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Using the right keyword is important to your company. Long Tail Pro offers a great solution to help you find not just the best keywords but low competing ones to ensure your presence online. While others are slow to use, Long Tail Pro is as fast as a tail's whip.

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Keyword research is the process of choosing the words or phrases that have a high likelihood of being used by people searching online. Its purpose is to learn which keywords to relate to your site for it to gain higher rankings in search engines.

Long Tail Pro is a widely used keyword research tool and it is the product of choice by a lot of online businesses, marketers and niche site developers. Developed by Spencer Haws, this tool solves the need of finding low competition long tail keywords.

It takes a lot of time and effort to research for keywords that actually work. These keywords are essential if you want to make serious money with your site or your business.

With Long Tail Pro, finding keywords that matter is easy, and you do not have to spend countless hours hunting for words manually.


If you are not aware, there are three ways consumers run searches - short, medium and long tail. The word "movies" is what we call a short tail keyword. Modifying the search a bit and typing "action movies" makes the search more specific. This is what we call a medium tail keyword. If we are looking for more specific items, we need a longer phrase, hence a long tail keyword search which may look like "industrial punk action movies 2015".

The longer the tail, the easier it is to rank in search engines. Better ranking means better leads, better traffic, and ultimately better conversions.

Long Tail Pro finds the right low competition long tail keywords that you can use to boost your rankings in Google and other search engines.

With data from Google Keyword Tool, Long Tail Pro presents valuable low competition keywords from keyword ideas that you input. Presented on a user-friendly interface, you no longer have to manually calculate the competition of the keywords displayed.

This truly is a time saver.

Before discussing Long Tail Pro any further, let us talk about the importance of keyword research, using the right keywords and the impact keywords bring to your campaign.


Keyword Research and SEO

Until you have an idea which keywords to use for your site to rank in search engines, you will not be able to optimize your site properly and other campaigns relating to it. Thus, you will not be able to draw much needed traffic.

There are times when a site draws significant volume of unqualified traffic. How does this happen? It is possible to have a website optimized with the wrong keywords. Simply put, your website sells apples but draws visitors looking for oranges. Most likely your visitors will just bounce off.

Your goal is to draw visitors looking for the type of service or product that you offer. These types of visitors have the most tendency to get converted and buy whatever product or service you provide.


Why Not Settle for "Popular Keywords"?

While it seems like the better keywords to use are popular or general search terms, on the contrary, only 30% of users search with these terms.

To understand this number, let is look at the buying process.

At the start of the buying process, customers have a very broad sense of what they want. Let's say the customer want's to buy a laptop. Of course, the most obvious keyword to use at the beginning is "laptop." Usually what appears right at the top of the SERP is the link to Wikipedia.

Once the customer has a bit of knowledge, on the next search, he or she will use more specific keywords. However, these keywords may still be generic like "Dell laptop" or "touch screen laptop."

At the end of the buying cycle, right before the purchase, the customer will use a much more educated or specific long-tailed phrase like "Lenovo touch screen laptop sale."

Looking at the three scenarios, the search with the long-tailed phrase is closest to a sale. This means the best customers to drag into your website are those searching with long tailed keywords because these customers have the intention to buy.

This is why getting the right long tail keywords is important for your business.


Knowing which keywords to use is essential to the success of your site. As mentioned above, customers using long tailed keywords have the most possibility to make a purchase.

Keyword research is a long and tedious process. Doing it manually is just not virtually cost effective. This is why the right keyword research tool is the best partner for your business. There are a lot of these tools in the market, but by far the best one for me is Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro saves you time. Compared to other keyword research tools, you can enter multiple seed keywords at once. If you are not familiar with other keyword research tools, you can only enter 1 seed keyword at a time and wait a couple of minutes before you can run another search for another keyword.

Another difference Long Tail Pro offers is prefiltering. With prefiltering, you can set parameters so that your results will be limited to keywords that meet your cost-per-click, search volume, and many other criteria.


Essentially, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool which can help you get the keywords that you need to gain qualified traffic and get that much-needed boost in conversion.

It is not a one-stop all-in-one solution for your SEO and online marketing needs.

Take note; it is ideal to supplement your current strategy by providing you the most effective long tail keywords in the market.

Whether you are a developer, business owner, online marketer or simply developing a single page, as long as you are serious about your content and inbound marketing, using the right keywords to build your campaign around is a necessary step. Long Tail Pro is a right choice for you then.


Keyword Competitiveness

With Long Tail Pro, you can check keyword competitiveness. On a scale of 1 to 100, 1 means easy to rank and 100 means highly competitive, or there are a lot of sites using the keyword phrase. You wouldn't want to use a phrase that has a KC of more than 30%.

Not all tools provide you with KC in just a mere click. Long Tail Pro does.

User-Friendly Interface

Long Tail Pro is fairly simple to use. Though there are a lot of calculations going around like keyword competitiveness, or getting keywords from multiple keyword ideas, you do not have to bother with any of those, Results are easy to interpret, and basically all pieces of information you need are right in front of you.

Awesome Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Also, it is not just coverage that Long Tail Pro boosts, It's support team is highly qualified and can resolve the issues that you have


Based on my experience with other keyword research tools, Long Tail Pro has the quickest response rate and has the most practical user interface. I do not have to wait 5 minutes for results and I can input several keyword ideas in one search and prefilter the whole search to get only phrases that I can make use of.


You can start using Long Tail Pro starting now and for the next 7 days. Afterward, with the results you will get, you are surely going after one of their plans.



  • Provides accurate keyword competitiveness
  • Easy to use and gives fast results
  • Gives you data about other competing websites
  • Is a simplified approach to keyword research
  • Has awesome customer support


  • After a one time payment, you have to pay a monthly subscription for the platinum plan

If you are serious about content marketing and boosting your conversion through qualified traffic, Long Tail Pro can help you find most sought after keywords. Click here to start your free 10 day trial.

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