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Having a website isn't as difficult nor as costly as you think. Not anymore at least. Launch a site for your business, all on your own, without any technical experience, with Weebly; an all inclusive website builder. Don't have the funds to hire a website developer? Weebly. Don't have the expertise to develop your own site? Weebly.

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Weebly currently powers over 40 million websites. That's more than 2% of the websites on the internet, and it's still growing. It's one of the easiest website builders out there, offering all the basics, and adding features without overwhelming anybody.


It's easy to build, easy to start. All you need is an email address and a password. It's really ideal for entrepreneurs with small business and restaurants, people with personal websites, photographers, and designers. They've shown such satisfied customers that Weebly is known for being the easiest website builder to use; and one of the most popular website builders in the world.

Their simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to see what you can do with it and how to do it. All you have to do is select elements from the panel, drag, and drop them to the area where you want them to be. It's very clean, very clear. If you've got a bit more experience, Weebly also provides access to a custom CSS module so that you can make it exactly the way you want it to be.

Despite being easy to use, Weebly doesn't leave you hanging. Their onboarding and education are done tastefully with little info icons, unintrusive reminders, and helpful emails. They've covered all the basics like contact forms and blog functionality, as well as advanced features like URL redirects and page-level custom code placement. You also get features like forums, membership options, integrated advertising options, file uploads, and more. It aims to be an all-inclusive website builder with their strong feature set, and it really is.


We've talked about Weebly's functionality and top-notch user friendliness. Let's talk about design. Weebly offers lots of free templates that were known to be simple and basic. It was one of the biggest concerns that people had with them. But they've improved their selections and now have trendy designs. You can customize background images with their powerful background editor or upload your own photos. They take it a step further by giving you an Advanced Theme Editor that offers full HTML and CSS control. This way you can develop things from the ground up. All the templates are fully responsive and look amazing on any device.

So we got the template and the background, what about the layout of the actual page? Weebly gives you a head start with over 40 pre-designed popular page layout designs for you to choose from. It's incredibly helpful for those who aren't sure what type of arrangement looks good. Sure, it's easy to drag and drop things around a blank page and see how it goes, but having these page layouts help save time and possible sloppy- looking pages.


If you've got a business to run, Weebly's e-commerce functionality is a big bonus. Sell your products from your Weebly website without needing any special development or switching platforms. It works well, covering all the basics like a shopping cart, basic inventory management, and payment acceptance. But it's not as advanced as platforms that Shopify or Bigcommerce have.

Weebly has so much to offer without making you feel lost. You can certainly get your site up and running within minutes! You can start right away, too, because you can create a site for free. Your site would have to display Weebly branded ads, though. If you want to remove it, their Starter Plan costs $8 per month paid annually. It comes with a free domain at a $20 value. At $12 per month billed annually, you get professional site features, and fully integrated eCommerce if you pay $25 per month. For advanced eCommerce features and email marketing, valued at $96, you can purchase their Performance Plan, costing $38per month when paid annually. Weebly offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee, meaning if you're not happy, they'll give you a refund, no questions asked.


  • Drag and drop user friendly builder
  • Stylish and fully customizable template designs
  • Pre- designed page layouts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • App Center to add functionality to your sites
  • Constantly improving their service


  • Doesn't state minimum 6 month plan subscription until checkout
  • Difficult to move to a new platform
  • Blog functions need work

Weebly is extremely easy to use. It's free but offers a money back guarantee for paid plans as well. It's popular, packed with features, and has great customer support. Give it a try if you're a newbie looking to create a site on your own, or a local business owner looking to expand.

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