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Buffer is a software application designed to manage social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts.

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Timing Is Everything

Social media sites have become important to the majority of big and small businesses. Although they give an opportunity to reach many people with every new posts or comment, all these networks require your full attention to maximizing your investment.

Reviewing your target audience's engagement to find that perfect time that gives your posts maximum exposure is not easy.

Buffer Saves the Day

Buffer is a powerful tool for scheduling your shares and posts on most popular social media sites. It has an amazing analytical system that helps you measure the performance of your posts, so you can enhance your schedule and get the best out of your social media activity.

To use Buffer, you just need to sign in with your social media account, or you can create a new Buffer account. It’s good either way.

Once you’re signed in, you can add more social media accounts, and you can start distributing and posting your material anywhere you like to.

If you don’t wish to send the status update to a precise site, you can click it in order to deselect. Once you do, it becomes grey and automatically let you know that the information will not be shared with that profile.

Buffer has a cool and pretty easy-to-use interface. By taking a glance at their layout, you can see that the guys behind this product are only interested in increasing productivity.

They are only focusing on the essential data, no useless options.

Buffer’s free service works well for personal usage, and its Awesome level service which costs $10-per-month adds features every business who’s passionate about their online presence will be thankful to have.

Awesome Feature. What's Not to Love?

Buffer offers an extension for different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that lets you share content from any Web page. It adds an icon to your browser and lets you share directly from clients.

This tool offers an ultimate solution to sharing any content you come across while browsing the net.

As the primary feature of this app is the installation of the browser plugin, you don’t need to access the actual site in order to post material.

This amazing tool gives you the unique ability to spread the content to all sorts of various social media site, with just one click.


Plans & Pricing

Buffer has different plans that you can check below:


  • You can automatically set up the daily posting schedule
  • You can shorten the link shared in Twitter
  • The Awesome Plan!


  • Not keeping track of what your followers are saying on Twitter

To sum things up, Buffer is a cool app that everyone loves, and I think you will too. Get this tool and you’ll never have to worry about posting on your social media account on time.

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