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Moz is an all-in-one SEO platform that employs basic and advanced research and analytics tools to help you improve your SEO campaigns and overall performance. With a huge selection of research tools and insightful analytics, you can keep track of your own performance over time and tweak whatever needs to be improved. Moz is an all-in-one SEO platform that employs basic and advanced research and analytics tools to help you improve your SEO campaigns and overall performance. With a huge selection of research tools and insightful analytics, you can keep track of your own performance over time and tweak whatever needs to be improved.

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I guess everyone will agree when I say online marketing is complicated and things only become manageable once you have enlisted the help of an SEO platform.

If you are reading this, then chances are you are looking for an SEO solution or products that will increase your website or clients' websites' visibility.

The landscape of online visibility is a tough one, and the race to the top of organic rankings has never been more challenging. With Google being more strict than ever with its algorithms, more and more competing websites invest on SEO tools and services. If you want to keep up, then you need to play it smart as well.

Here is where Moz comes in. Moz knows how complicated online marketing is, and that what you need is a platform that has top notch analytics and the world's best research tools.

The easier it is to handle your SEO campaign/s, the more time you have focusing on other profitable tasks.


As a testament to how beneficial Moz products are, just by looking at its website, you will see that it has over 35,000+ customers. I am one of those and true enough, my online shop is now racking on sales because of my favorable position on search engine results pages or SERPs.

MOZ has two types of products, MOZ Pro and MOZ Local. Let's get to know how you might benefit from each of them.


If you want to get ahead in online visibility and stay on top of SERPs, Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO research and analytics platform that basically has everything that you can ask for.

Drive more traffic with an all-in-one SEO toolbox that lets you do research and analytics for better search engine ranking. Since it works as a one stop shop for all of your SEO needs, you get to save on precious time and have the freedom to do other productive tasks. Get a load on industry leading data from the biggest SEO communities around the globe.


Analytics - With good data, you can improve your organic traffic, visibility, and rankings. Moz Analytics does the auditing for you on its own. Without lifting a finger, you get to track your rankings, link metrics, competitor performance and your overall performance.

Dashboard - Get an overview of your inbound marketing performance with the user dashboard. Find patterns, track their origins, keep tabs on how your traffic moves, and see your overall traffic volume improve via your command center interface.

Keyword Rankings - Track your keyword rankings at various levels, locally and internationally for over 50 countries. Find out which keywords drive more traffic and compare your performance with your competitors. Learn from your performance as well as your competitor's and see your campaign improve over time.

Site Audit - Find areas on your site that need to be fixed. Determine which issues affect your visibility from search engine crawlers. Determine what your problems are, fix them, and move on.

Cumulative Link Profile - Learn which links drive the most volume of traffic towards your site. Keep tabs on your link growth over time and compare them to your competitors.

Research Tools

Open Site Explorer - Find out link building and content opportunities with this tool by knowing your competitor's backlinks, social activity data, and anchor text data.

MozBar - This is a keyword research tool that lets you access SEO metrics, create custom searches with filters, view keyword rankings, and see social metrics for various social media platforms.

Followerwonk - With a tool dedicated to your Twitter follower growth, you can segment, track and compare Twitter users and find out best engagement practices for your audience.

Fresh Web Explorer - Monitor the web and search for new link building opportunities. Stay updated and in-the-know with the latest trends and topics in your niche. Fresh Web Explorer is powered by Freshscape index which is a rich database composed of more than 3 million RSS feeds and 52 million URLs.

Rank Tracker - This tool gets information on search engine rankings for both pages and keywords and what's more is that it stores the information for you for future reference. As a Moz Pro subscriber, you can track selected rankings over a period of time. The great thing about Rank Tracker is that it supports all the major search engines - Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Keyword Difficulty - By getting the top ten rankings for any given keyword, you can determine how difficult it is to rank for the specific keyword or phrase. Furthermore, you will get to know who you will be competing with. Easily check with your chosen keywords' Difficulty Score and be informed with where your competitor stands.

On-Page Grader - This tool works by giving you insight on your on-page keyword level of usage. With the right recommendations, you can rank higher with targeted search words.

Crawl Test - Run site audits, find negative links, broken pages, and learn which factors affect your crawlability. Moz Pro has its own web crawler, RogerBot which explores more than 3000 links on any URL With robust data about each page, your crawl reports will let you identify which issues affect your SEO performance and help you improve your crawlability by search engines which in turn increases your organic ranking. Improve your performance by using the Crawl Test as a checklist for determining and fixing missing titles, duplicate contents, missing meta descriptions and all other issues.



Moz Local is mainly for local search marketing. With this product from Moz, you can increase your visibility in local as well as mobile searches. Through consistent business listings, you can increase your local visibility and traffic.

The best thing I like about Moz Local is that you do not have to do much. Leave it to your Moz team to update listings for yours. Get your business listings updated with accurate location data. Accuracy and consistency get your site easily discovered by new customers.

Through robust and transparent reporting, you get to monitor the status of all of your published listings and keep tabs on search engine results over time. Even if you are managing over a hundred locations, Moz Local can keep up with your demands.


If you want to save time, yet get all off the tools that you need for your SEO campaign, then Moz is the right partner for your business or the websites that you are managing. For overall SEO results, Moz Pro is the best product for you. But if you are working on local rankings and visibility, then Moz Local is just right. Moz products are mainly beneficial for enterprise and small business owners alike, as well as SEO agencies and freelancers who want to book more clients and provide better results.


Training and Education

Through the Moz Academy, you will not just learn how to use their products, but also learn a lot about SEO and online marketing. Whether you are a beginner or have spent some time in the business, the online lessons are of great value.


As a subscriber, you have access to all the help that you may need. From a dedicated support team to a community of fellow subscribers eager to help one another via online forums of all sorts of topics.


Moz's partners offer Pro subscribers discounts and perks on software and applications such as Optimizely, SendGrid, Wistia, Buffer and many more. Being a Moz Pro subscriber entitles you to big discounts and savings.


For Moz Pro, you have four packages to choose from depending on the number of analytics campaigns, keywords, crawled pages, branded reports and seats. The standard and medium packages are available for a free trial period. Here are the different packages.

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99/mo $149/mo $249/mo $599/mo
5 Moz Analytics Campaigns 10 Moz Analytics Campaigns 25 Moz Analytics Campaigns 100 Moz Analytics Campaigns
300 Keywords 750 Keywords 1,900 Keywords 7,500 Keywords
250,000 Crawled Pages 500,000 Crawled Pages 1,250,000 Crawled Pages 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
Includes Branded Reports Includes Branded Reports Includes Branded Reports
2 Seats 10 Seats 25 Seats Unlimited Seats
$237 Annual Savings $357 Annual Savings $597 Annual Savings $1,437 Annual Savings

Moz Local, on the other hand, is available at $84 a year, with 5 major data aggregators, 1 top-tier listing, 1 second-tier listing, and the capability to find duplicate listings.


  • Insightful analytics tools
  • Research tools provide you updated and relevant information
  • Moz Pro subscribers get awesome discounts for various applications
  • Online training videos help even advanced users Help and support is complimented by online forums


  • Limited keywords tracked for every campaign

With a free trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click here and try Moz for better online visibility and organic rankings

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