online business using a single platform that does it all, Ontraport is the all in one solution that you need.

  • CRM that has it all - Manage your contacts and conduct email marketing, affiliate tracking and e-commerce all from a CRM that you can access via the cloud. You can segment your list for maximum customer engagement and increased sales.
  • Features that Solve Everything - You have everything you need from a payment center, affiliate program, drag and drop landing page and site editor, customizable dashboard and email editor. You do not need do download any other software for any other function.
  • AutoPilot Mode - Once you have setup everything, you can let your website run itself through an automated system that runs on conditional statements
  • Support and Concierge - While being able to do almost everything you need, you have a reliable support system at your back and even have the concierge team do specific tasks for you.


There are three packages available for your business:

Basic Pro Team
$79/month $297/month $597/month
1,000 contacts 25,000 contacts 100,000 contacts
Unlimited Emails 100,000 emails/month 100,000 emails/month
1 user 2 users 10 users
2 hours of account set-up 2 hours of account set-up
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What I personally like about these packages is that both includes all features. Moreover, you can schedule a free demo, and once you decide to signup, you are risk-free fro 90 full days.


  • drag and drop function for site, email and landing page design
  • great customer support
  • highly effective segmentation
  • efficient autopilot mode
  • 360 degree customer view through CRM


  • prices may be steep for low budget businesses

Every business at this day and age needs an online presence. And if you want to grow your business, you cannot just conduct it locally but rather offer your product to the online market. If you want an all in one solution, schedule a free demo now and click here to checkout how Ontraport can help you.

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