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Originally known as WEBLOGS, blogs have slowly become a household name. These online pages have served various purposes over the years mainly online journals. From celebrities to entrepreneurs, and now even politicians, blogging has earned a lot of hype. But more than just pages that reflect the minds and opinions of famous people, blogs serve a bigger purpose for the common people whom LearnToBlog.com caters to.

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According to Wikipedia, a blog or weblog is a discussion site published on the web which consists of posts or entries with the most recent ones appearing on top. In the simplest of terms, it is the public journal of an individual.

For some, a blog is more than just a page for posting personal insights and opinions but more of a platform to communicate a message. Furthermore, there are those who use blogs not just to communicate or evoke emotion, but to lead readers to action as well.

With the potentials of blogging, people use it as an avenue to attract an audience, build authority and credibility, and even generate business.

Having similarities with a journal, starting a blog though is not as easy as the former. You don’t just pick up a notebook and start writing entries that reflect what's on your mind. When blogging stirred my curiosity, I had several concerns. I knew how to write emails, create documents, and surf the web but I didn’t know squat about web development nor had I encountered WordPress that time.

I saw the potential, but I did not know how to move forward. Knowing how to use Google, I typed the first words that came to mind - “learn to blog.” I basically wanted to learn how to blog and lo and behold I came upon LearnToBlog.com.

What Is LearnToBlog.com?

Created by Matt Wolfe and Bradley Will, LearnToBlog.com is designed to help bloggers build their page in WordPress successfully. More than an online course, it is a community of fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers who make use of blogging to advance their business or mission online.

Learn to Blog Trainers


Think of LearnToBlog.com as your mentor in building a blog. It has a great support team, modules are broken down in a step-by-step fashion to make lessons easy to digest, and a community of passionate individuals from newbies to blogging experts. You can even get tips from a six-figure copywriter who makes boatloads of cash by selling products online.

Why LearnToBlog.com?

With years of experience in the field of online business and marketing, the LearnToBlog.com team knows what works and what the common pitfalls are. Their goal is to help you grow your blog without having to spend most of the day trying to understand how stuff works.



LearnToBlog.com has spent $320,000 on testing and advertising alone. This shows how the company is dedicated to giving its members quality material for training. Around the globe, LearnToBlog.com has sold over millions worth of products. It has helped more than 2,500 individuals start their blog, and with 100,000 subscribers on their email list, the numbers keep on growing.

Who can join the Learn To Blog community?

On the website itself, you will see the story of a 63-year old man who created a blog with the help of LearnToBlog.com. This man apparently had no technical skills yet within 24 hours upon creating his blog; he earned $675.

Just like this man, anyone completely new to WordPress, who has no idea on how stuff works, and doesn’t have a clue on how to make money online, can start their own successful blog with the help of LearnToBlog.com.

To start a career in blogging, all you need to know is how to surf the web, send emails and other basic computer functions.

With just 20 minutes a day, you can keep things running after you have setup your blog. This means anyone can join the community from single mothers to full-time office workers, college students, business owners who want to get more customers, and anyone else who has a mission or who simply wants to earn money. Even advanced WordPress users can benefit from LearnToBlog.com as there are advanced modules as well.

What do you get with LearnToBlog.com?

As a complete training system for blogging, LearnToBlog.com aims to educate newbies in blogging as well as experienced individuals who want to boost their skills. According to the website, anyone who wants to learn simply needs to follow and copy the steps. By being a member of the community, you will:

  • Get immediate support to answer any questions
  • Get a beginners guide to WordPress
  • Have access to easy to understand courses on everything from traffic tactics to all there is to know about niche marketing
  • Have access to dozens of courses to help you setup your blogs and start earning cash
  • Be able to build great looking websites through WordPress and bring in boat loads of cash
  • Gain access to the Mastermind group on Facebook
  • Get a free webinar from a six figure copy writer to sell your products like crazy
  • Learn how to generate significant autopilot traffic to get the upper hand in any niche market
  • Learn methods on how to rank number 1 in Google from all the great affiliates.

learntoblog_ 7daylearntoblog


With quality education, members can practically learn everything they need. Here are some courses available:

  • The Ultimate Plugin Resource – This course will help you customize the functions and features on your WordPress page to extend its capabilities.
  • Getting the Look You Want – Is a good resource for making your page more attractive and eye catching
  • Traffic Tactics that Work – Will give you techniques on how to generate significant traffic on your website

There are a lot more courses that deal with a spectrum of topics to answer all of your questions about blogging. All you need is to join the community.

How to Join the Community

Right now, LearnToBlog.com offers a $5 trial package for Learn To Blog Premium in order to gain full access to all of the contents of the training system. After 7 days, the monthly fee is $37 which is significantly small compared to the business that your blog may generate. The premium plan includes instant access to the complete “Insider” training library, Learn To Blog Insider Support and Mastermind Community which is a private Facebook page. As a guarantee, LearnToBlog.com will give your money back in case you are not satisfied.


  • Caters to all types of individuals who want to learn how to blog
  • Lessons are easy to follow as each one is broken down into step-by-step instructions
  • Offers much needed support from experts
  • Access to a private Facebook page where members can help each other out
  • Relatively more affordable training course


  • Too much information can be overwhelming as there are a lot of videos available
  • It is difficult to be a blog contributor on the site as they screen all the posts

The LearnToBlog.com community is composed of passionate individuals dedicated to advance their missions and goals through their blogs. If you are interested in being a part of the community, click here.

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