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When you're new to web analytics, it's daunting. Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) sounds incredibly serious and tedious. But really, all it is is something that helps you make more money because you gave your users exactly what they want. Not knowing what they want means low conversion rates, low traffic, and low revenue. Optimize your site's performance and conversion rates with Optimizely.

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The company claims to be the world's leading experimentation platform. If you feel a disconnect from your users, Optimizely is the perfect place for you to start the journey towards creating a better relationship with them and fostering loyalty. Because even though you feel the disconnect, you don't know where it's coming from and how you can fix it. With Optimizely, you can get those answers and come up with a solution. You can keep track of the behavior and changes in your audience and figure out the most effective ways to engage them and encourage them to spend more time on your site.

Experiment Everywhere

This is what Optimizely is telling you to do with their new product, Optimizely X. Experiment everywhere: no matter the device, channel, or customer touchpoint.

Optimizely X Web Experimentation

Optimizely - X Web Experimentation

With user-friendly A/B, multivariate, and multipage experimentation, you can get insights to help you increase engagement. This type of experimentation can be done for web, mobile, and for iOS and Android apps. You don't even need a developer because you can create experiments in just a few clicks. These experiments and the results can be segmented into many different variations and categories, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers and your business' performance.

Optimizely X Web Personalization

Optimizely - X Web Personalization


Creating a personal experience for your users isn't some neat feature anymore. It's essential in creating conversions. If they like what they see, then you get what you want. So create targeted content and customize each experience to fit certain types of people. You can do real-time behavioral targeting, and get reports for you to better understand your users and create campaigns on their visual editor.

Optimizely X Recommendations

This particularly works well with eCommerce apps. With the data you've gathered on your customers, you can automatically add a certain product, or recommend content that they would like. You can experiment on the placement and presentation of these recommendations as well as the algorithm that you use, to come up with the best way for you to be able to keep your customers engaged.

Optimizely X Full Stack

The platform allows you to run experiments on different aspects like algorithms, designs, pricing, marketing campaigns, and so much more.

Optimizely X Mobile

Optimizely - X Mobile

Make your iOS, and Android apps perform better by running experiments and adding new features to them.

Optimizely X OTT

We're in an era where both Apple and Android have TVs. These TVs have channels for you engage and build a subscriber base. Optimizely X lets you conduct experiments there to come up with the best methods for you to use.

You get total control over your data and network activity with their open- source SDKs and pluggable components. Speaking of SDKs, Optimizely has their bucket users in memory; and is easy to use for Node, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and so much more. Run hassle free tests and bump up your conversion rates.


Their Standard Plan can be purchased as Pay as You Go for $49 per 1000 monthly unique visitors. You can choose to do the annual plan or choose from the remaining two which are Professional, and Premium. The rest of the plans above don't have any prices on them, so you have to contact sales. But all of them have the initial A/B testing capability, multivariate tests, basic audience targeting and segmentation. You can try Optimizely X Web Experimentation, Full Stack, and Mobile can be experienced in their 30-day free trial.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Schedule experiments
  • Conduct an unlimited amount of experiments
  • Third party integrations
  • Visual editor


  • The editor can be troublesome if you do more than visual changes

Check out Optimizely and make informed decisions to grow your business. They aren't trusted by Walt Disney, Netflix, IGN, and Microsoft for nothing.

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