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Every marketing professional understands the value of feedback. This feedback helps you understand which areas you have to work on and which ones you excel at. But there are some areas where feedback isn't easily accessible. This is when free tools like Google Analytics become incredibly helpful. But it doesn't always cut it. You need software to give you better metrics. Something to help you understand your visitors and analyze data to make better decisions. Get them with Kissmetrics.

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Creating campaigns without any metrics to guide you is like changing your clothes in the dark. You've got the right clothes, but the combination and overall ensemble will most likely end up looking like a huge disaster. And using Google Analytics is like having a tiny candle in the room to help you dress up. Get a LED extra bright light bulb by the name of Kissmetrics and come out looking like a marketing superstar.


Kissmetrics gives you seven different reports that give you a 360-degree view of how you're doing.

Funnel Report

Kissmetrics - Funnel ReportA funnel is a specified flow to your business process. Sometimes, your visitor stops at a certain process, creating a funnel block. Figure out where the block is, why the block is there, who stopped at the block, and how you can get rid of it. Many businesses have located this data through Kissmetrics and found a huge increase in their conversion rates.

You can create a funnel for each user, compare funnels according to users and to different behavior, and segment these people to different categories to compare their conversion rates. You can get a list of these people as well as their details, and you can request feedback from them depending on whether or not they converted. It's a handy tool that not only gives you insight but also gives you an opportunity to contact the people directly involved and get their insight.

Cohort Report

Kissmetrics - Cohort Report

People are constantly changing, so do markets and campaigns. Cohort Reports allows you to see how certain groups behave through a certain course of time, with all these changes. You could segment these people by marketing channel and figure out which campaigns perform the best. This is especially helpful if you've been experimenting and changing your marketing methods as Cohort Report will tell you which ones worked and didn't with certain people over a period.

Cohort Report also gives you insight on which parts of your website are being used the most, and which ones are being neglected. Whether your site falls under SaaS or eCommerce, this type of report will tell you the areas where you can maintain, provide upgrades, and just take out completely.

Kissmetrics - A/B Test


Path Report

Because there are so many paths a visitor could take till they end up becoming a conversion, it's hard to figure out which one works the best and which ones you could just do away with. You can stop guessing with Path Report.

The constant struggle most marketers have is being able to justify the budget they want to spend and the time they will be spending for a particular campaign. Path Report will make it easier for you to justify and figure things out faster.

A/B Test Report

A/B testing is one of the most basic features of the software that focus on analysis and conversion. You can get this with Google Analytics for free. But Kissmetrics A/B Test Report is the only one that tells you if you've made any significant improvements with your revenue; which, really is the bottom line and the reason why you're getting Kissmetrics in the first place.

Kissmetrics integrates with other popular tools like VWO, Optimizely, AB Tasty, Convert, and Unbounce. Do your tests and get insights on any outcome you want. Get more advanced and detailed reports to help you on the road to retaining customers better.

Power Report

Make well- informed decisions with easily pulled data to support you. Power Report gives you the entire story, all of your metrics, and all of your KPIs, to see how your experiments have affected your visitors' actions, different segments, and your business as a whole.

People Search

You can find any person or group of people, including all of their details. You can search for them via the actions they've taken or details like their location or device type. You can get reports and a list of people who have finished certain actions and those who aren't active users. With these types of data, you can improve your visitors' experience on your site and improve conversion rates by contacting users and getting feedback. You don't need to have any SQL mastery, and you don't need to constantly check in and ask for reports from developers.

Revenue Report

Find which sources, customer segments, and marketing channels are bringing in your revenue. You can stop guessing with Kissmetrics, and you can spend more time working on moving around your budget to maintain the ones that are performing well, and figuring out how to improve those that aren't.


This isn't a regular call to action. Instead, Kissmetrics Engage, lets you create popups that nudge your user to a certain action depending on a particular audience, and a particular trigger. You can group your audience by the type of marketing campaign, location, or traffic referral source. Triggers on Engage are very exact. You can choose an exact behavior to help reduce cart abandonment, encourage them to read another article, and others.

Design Styles

Kissmetrics provides a WYSIWYG editor and provides five-goal- specific templates to help you create Engagements better. It's easy to understand, straightforward, and gets the job done in just a few clicks. You don't need any technical knowledge or experience neither. All you need to do is focus on your goals and campaigns. Also, you can schedule your campaigns, and segment them towards different types of audiences and promotions.


Kissmetrics offers three plans: Self- Service, Growth, and Power. Their main price is $220, $500, and $700 per month, respectively. I say the main price because this one covers up to 300,000 events. The more events you have, the more you'll have to pay. You can also pay for extra onboarding for $599 to get more training and hours with their analytics consultant. If you don't have any developers, and you're not tech savvy, you can pay them $1500 to have Kissmetrics installed and ready to go. If you're still a bit hesitant, they provide a 14-day free trial.


  • Lots of insights
  • Numerous report types
  • Easy to understand
  • Powerful metrics tool
  • See actual people and actual actions on your site


  • Makes you pay for basic features

Give Kissmetrics a go and see how much your conversion rates go up. It's easy to use, and feature rich.

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