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Content is king in today's online marketing. If you want to build your business through effective SEO strategies, then you need a continuous stream of engaging and quality content for your websites. This is where Content Writers comes in. Whether you need blog posts. Press releases, social media posts, newsletters or web page articles, you can rely on this service to get quality content promptly.

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What is Content Writers?

ContentWriters is a content creation provider that produces quality content that has been written by its vast army of over 8000 writers.The site boasts easy ordering, tracking, and management of content projects. Customers are guaranteed that they do not have to pay anything until they are 100% satisfied. I use it for my content and what I enjoy most is if I'm not happy with the quality, I can return it for revisions for an unlimited number of times. Here are examples of the formats that you can choose from:


  • Blog Posts
  • Email Newsletters
  • Facebook Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Tweets
  • Website Pages
  • White Papers

You may be wondering why it is better to subscribe to a content creation platform rather than directly hiring freelance writers or subscribing to an article spinning platform. Let's discuss these two other options.

While the internet is flooded with "experienced content writers" we all know how easy it is to create impressive online identities and most of these so-called "writers" are not even native speakers of English. How will you rely on getting quality content if the person writing for you is not even familiar with your culture?

It takes a time to recruit quality writers, and there are no assurances that they can finish the job on time. With ContentWriters, you are not dealing with the writers but the company's representatives. In case your writer abandons his or her task, another writer will be assigned to finish the job within the time frame that you specified. Furthermore, you don't have to be burdened by recruitment and screening purposes. You are always assured to have top notch writers who reside in the U.S.

Some take the cheaper option and subscribe to article spinning software. What most people don't know is less than 10% of the material that you will get back can be used. I tried it once and out of over 100 spun articles, only eight made sense, and the rest is garbage. The worst part is all 8 articles are just mediocre clones of the original content. Current SEO algorithms favor quality over poorly written content.

If you want quality content crafted by a real writer and delivered in a timely manner, check out ContentWriters.

Features of ContentWriters

As we mentioned above, there are different ways to generate content for your site. While a lot of business owners still use article spinners, there are those that invest more to get quality content by directly hiring writers. ContentWriters offer both benefits.

Match Making - Based on your needs, traffic directors will select the best candidate from a pool of over 5000 writers. No bots or algorithms are used to match your business with a content writer.

Content Strategists - Not all business owners know what they need. Some even have no idea what topic their content should focus on, especially those who are just starting out. A team of editors is always ready to pitch in ideas for your content.

Free Images - It's always a challenge to find quality images for content posts, and usually you would need to subscribe to image banks like GettyImages. But with Content Writers, your orders will always include royalty free images for more stunning and highly aesthetic posts.

Automated Publishing - Upon your request, you can have your content directly published in WordPress. How convenient is that right?

Content Schedule - Map out a content calendar for your orders so that you know what you are getting and when you are getting it. Plan it, map it, leave it be and let Content Writers do the rest.

Constant Service Level - It doesn't matter how huge your order is. All orders will be delivered within a 3 to 5 day deadline.

Industries Covered

Here is a list of the industries covered by ContentWriters

  • Art & Architecture
  • Building & Hardware
  • Education & Day Care
  • Environmental Services
  • Fashion, Music & Entertainment
  • Finance, Real Estate & Business
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Government, Politics & Non-Profits
  • Internet & Media
  • Law & Legal
  • Medical & Professional Services
  • Pet Businesses
  • Sports, Gaming & Fitness
  • Travel & Lifestyle

Benefits of Using Content Writers

contentwriters-statsContentWriters have a pool of the writers who are all residing in the U.S. They commit to producing articles made by native speakers and U.S. nationals compared to other companies that hire freelancers from various corners of the globe.

Unlike other sites that do not have a thorough recruitment process, ContentWriters ensures quality through resume vetting, submission of samples, phone interviews, and English proficiency tests.

Aside from hiring reliable writers from the U.S., there are a lot of other benefits from using Content Writers.

  • Until you get what you want, ContentWriters will return your content to its writers for an unlimited number of revisions
  • You have the option to ask for previous writers that have worked for you and keep a list of your favorite writers
  • All content are original, and submissions are thoroughly checked for plagiarism and duplication
  • Long term customers are entitled to get discounts
  • Content are never resold to other clients
  • Easy and simple order management and tracking

How it Works


Ordering content from ContentWriters is extremely easy; it’s like you are just shopping around. To get the ball rolling, choose what product you need:

  • Short blog posts (300-500 words)
  • Long blog posts (500-700 words)
  • Website pages (300-500 words)
  • Press releases
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social media posts

Complete the order form by indicating your expected delivery time, your content topic, and which industries your writer should have knowledge of. Other items that you can fill out are keywords, things to mention and things not to mention.

Review your order/s in the shopping cart. If you need to edit something, just go back to the form. When everything is all set, make your payment via credit card through an SSL-encrypted payment process.

Once your content is ready, you will receive an email with the content attached to it. Review your content because you only have 72 hours to request for revisions.


Format 5-Day Delivery 3-Day Delivery Description
Standard Blog Post $110 $120 Around 300 to 500 words long, these are more direct to the point and much fitting to your customers who have very short attention spans
Long Blog Post $120 $130 These are 500 to 700 word articles that are about a page and a half worth of content. You can ask for various styles and tones for your orders.
Website Page $110 $120 This is also 300 to 500 words long and meant for various page contents of your site. No HTML formatting included.
Press Release $245 $255 They are at least 400 words with strictly followed guidelines which are why per order is a bit pricey.
Facebook Posts (25 Qty) $99 $109 You get 25 engaging 1-2-sentence Facebook posts and may include links to your websites.
Twitter Posts (Tweets) (25 Qty) $99 $109 Get the best out of 140 characters with twenty-five short, concise but effective Twitter posts
LinkedIn Posts (25 Qty) $99 $109 These are twenty-five business related posts that are about 1 to 2 sentences long
Product Descriptions (4 Qty) $125 $135 Get four creative product descriptions with 150 words each describing your brand.
Email Newsletter $100 $110 Email newsletters are about 400-500 words long including call to action statements to help increase conversion.
White Paper $380 $400 White papers are expertly created content with about 1500 words. These are 3 full pages of authoritative content which include citations.


  • ​Three to five day turn around time
  • All writers are from the US
  • Content strategists help you with your topics
  • All content are original
  • Contents can be uploaded automatically to your WordPress site


  • ​Prices are a bit costly but with the quality, it's all worth it

If you want quality content crafted by a real writer and delivered in a timely manner, check out Content Writers here.

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